Jun 30, 2013

Garden Hideaway

The Challenge for Builders begins a new round today and the theme is Garden.  Reminder that when a new rotation begins the cost is reduced for the first week.

Also, new items from Circa, Lisp, What Next.  More notes below...

TheChallenge+Lisp+Circa+WhatNext FULL

TheChallenge+WhatNext Collage2

TheChallenge+Lisp+Circa Collage1

Kuro - Laurie shed
[Adorable little shed...really enjoyed decorating it.  Dark wood with white window trim.  Door opens/closes by touch and includes the cute bird house on the side.]
Dysfunctional Designs - Gardening Table
[2 poses-tend the plants or tidy the dirt.  plants are texture change.]
by Whiskey Monday - Forest Garden
[decorative art piece above couch]

[available in 3 wood colors. Couple, single sits & up to 4 avatars.]
LISP - Mesh - Ygritte Reclaimed Divider Shabby Mirror
[available in 2 color variations all wood or with mirror inserts.  There are also a white & natural wood colors for 50L Friday that are still out.]
what next - CampOut Stool *FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY*
[2 sets available with each set having 3 color choices]
CIRCA - "Summer Reflection" Coffee Table - Streaked Redwood *ENDLESS SUMMER HUNT*
[coffe table includes the small shells, magazine & 2 sea glass vases (not shown)]

Other credits:
LISP - Restoration Hanging Lantern (at each side of door)
LISP - Pears in a bowl (on coffee table)
what next - forever Garden (potted plants)
what next - seasons prints (prints inside shelves next to couch)
lame - Lyn's Frame Shelf Color (frames w/books next to couch)
End of Daze - Birdy Cage White/wBirdy (next to screen)
The Domineaux Effect - Wheel barrow Planter (side/right of shed)
Persnickity - Black Eyed Susans, Yellow Flower Patch, Pink Flower Patch
Forest Feast - Sweet pea B' violet2 (vines at corners of shed)
Zigana - leaf pure2 (grass)
Heart Gardens - Granite Mossy Rock Form
Heart Gardens - lluminated Oak 4 - Summer White Lights

Jun 27, 2013

Hair Fair Photo Contest

A friendly reminder that tomorrow is the last day to submit entries for Hair Fair Photo Contest! All photos must be entered by Midnight SLT on 28th June.  For complete details visit the Hair Fair Blog.

Hair Fair Photo Contest Ends Tommorrow


Kunglers - Tufi Dress  Mauve
[available in 6 color in varying leaf & ombre textures.]
Zibska - Rikka Necklace & Earrings *THE GALLERY GIFT SHOP*
[color change via touch menu & includes 9 colors with ability to color 2 sections separately]
Vanity Hair - Collision Soil

Other credits:
KOSH - Slink Applier Glossy Fingernails #2
ISON - scout boho bag -left arm- (chocolate)
Slink  - Mesh Hands (av) Gesture
Belleza - Ava SK Matte Lips 9
Belleza -  Ava Sk 0 Skin
Glitterati - Purse 8

Jun 26, 2013

Basking Butterfly

Under the Sea Expo ends tonight so there is still time to go.  RL has been crazy...wish I had time to show you more.  I really enjoyed blogging this event...it gave me the opportunity to be a bit more creative with my pics.  Fantasy is fun!

Mer-chandise cove - Butterfly Koi
House of Rain - Abyssal Amber collar & cuffs
[available in various stone & metal colors.  I'm wearing amber but I tinted the stone to match]
BF - Blind Eyes Ghost
[a variety of eyes and makeup is available at the event]

*COSMETIC FAIR - ends July 15*
LpD MakeUp - Kara Ver. 2 Only Eyes
[2 versions with 3 layers each option.  The complete versions have a red lip]

Other credits:
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Gesture
LeLutka - Pocahontas Hair AlmostGoth
Glitterati Pose - Jewelled 10

Jun 25, 2013

Endless Summer Hunt

The Endless Summer Hunt is a new hunt with 100 stores offering a new free gift with some of them having items for both men & women.  The complete store list with hints and SLurls can be found on the Depraved Nation site.  The Endless Summer Hunt runs through July 20.

