Dec 30, 2016

Light Up the Night

Light Up the Night
Scandalize - Tanae Isis
[hud w/ 10 color options plain & w/ gold trim (not shown) for dress & 4 colors for fur]

Kunglers - Tita earring 2 Cherry
Kunglers - Tita necklace Cherry
Belleza - Isis
Belleza - Claudia SK 3 Bk
KoKoLoReS - Hair Greta
Analog Dog - hair base 1 heeler
EverGlow - Afternoon 08 [modified lower leg position]

Dec 27, 2016

Silver-White Winters

Silver-White Winters
Black Rose Designs - Monica Corset Dress Isis
[hud w/ 18 color options for dress & lacing and 3 metals for eyelets]
Zibska - Mairsile Collar & Earrings *TRES CHIC*
[set includes hud with 30 color options]
Blueberry - Cupcake Boots Thick Heels Isis *25% OFF Until New Year*
[hud w/ 24 color change options for boot, laces, heels & soles]

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia Fair 0 Bk
Belleza - Isis
KoKoLoReS Hair - Blaine
Swallow - Ears Elf
Eternal Dream Pose - Simply Sits 02
Divias Design - Cuddle Campfire Winter
Little Branch - Weeping Willow V2


Scandalize - Leide Dress & Fur *MARKETPLACE*
[hud w/ 20 color options for dress & fur]
Zibska - Saveria Necklace & Earrings *WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY*
[hud w/ 18 color change options for 2 sections of necklace and 5 metal options]
Analog Dog Hair - Vanessa Blacks *HAIROLOGY*

other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 2 Bk
Belleza - Claudia SK Matte 4 Lipstick
Belleza - Isis
Di's Opera Pose - Ravissante Line 1-4

Dec 25, 2016



Blueberry - Jolly Holidays Gift Mini Sweater - Isis
Blueberry - Jolly Holidays Unisex Antlers

CIRCA - Gingerbread Cookie Man (wear-mouth)
CIRCA - Joyful Plaid Squishy Cube Seat Classic Red (9Bpos)
CIRCA - Joyful Plaid Squishy Cube Seat Festive Mix (9Bpos)
CIRCA - Yuletide Candle Duo Festive
CIRCA - Jolly Christmas Stocking Hanger 4 set Classics
CIRCA - Let It Snow Area Rug Sage Scene
CIRCA - Weston Loft Spiral Xmas Tree Green/Red (baubles)
CIRCA - Northern Forest Winter House Scene

CIRCA - Holly Days Party Cake Choco Mint Frost (display)
CIRCA - Holly Days Party Cracker Pile Red/Green
CIRCA - Holly Days Mincemeat Pie Platter Green (Giver)
CIRCA- Snow Days Gingerbread Cookie Platter Xmas (Giver)

ChiC buildings - Wallflower Holiday Tree Gold
Newchurch - Grand Holiday Fireplace Oak
Newchurch - Grand Holiday Decorative Cabinet Colored

#187 - Xmas Mug 11 Cappuccino RARE
JIAN - Munchkin Kittens Tabby Companion Kitten
JIAN - Munchkin Kittens Tux Wandering Kitten
JIAN - Munchkin Kittens Grey Companion Kitten

Scarlet Creative - Mistletoe Lodge without Snow Roof

other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 0 Bk
Belleza - Isis
Blueberry - Rolled Cuff Jeans Regular
monso - My Hair - Reina (s) /Black&White
Aria - Verna curtain

Dream to Create the Future

Dream to Create the Future
Kunglers - Anete Necklace Bronze
[2 stone colors available]
DRD -  Mechanical Christmas tree
DRD -  Mechanical hanging light

Letituier - Ariana Hair Dark Brown
alaskametro - Gala gacha lipstick 03c
alaskametro - Gala gatcha eyeshadow 03a
"Gala" cosmetics gacha for on9

other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 0 Bk
MV - Libertine Corset Copper

Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon
DE Boutique - AW16 Mara Outfit *DESIGNER SHOWCASE*
Haysuriza - Eyewear Nice Chrome *ON9*

other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 0 Bk
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Cleopatra Teardrop E3
Zibska - Tights Berry
Baiastice - Leather short gloves chocolate
Elua Hair - Freya w/bang Black
Zenith - Vintage Leather Handbag Leather
Di's Opera Pose - Ravissante 2-5

