ZombiePopcorn Brand & Carnival

A new rotation of the ZombiePopcorn Brand shop has opened.  AD Creations has this great artistic skin that reminds me of chalkboard drawings using brightly colored chalks for the skin details. Also from the brand shop these fun teeth with braces.

The designers in this 2 week rotation of ZP Brand are: Caladesi Island Company, Skintimate, Pin me Down, AD Creations, Weather! or not?, Soap Co., pesca, LISP Bazaar, {K}Rea, & je suis....  Items for this rotation will available until July 7th.

From the ZombiePopcorn Carnival I've added parts of an Insanya outfit. More pieces are included with this exclusive item.  The Carnival continues until June 30th.
ZP Brand.Carnival FB
I'm sexy and I know it!
ZP Brand.Carnival HS

Insanya -Venexia *ZP CARNIVAL*
AD Creations - Black B Skin *ZP BRAND STORE*
Soap Co. - Dentures Braces *ZP BRAND STORE* [pack includes 4 different styles of sculpted teeth]
KOSH- Sanctuary Bracelet Inverted *NEW*
KOSH- Sanctuary Necklace Inverted *NEW*
KOSH- Sanctuary Ring *NEW*
Glam Affair - Evita Headpice *TDR*
Death Row Designs - vampiric eyes
VCD - Express Yourself Collection Style 7 Platinum