Of course I had to start off with one of my fave stores...SAKIDE.  She always gives so many options and this outfit definitely has them.  The hunt item includes cream & pink crochet bikinis, pink & sand skirts each having a different pattern and 2 plumeria hair flowers.

Another hunt item is Phoebe's Totem necklace that includes both female and male options. \o/  Thought it went perfect with this outfit.

This hunt has many more great items...definitely take the time to check it out.

Sakide+Endless Summer Hunt
SAKIDE - Beach Forever Outfit
Phoebe - Totem Necklace

Other credits:
Fashionably Dead - Hair - Sunday Brunette 4
Aura - Knotted Summer Belt Leo
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual

Jun 24, 2013

Fabulous Four

My Rez Day was yesterday & I turned 4! \o/  I've been looking forward to doing the Name Your SL Age blogger challenge.  So I've named my post "Fabulous Four".   I'm so happy where my SLife is now...it's definitely been a roller coaster ride in the last 4 years...but it's been smooth sailing these days.  Not to mention that I get to be creative with beautiful things more now blogging than ever before.  Just happy times in Cindyland. :)

Since blogging the Numberology event...I've been wanting to check out my RL numerology life path number.  Much to my surprise it's a 4!  So thought I would blog about it for this blogger challenge.  I found a site, Spiritual Seeker, that tells me that I'm in great company....other 4's are Oprah, Leonardo Da Vinci, Keanu Reeves...just to name a few. 

To figure out your life path number you take your birthday, mine for example is 9.30.1963, you then add 9+3+0+1+9+6+3 = 31 then add 3+1 = 4.  4's are teachers....which I never really fancied myself a teacher but many of the characteristics are spot on.  Here are a few that made me laugh because its so true:
  • Home is very important to you. You crave security, and always make an effort to pay your bills on time to protect your haven, the place where you can relax and really feel safe.
  • To-do lists are absolutely essential for a 4. Your mind is filled with so many different thoughts. Once they’re all on paper, you can set your mind at ease and avoid having too much trouble going on in your busy brain.
  • Nature’s beauty has a calming effect on you. You want to have a plan and you want your life to be orderly.
  • The 4 woman is strong. She’s sometimes taken to be a bit “masculine” in a sense that she takes care of everything. She is very responsible.
  • In general, you absorb everything in your surroundings. You see everything, and because of the way you process information, you need your peace and quiet. There is a loner quality to you.
Now for my rez day outfit I selected some of my fave things.  I do love nature and casual wear that has a bit of elegance to it.  So when I received this new dress from LpD I said, THAT's my rez day dress!  I love the warm colors of the sun and this yellow is amazing. 

For hair...I prefer short hairstyles and this Lelutka hair is one of my faves...love this tousled bob.  Added simple accessories with a Maxi Gossamer Daisy ring, Boom bow collar & a sweet Epic butterfly buddy.   My skin is a new release by Belleza available at Summerfest.  It has cute freckles across the nose and cheeks with a really nice soft makeup. This pose by Exposeur says it all...Blissful. :)

One last note....I spent my day yesterday with friends at Wunderbar dancing & then games.  They accept me as I am and even after long absences...always greet me with open arms.  I turn to them when I need good wholesome company...its that safe home I can go to. :)  Truly grateful to have them in my SLife.

OK...OK....the long winded blog post is over.

LpD Teresa
LpD - Teresa Dress Yellow
Belleza - Ashley Summerfest SK 1

Other credits: *please see slurl page above*
Maxi Gossamer Rings - Singapore Daisy Flower
LeLutka - Inverted hair CoalMine
Boom - Precious Bow Collar (chest) marshmallow
Exposeur - Blissful 1m
Epic - Butterfly Buddie Green/Orange
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Casual Right & Gesture Left

Jun 23, 2013

Wave of the Future

Bringing you more from Under the Sea Expo....I absolutely love this Steampunk mermaid tail by Curio Obscura.  There are two styles available in four metals.  When I saw it I knew I wanted to go the cyborg route. Although my son, the gaming guru, says it's impossible to be part mermaid & cyborg because water and electricity don't mix.  I said I can be anything I want in SL. He then said "that's lame mom" lol  Hey but it makes for an interesting pic...so hello world it's me Steamborg Cindy!