Peace & Joy

Peace & Joy

[25% off at event until Dec 28]
Black Rose Designs - Jorja Outfit Isis
[includes huds w/10 color change options for top & socks]

Baubles! - Tiffany Necklace Silver
[part of set that includes earrings. available in 3 metal colors]

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 0 Bk
Belleza - Isis
Calico Hair - Camellia
Manifeste Pose - Model 738

Dec 22, 2016

Goodness & Light

Goodness & Light
Black Rose Designs - Sophia Dress & Fur Coat Isis *PREMIUM ONLY EVENT*
[Includes hud w/ 10 dress colors & 2 for coat. Also includes second coat option that is worn on shoulders]
Zibska - LizaBetta Collar & Headpiece RARE *THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE*
[click pic below to see larger]
LizaBetta display

other credits:
Zibska - Nura 12 Lipstick
Belleza - Isis
Belleza - Claudia Fair 5 Bk
Argrace Hair - Saki Black
Di's Opera Pose - Expose Line 2-7

Dec 18, 2016


Today is the last day of the Winter Showcase benefiting the American Diabetes Association.  If you haven't been, I encourage you to visit the event and donate.

The event schedule for today:
1pm slt - Lumina Fashion Show presented by Models Giving Back
4pm slt - Live performer Parker Static
Shopping, hunting, art, and more!

Team Diabetes - Lumina Gown w/ Snow Empress Aquamarine Brooch, Earrings & Headpiece
[a variety of gem colors available to go with dress]

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia Fair 8 No Brow
Elua Hair - Beck_Black
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3  Casual
Ikon - Ardent Eyes Bone
Ilaya - Pretty pose 2

Snowflake Wishes

Snowflake Wishes
[includes color change w/ 9 colors with 2 patterns for top, regular knit or snowflake. Fits Belleza, Maitreya & Slink]
KoKoLoReS - Hair Yuki *HAIROLOGY*
Nailed It - Gold Stud Set *ON9*
[click below to see larger]
Nailed It - Vendor - Gold Stud Set

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Ring - Positano Night Jewel - GOLD - R
Belleza - Claudia SK 7 Bk
Belleza - Isis
Tantalum - Mackinzi Bellychain
!IT! - Tangled Necklace

Dec 17, 2016

Merry & Bright

Merry & Bright
Ghee - Eva Cocktail Dress Aurora
[8 colors]
Loovus - Azken Heels Lush Meadow Slink
[10 colors]

Zuri - Rayna Emerald

what next - Small Crown Lantern silver
[includes 2 colors & 3 sizes]

what next - Wintery Wreath Framed

other credits:
Belleza - Claudia Uber SK 2 Blk
Belleza- Claudia SK Matte 2 Lip
Vanity Hair - Alien Dark Browns
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3  Casual
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.3
Ma Vie - Changes 10
%Percent - Lily Wall Shelf (long/multi) *MESH*
Aria - Delilah two sitter sofa

Dec 16, 2016

Winter's Light

Winter's Light

JolieElle Parfort - Winter One Art Dreams 2016
[bottom raw pic - artwork used on back wall]

Newchurch - Grand Holiday Deer Head White
Newchurch - Grand Holiday Tealights, Dark
Decor Junction /Shutter Field - Demeter Day Bed Dark
Decor Junction /Shutter Field - Demeter Coffee Table Dark

Maxi Gossamer - Boho Fairy Light Bottles
[Includes: 6 Different Designs (large, brandy, wine1, wine2, hanging & demi). Available in 5 single colors plus 2 mixed light colors]
what next - Snowflake Garland & Hanging (gold & silver)
[available in a variety of color combinations of gold, silver, pink & white]

Atelier Visconti - Frozen Fountain
[15 single/8 couple animations]

what next - Wintery Wreath
[includes wreath and a framed version]
%Percent - Winter Wall Text White *WHIMSY'S ADVENT CALENDAR*
[item is free on the day listed. After day has passed, the items will be 1/2 price the remainder of December]

other credits:
what next - Lucia Summer House
Circa - Juniper Ridge Area Rug Modern Leaves Creams
Half-Deer - White Baby Birds
Skye - Birch Grove