UnderTheSeaExpo2 FBv2

Zibska has a wide range of wonderful eye makeup at the Cosmetic Fair and thought Oren was perfect for this look.  Also added from the fair a lip color by Glamorize.  More notes below...
Zibska CosmeticFair
Curio Obscura - Steampunk Mermaid Overlapping Steampunk Rusty
[includes 4 metal colors with complete tail or fins separate to mix and match.  Also available in an Articulated Steampunk version]
Tarnished - Funeral Claws
[used from a full outfit sold at this event]

Zibska - Eyeshadow - Oren Umber
[pack includes 12 colors]
Glamorize - New Occasion Lips Cinnamon
[pack includes 20 lip colors]

Other Credits:
Fantasia - Naiad Scales-Green
EMO-tions - Sunburst fantasyturquoise
Grim Bros. - legio Z
[pieces used from a complete outfit: chest, face, low arm, upper arm l]
Gauze - Quartz Drows Skin Pearl
Repulse - Crow Eyes
Glitterati Pose - Underwater 2

Jun 22, 2013

Under the Sea Expo

Under the Sea Expo is underway with so many amazing items for your aquatic adventures.  The sim is absolutely gorgeous and set in the ruins of Atlantis with shops that feature 26 amazing designer's. 

In addition to shopping there is The Lost Pearls of Hanalei Hunt.  For hunt details please check Under the Sea blog

Under the Sea Expo continues through June 26.


I've been waiting for this event to begin to blog Handverk's mermaid purse...this one is my fave but so many other beautiful purses available at The Arcade. Please see pic below for all options.

7 Deadly Skins has this exclusive skin available Summerfest Fair & Starfish Hunt event.  It is a special edition so don't miss out.

Tarnished - Fire Coral Mermaid
[available in 6 colors and includes fins/tail & claws]
Curio Obsura - Steampunk Mermaid Clamshell Top Brassy
[from another outfit that I will blog soon]
House of Rain - Bring On the Dancing Horses Necklace Rose Quartz/Gold
[available in gold & silver metals in a variety of gem colors]
House of Rain - Bring On the Dancing Horses Ring Gold hunt ed.
[This is ring I enlarged to use as a hairpin...really love these seahorse pieces...wonderful detail. gold & silver metals.  No notes were included so assuming this is the hunt item from the title]
meadowWorks - Coral Mer Perch Tall
[includes 4 poses]
meadowWorks - UnderSea FX ~ Seabed Sanctuary
[rock with plant grouping that has fish & plankton particles you can adjust amount via touch menu]
meadowWorks - Fish Shoal Blue Surgeons
meadowWorks - Fish Schooling Blue Stripe Snappers
meadowWorks - Fish Schook Circling Six Line Wrasse
[In love with all the schooling fishes...have I mentioned how much I love fish lol.  Ok winged things and fish....critters and....ok I love it all]
meadowWorks - Kelp Forest Fx Green + Plankton
[the long grassy pieces...has plankton particles you can adjust the amount via touch menu]
Aquatics - AQP Jaelen Patch
[A beautiful purple feathery patch at the base of the perch. Please click pic to go to flickr for a better view]
Cerridwen's Cauldron Creations - Hydra Anemone Orange, 8 Tentacles
[I placed this on the top point of the rock...like a lamp in my mermaid home :)  The glow goes dim to bright moving up the base through to the animated tentacles.]

HANDverk - Mermaid's Purse Sea Anemone Rare *THE ARCADE*

7 Deadly \Skins - StarFishSkin V1 B4b *SUMMERFEST & STARFISH HUNT*
[available in 2 skin tones with lola appliers.  Also available...slink hand appliers ]

Other credits:
EMO-tions -  Audrey darkbrown

Jun 18, 2013

Emerging Beauty

Well my worst fear has happened...the hotel connection stinks. lol  But lucky that I got this pic taken at home and got to play in PS during some free time from RL work.  I'm enjoying the headshots...I may do these more often.
Kunglers Extra - Yara  Earrings Silver *L'ACCESSOIRES*
[set includes a long necklace with same leaf design.  Available in 3 metals with each metal having a different color scheme for the beads/accents.  Truly amazing work]
LpD - MakeUp Marta Complete No Blush *COSMETIC FAIR*
[So beautiful and soft....just love the floral motif.  3 layers included]
Belleza - Ellie Gacha 1 RARE *THE ARCADE*
[love the freckles on this skin]

Other credits:
Zibska - Ayla Zephyr Hat
[hat is a set with collar. color change via touch menu.]
Fashionably Dead - Shove It Brunette 4 & Brunette Bald Base A
[I modified this hair a lot]
IKON - Ardent Eyes Bone
Del May - Karma #2

Jun 15, 2013

Hope Springs Eternal

Zibska has a this new headpiece Utrillo available at her mainstore.  Just love!  Utrillo has 12 color change options and 3 sections can be colored separately.  Also, Zibska will have tons of new makeups at the Cosmetic Fair which opens today at 1 p.m. slt.  I am wearing the Audr eye makeup that includes a bridge piercing.  Please visit Zibska's blog to see the full line of makeups.

I've also added the A:S:S piercing that is available at Zodiac Gemini and has 2 version.  One has an ornate piece included to the center of the piercing and I'm wearing the simple version.  The Gemini rotation ends June 18.

I hope to squeeze one more post in today but will be away for RL work starting tomorrow.  Wish me luck that the internet connection at the hotel allows me to log for my blog fix. lol

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Zibska - Audr Meadow *COSMETIC FAIR*
[eye makeup and column bridge ring piercing]
Zibska - Utrillo
A:S:S deLuxe - Twofold Feather Piercing *ZODIAC - GEMINI*
Glam Affair - Lulu 09 The Arcade RARE *THE ARCADE*

Other credits
Nuuna - Meta Green 90%
Raw House - Sorcha Black 01
Del May - Pose - Curvaceous

We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Lots of news!  First the latest from Blueberry, Tyr separates, a knotted top available in 9 colors and micro mini available in 6 colors.

What Next will have this ice cream cart available at the new rotation of The Garden beginning June 15.  This is a decorative set that dispenses wearable ice cream cones and lollies via touch menu.  These props are scripted to animate.


Maxi Gossamer has 4 new items at Collabor88 and this one is my fave.  The pack includes 2 necklace lengths, matching earrings, gold & silver metals and has 6 color combinations via touch menu.

Blueberry+MG+WhatNext HS
Blueberry - Tyr Mesh Knotted T-Shirt & Skirt Orange
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace 92 Summer Of Love Peace Sign Long Gold *COLLABOR88*
What Next - Sandbridge Ice-Cream Carts *THE GARDEN*
Pididdle - Bottle Cap Shades Natural Tortoise Shell *THE ARCADE*
Just Designs - Infra Shoes

Other credits:
Wasabi Pills - Sunny Mesh Hair Black coffee
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Casual
aDORKable Poses - Lean II 4m

Jun 13, 2013

Birds of a Feather

You can find this dress at Numberology.  Sassy created a dress that represents the number 2:  Kindness, Balance, Duality, Planning, Partnerships.  Also reflected in my pic...balance and kindness giving that bird a head to rest on :)

Speaking of bird...just love this hat by Zibska.  It has an option to wear with or without an orbit which is an additional feather attachment .  It is color change via touch menu with 3 sections that can be colored separately.

I keep forgetting to list KOSH's Slink fingernail appliers...they don't show on the wearing list.   But a majority of my posts I've been wearing KOSH nails.  12 different styles have been released for hands and feet.  Just click on the ad below it will lead you to their flickr page where you will find pics of all of them.