Dec 11, 2016

Shooting for the Stars

Shooting for the Stars
Arisaris/B&W - Gara68 Dainty Gown Venus *ON9*
[includes hud with 4 color options]
Damselfly Hair - Zizi *HAIROLOGY*
Zibska - Morana Collar *WINTER SOLSTICE*
[20 colors for main, accents, orbit & drops. Part of a set that include headpiece (not shown)]

other credits:
Belleza -  Claudia SK 8 Bk
Belleza - Venus V3
erratic - cuff gold
agapee pose - F160


Spyralle Aurora - Solstice
[available in 7 colors]

Semi-Precious Dianna Tanzanite
[available in 8 stone colors each including hud with 3 metal color change options]

other credits:
Belleza - Claudia Uber SK 6 Blk
Elua - Phillip Black
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual
EverGlow Pose - Noir 08

Story Time

Story Time
Tayren's Fantasy Fashions - Winter Frolic Fairy Silver
[available in 5 colors. includes: dress, wings (tintable), white hair (tintable), eyeshadow, headpiece (not shown) & ice skates (not shown)]
Ilyra's - Winter Magic Wall-Mounted Shelves & Table
Ilyra's  - Whisper - Tabletop Art

I adored all the little creatures and there are more items by this artist that I couldn't squeeze in.
Silas Merlin
   Fiura [left/front-pushing storybook table]
   Fiura Hungry [center-by storybook table leg hunting for dog food :)]
   Fiura sitting [center-with staff by mushroom tree]
   Candlestick 2
   Skull staff [back/left-by table in vase]
   Pioneer painted V2 Jade [back/center-figurine on table]
   Fiura stool [right/front-red stool]
   Dagger [center-page holder on story book]
The Silas Gallery - Gacha items
   Storybook 4 Toadstool RARE [left-red mushroom with fairy on it]
   Storybook 6 - Hunter [back/left-with bow & arrow]
   Storybook 3 - Watcher [right/back-sitting on white mushroom]
   Storybook 8 - The Hermit and the City [storybook/table-gives note-card w/story when touched]
   Storybook 7 - Enchanter [right/front sitting on rock]

other credits:
Eclectica - elf ears
la petite morte - india f1 NB
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual
Botanical - Firefly Emitter V2.1
Dysfunctional Designs - Forest Away Sitting Stump
HappyMood - Lamp flower 2
HappyMood - Lamp bottle - G1(flower)
Zigana - Winter grass 20x20 2

Dec 10, 2016

Best-laid Plans

Best-laid Plans
Best-laid Plans
Fundraiser benefiting the American Diabetes Association. Event information/schedule
Black Rose Designs - Colleen Caridan
[includes hud with 12 color/texture options for top, sweater & fringe]

Lindy - Patrice Nude
[also available in black]

other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 0 Bk
Belleza - Isis
Blueberry - Rolled Cuff Jeans Regular Belleza
Kunglers - Cida necklace Garnet
Wasabi Pills - Dakota Hair
Exposeur Poses - Camille [store closed]

Dec 9, 2016

Holiday Retreat

Holiday Retreat
Potomac Signature Homes - Stone Mountain Holiday Lodge
[Limited Edition rezzes with holiday decor (inside & out), trees, stone path, snow base.  Snow roof is optional. There are too many options to list...definitely must see at the event location]

Holiday Retreat 2
Potomac - Christmas Tree 2016
Park Place - Down Home Wing Chair singles/cuddles

PurpleMoon - Mesh Wreath with Falling Gnome

what next - Christmas Wall Collage

what next - Christmas Gift Box Silver/Gold & Christmassy Red
[includes trans versions for gift-giving & copy sets for decorating]
what next - Colonna Sideboard Mix/Decor
what next - Colonna Coffee Machine
[available in 6 colors]
what next - Colonna Chalkboard
[texture change sign]
what next - Colonna Cannisters

other credits:
what next - Christmas Chocolatier Drinks Tray
Circa - Tis The Season Area Rug Cream
Aria - Diedra coffee table

Holiday Retreat 1
Potomac - Wintertime Cuddle Bench
[set includes bench pillows, gift boxes w/cat, poinsettia and framed art]
Potomac Braided Santa Rug