Sassy! - Duality dress Green *NUMBEROLOGY*
Zibska - Loon Zeyphr A *THE GALLERY GIFT SHOP*
Maxi Gossamer - Rings Atlantis Moon Large Gold *FAMESHED*
KOSH - Slink AV Enhancement metallic fingernails #1
Truth Hair - Candy Black&Whites04

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Raisa Large Gold
Pure Poison - Black & Gold Clutch
Slink - Mesh Hands Casual
Exposeur - pose - Singles Special 10

Jun 12, 2013

Why Don't You...

Why Don't You...
Somnia - Bespeckled Orange *THRIFT SHOP*
[pack of 8 colors]
adoness - Hestia pitch black natural fragrance black/coffee *THRIFT SHOP*
[pack of 4 bang colors with black hair.  also available in colors and blond in same set colors]
Blueberry - Waffle Buttoned Shorts Black
[available in 4 jean colors]
LISP - Tea Poses 2 Walking & Holding *THE ARCADE*
[love these...there are 6 wearable cups with 6 different poses & textures]
MiWardrobe - Stay Tattoo Dark
Belleza - Ava Sk BBB 3

~Furniture items listed under the pic of the full room~

Other credits:
MG - Bracelet - Santa Fe Small
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual

event mix2 table
~top/back left to front~
22769 - [bauwerk] The Little Warehouse Skybox
CIRCA - "Seclusion" Grunge Wall Art *THRIFT SHOP*
vespertine - fabric bird-sleepy owl white *THE ARCADE*
LISP - Mesh Emma Cabinet Colour Yellow
[pack includes 3 cabinets in red, yellow & blue.  also available in neutral & warm color sets]
Little House of Curios - My Little Industrial Spot - Factory Side Chair *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[set that includes chair, side table, lamp and wall art (placed on other wall).  To see complete set visit store or The Challenge blog]
CIRCA - Rustic Grunge Table Redwood *THRIFT SHOP*
[gatcha item that co-ordinates with the Grunge Art panels at the event. 6 tables with 3 being rare]
%Percent Furniture - LapFactoryChair *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[includes: couples, lap dance, female & male animations.  also gives drinks]
vespertine - fabric bird songbird/red *THE ARCADE*

Other credits:
Y's House -Plants Kokedama 06 border/ivo/L
Kismet - Copper Gold Persian Oriental Rug
nodari - thatched rug

TheChallenge+ThriftShop Collage 1024
TOP ~left to right~
Cleo Design - Industrial Style Bedroom *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[there are too many great pieces included in the set to list please use The Challenge link to see complete set]
Piddler's Perch - Rusted Pipe Desk & Shelf Unit *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[includes shelf, sun decor & desk (shown to right of bed.  decor items on desk are from the bedroom set night stand]

BOTTOM ~left to right~
Michigans Shack - Broken Old F*ck Truck *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[you guessed it....full of animations...over 500.  If you're into gettin' frisky this is the truck for you.  There are a bunch of fun poses in it from solo to....well too much for me to mention here]
CIRCA - "Swept Away" Grunge Wall Art *THRIFT SHOP*
[set of 3...other art piece is above the Lisp cabinet]
Little House of Curios - My Little Industrial Spot - Propeller Blades Wall Art  *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
Cleo Design - Industrial Style Bedroom - Wall Art *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[small gold frame next to propellers]
Breno - Find your bearings wall art *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
CIRCA - Organic Vase Trio Urchin Blue *THRIFT SHOP*
[gatcha item that co-ordinates with the Grunge Art panels at the event. 16 textures with 5 being rare]
Senzafine - Woodbridge Reclaimed Worktable  *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
CIRCA - Wrapped Up Grunge Wall Art  *THRIFT SHOP*

Other credits:
JoHaDeZ- Cactus Planter A B & C
nodari - thatched rug
Concrete Flowers - Cactus in a Bowler

OK this post has about killed me....but had to share it all with you :)  My kidnappers are coming...gotta run!

Jun 10, 2013

Dances with Flowers

So many cute things to see at the Funny Puppet Fair!  The fair ends June 17...don't miss out.   I had fun exploring this sim to take a pic...gave link below in case you want to check it out. More info below :)

Funny Puppet Fair(2)
even.flow - Rockabilly baby Dress black
Bubble Electric - bw kawaii robotic stolkings
[4 colors available and they have cute white bow attachments at the top of the stocking]
Le Poppycock - Parasol
[includes left & right attachments with a pose]
Le Poppycock - Pose: Tangled tale
[14 poses available]
Pure Poison - Cute Panda Bag
DuCk or SwAn - Susi Doll Skin

Fashionably Dead - Bossy Boots Shiny Red *THE ARCADE*
Vanity Hair - Marshmallow Jet

Other credits
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace & Earrings Purse and Kitten Heels Silver
Indyra Originals - Kidskin gloves Red

Location: Off the Wall

Jun 9, 2013

Stylin' Stance

The new Thrift Shop event has started and has approximately 150 designers offering products at 50% off.  At this event you will find sale displays, new releases and gacha machines.  Pure Poison has these new colorful pants available at the event and much more.  It's a full sim loaded with SALES....you just can't pass this up! 

Also, new from Zibska is this gorgeous beaded necklace that is part of a set with matching earrings.  The set has 13 color change options.
Pure Poison - Brianne Pants Colores *THRIFT SHOP*
[new exclusive available in 5 color/patterns]
Zibska - Halcyon Necklace
Belleza - Ellie Gacha 15 *THE ARCADE*

Other credits:
Outrage - Symone Bustier White
Just Design - Cruel White Leather
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Truth Hair - Mindy Black&Whites04
Exposeur - Pose - Vixen 9
Osakki - HAMUR. MetalCuff Copper *store closed*

Do You Have My Number?

Stability, seasons, directions, calmness, home...is the meaning for 4.  SAKIDE has created 4 beautiful outfits representing the 4 seasons for the Numberology event.  Numberology continues until June 16.

Numberology SAKIDE
SAKIDE - Elear Outfit Spring *NUMBEROLOGY*
Belleza - Ellie Gacha 15 *THE ARCADE*
Dead Apples - Thunder Sorrow *THE ARCADE*
Nylon Outfitters - Vintage Portrait Necklace Cha-Cha *THE ARCADE*
Truth Hair - Candy Black&Whites04

Other credits:
Exposeur - Pose - Singles Sale 25
Mandala - Bracelet Pearl rain season 2 Butter
Slink Mesh Hand Elegant

Jun 7, 2013

Hair Fair 2013 - Photo Contest

Hair Fair 2013 - Photo Contest
Hair Fair 2013 is coming soon!
Every year there is a photo contest leading up to start of this
charity event that benefits Wigs for Kids.
The theme this year is: 
“Movies Inspire Me” 
[examples: Sci-fi, Black & White, Romantic Comedy, Anime,
Horror, Country & Western, Thriller, Action, Drama]
All photos must be entered to the
by Midnight SLT on June 28

Winners will be announced just prior to the start of Hair Fair with all winners receiving:
Special VIP invitation to Hair Fair before it opens its doors to the public.
Winning photos featured at Hair Fair.
First, Second and Third Prize winners will receive prizes from all prize sponsors.

Please visit the Hair Fair Blog for complete contest rules & list of sponsors.
To learn more about the Wigs For Kids organization
please visit their site at www.wigsforkids.org/.

Jun 6, 2013

I Am

RL is so busy right now that I needed to get back to me today by creating an artist pic.  It represents lighting my way out of the darkness of stress to the soft beauty of  being a woman.  I think sometimes I get lost in pumping out the work like a machine, RL and SL, that I forget to take time for myself.  Today I picked designers that make me feel ultra feminine and this is the result...I hope you like it.

Now that I'm feeling at peace and grateful that I was able to get a post done...I'm going to drag my tired self to bed. lol  Hope all have a wonderful Friday! \o/

LpD - Rona Dress Pink *SUMMER FASHION FESTIVAL-until June 16*
[available in 3 colors and includes a pretty bow that attaches at the waste...I missed it in the folder :/ sorry]
Kunglers Extra - Apis Necklace 1 & Earrings Golden
[Part of the gorgeous new Primavera jewelry collection. Several designs in various gem and metal colors.]
Maxi Gossamer - Ring Atlantis Moon Small Gold *FAMESHED*
[10 stone colors, gold/silver metals and left/right attachment points included]
Vanity Hair - The Meadow-Soil
Exposeur - Singles Special 10

Jun 5, 2013

A Day at the Beach

The Funny Puppet Fair is a new event with super cute things like marionettes, puppets, dolls, wonderfully strange items and much more.  There are is also a bazaar with sale items and some shops also have a free gift. If you are into the wonderfully strange this is the event for you.  Granted I'm not looking that strange today but soon.  Just trying to find the time to play. 

I added a cute Sn@tch bikini under the dress...wasn't sure how to wear the dress but seemed like a good swimsuit cover up.  Also what's better at the beach than beaded jewelry and Maxi Gossamer has this set at Fameshed.

FPF(1)+7DS+MG 1024

7 Deadly Skins has this beautiful skin available at a new bi-weekly event...Going Bust at Cleavage.  More notes below...I'm going night-night.

7DS+MG 1024

Tentacio - Puppi Dress Pink *FUNNY PUPPET FAIR*
[available in 4 color/patterns]
Maxi Gossamer - Tarentella Gypsy Bracelet Large & Earrings 1 *FAMESHED*
[bracelet pack includes 2 earring styles, large & small bracelet versions. color change]
7 Deadly Skins - FeebRascall Exclusive B4b (new) *GOING BUST at CLEAVAGE*
[Going Bust is a sidewalk sales event for the shops at Cleavage that runs Thursday to Monday every 2 weeks.  This skin will be available at a special price June 6th – June 10th, 2013]
Truth Hair - Delta Black&Whites04
Sn@tch - Flirty Bikini Aqua

The Challenge for Builders - Industrial

A new month for The Challenge with the theme being Industrial.  These pics are not related but needed to get them posted.  Really enjoyed doing these pics...a more rustic mining theme of the top and in the other spectrum of modern...posing as a mannequin in the second pic.  I've provided the link to The Challenge blog below so you can see what other wonderful creations have been made.  This rotation will run for the month and as usual some may provide special pricing.

Real Life is busy for me at the moment but will be poppin' in periodically.

The Challenge Industrial (1)
Win*Factory - Industrial Skybox
[Includes wall sets to build your own skybox.] 
Dysfunctional Designs - Mine Kit
[includes 9 track pieces (copy/mod), silver/gold/coal/empty carts & cart stop]

The Challenge Industrial 2

Follow Us - Factory Desk
[includes desk w/jacket,  stool, boxes with accessories and helmet. Stool has poses]
End of Daze - Air Conditioner
[includes indoor & outdoor verstions.]
Studio Sidhe - Mannequin Pose Stand
[includes pose stand, tattoo & alpha.  Yep that's me!]
Kuro - Pipe Lamp
[includes 2 lamp colors a dark (shown) and light gray. on/off by touch]

beach street - shadow box clock
[3 colors available.  from home expo and purple RFL version is still available for sale at their mainstore]

Jun 2, 2013

Peaceful Easy Feeling

This is my last Home & Garden Expo post and yes there is still time to get over there.   I had to show you these great houses by CIRCA.  Both seem so peaceful to me and felt I needed a little relaxation after the push to get caught up today.   I hope that it gives you incentive to get to the event by 9 p.m. slt to donate to RFL-American Cancer Society.  Today the donations went over the L$7 mil mark... so it has been a very successful event.

[All 3 are exclusive to the event]
CIRCA - French Persuation Mini Skyroom Ivory (LE)
CIRCA - French Persuation Garden Chairs & Table Ivory (LE)
CIRCA - Limited Edition Orbit House White (LE)

It's Magic!

So many events!   I wanted to take some time to tell you about Numberology which started yesterday and just love this concept.  Did you know numbers have meaning?  Well they do and I will try to list the numbers the designers have and their meanings so you can see how they interpreted the theme.  Numberology continues until June 15.

Also, remember the Home & Garden Expo ends tonight at 9 p.m. slt.

See more notes below :)
event mix1

TuttiFrutti - Valentina Mesh MiniDress Mint *SUMMER FASHION FESTIVAL-Until June 16*
[available in 3 color combinations]
Maxi Gossamer - Tarentella Gypsy Bracelet Small & Necklace Group 1 *FAMESHED*
[bracelet pack includes 2 earring styles, large & small bracelet versions.  Necklace is sold in a different pack with long & short version & color change]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Wild Honey Bee Short Gold
[prior  limited release that now includes long & short version and more color options]
Exile::Hold On Loosely Dark Browns *FAMESHED*

Adore & Abhor -Venture Into Night Glasses - Gold2
*5-Travel, Adventure, Motion, Unpredictability, Wonder of life*
[silver & gold metals with 5 scenes on lenses]
Elephante Poses - If You Could Only See
*3-Magic, Advantage, Creativity, Expression, Past/Present/Future*
[8 poses, color change crystal ball & table cloth]

Both are RFL Exclusives
Barnesworth Anubis - flagstone pavers
Barnesworth Anubis - beveled stone planter
[includes several sizes]

Other credits:
PiCHi - Ella Flat Sandals Tan
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Splayed

A Peaceful Place

Today is the last day of the Home & Garden Expo....if you haven't made it down I encourage to go.  It will be open until 9 p.m. slt.  If not to purchase an item please donate to one of the many kiosks located on the sims.


H&GExpo(4) Collage1
Two Moon Gardens - Cherry Blossom Place  *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 2*
[complete garden with rezzer.  Includes cuddle bench, dancing butterflies & falling blossoms, trees, rocks, path, gazebo and various flower patches.  Really beautiful.  I combined 2 together...but from table to right is one piece.]
Organica - Amazon Lily 1 *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 8*
[in fountain...I know its hard to see but worth a look at expo...the brand is known for their great work and this piece is no different.]
Atelier Visconti - Fountain Octagonal *HOME EXPO SIM 4*
[includes single & couple poses]
Organica - Mesh Tulips 1 potted
[next to bench]

{what next) - Garden Cafe Table & Chair Sets *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 7*
[sets are available in 7 colors and include decoration on table and color change pillow. The blue and green versions are 100% donation items for RFL.]
Cobblestone - Sunshine Pictures Long *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 3*
[includes 2 versions long (shown) & square]
Dreamscapes Décor - Spring Birdhouse B with bird *HOME EXPO SIM 8*
[also includes a blue version with fireflies]

H&GExpo(4) Collage2
Atelier Visconti - Epoque Ottoman & Carpet *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 4*
Atelier Visconti - Epoque coffee table, candles & floor clock *HOME EXPO SIM 4*
[the RFL & other items are sold separately]

%Percent Furniture - Pitcher of Tulips Peach *RFL Exclusive*
[available in two colors peach (shown) and lavender]
MudHoney - Evie Night Stand White *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 2*
[2 exclusive sets available...baby blue/pink/white and royal blue/turquoise/red. 100% of the sales from the nightstands will go to RFL]
Second Spaces - Honeycomb wall art Pink *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 2*
[also available in pink/purple & green/blue]
Dreamscapes Decor - Fleur Chair Blush with Blanket *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 8*
[20 Animations]
Cobblestone - Ladder Shelf Pine *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 3*
[available in 3 wood tones]
MudHoney Evie Bed - Shabby *HOME EXPO SIM 2*
[Child beds but adults can use. Some poses rez props. The laptop screen can be clicked to change textures. Also available in Peacock color]
MudHoney Dolly - Evie (left on shelf), Kelly (on bed) & Emily (on night stand) *HOME EXPO SIM 2*
[5 dolls available. The doll outfit are texture change via touch menu and each doll includes a rez and a hold version]

Jun 1, 2013

7 Deadly Skins Group Only Sale

June 1 - 2, 2013 7 Deadly Skins will close theil land with access to ONLY Group members.

• 20% 30% 40% DISCOUNT
• A Lottery
• June Group Gift
• Special Event Skin

Make sure to wear you group tag for access.

Group key:

Sale SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miracles/167/31/22