PurpleMoon - Mesh Wreath with Sitting Gnome

%Percent - Winter Beach Diorama
[Days 3 item is free on the day listed. After day has pass, the items will be 1/2 price at link above (satellite store) the remainder of December]

Holiday Retreat 3
[Some decorative items are sold separately]
Potomac - Christmas Dog Bed 2016
Potomac - Front Porch Decorated Tree
Potomac - Merry Christmas Welcome Mat
Potomac - Happy Holidays Sled Decor
Potomac - Mr. & Mrs. Snowman
Potomac - Rustic Garden Lantern Winter with Cardinal

what next - Oversized Merry Christmas Bauble
[set includes 3 pairs - Christmas red, New Year gold & gold/silver snowflakes] 

Dec 6, 2016

2016 Winter Showcase Benefiting American Diabetes Assoc.

2016 Winter Showcase

The 2016 Winter Showcase & the 2016 Winter Art Show

December 8 to December 18, 2016Ten days of live djs, performers, tribute concerts, 2D & 3D art; contests, two hunts, photos with Santa, ice skating, ice fishing, fundraising and more! 

Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official authorized fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association in Second Life. Established with the aim of raising funds in support of diabetes treatment and raise awareness of the disease. 

This event features over 80 merchants and artists combined! Following are the links to learn about the participating merchants, artists, events schedule, and other activities! 

2016 Winter Showcase Participating Merchants

2016 Winter Art Show Participating Artists

Vendor Items For Sale in ​Support of Team Diabetes of Second Life

Reindeer Hunt Items & Hints

Model's Giving Back Lumina Show

​Santa Quest

Dec 5, 2016


Kendrasy Creations - Rustic Sweater Isis
Kendrasy Creations - Rustic Earmuffs
[hud w/ 8 color/texture change options for sweater and muffs]
DaneMarkZ - Omega Nails Triple Trouble

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 8 Bk
Belleza - Isis
Chop Shop - Cold Spots makeup/tattoo
B BOS - Bir Scarf Red
tram - F1124 hair2
Izzie's - Belleza Applier Cozy Tights
addme pose - 0282

Dec 4, 2016


#2 Blueberry / Show Time / Isis - Dress Queen RARE
#20 Blueberry / Show Time / Isis - Panties Queen Fancy
#24 Blueberry / Show Time  - Bracelets ALL
#25 Blueberry / Show Time / - Mask Famous
#6 Blueberry / Show Time / Isis - Ree Heels ALL RARE
CLAVv - Hanging Lights in Jars RARE

Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Monte Carlo Pearls E1
[Includes 2 earring designs w/ 9 pearl colors plus gold and silver metal options]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Monte Carlo Pearls
[9 pearl colors plus gold and silver metal options]

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 0 Bk
Belleza - Isis mesh body
Tram - F919 hair
Elymode - makeup Gluttony shadows chocolate 2 (full)
Aria - Blair two sitter sofa
Vibe Pose - Nieuwe Schoenen09

Holiday Sparkle

The 7th Annual Holidays of Hope Ball will be held Sunday, Dec 11th, 2 - 6 pm slt, as part of the 2016 SL Christmas Expo.  This years theme is Polar Express and is one of Second Life’s brightest holiday season highlights that brings together residents from all corners of the virtual community to celebrate the holidays and to support the American Cancer Society. This year the ball will be held at the Polar Express Station Ballroom.

For complete information on the Ball please visit the SL Christmas Expo Blog.

Holiday Sparkle
GSloan - Christmas Eve Dress
Captivating - Reece Collection Chocolate Diamonds Earring & Ring
[set includes necklace (not shown)]
Glitter Poses - Fierce F 5
[10 poses]

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 7 Bk
Boon - Lab.038 hair
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual


Indyra Originals - Aubrey Metallic Knit Peek Top Taupe
Indyra Originals - Audra Suede Skirt Maple
[available in 8 color and sweaters include 2 options with/without cutout]
Kunglers - Vatusi necklace - Jasper *SHINY SHABBY*
[5 color options available]

Other credits::
Belleza - Claudia Uber SK 8 Blk
Maxi Gossamer - Ring Venus Wild Clasp
tram - F728 hair
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual
Ma Vie Pose - Jewel 04


The SL Christmas Expo has opened and you can find a list of exhibitors and direct slurls here! The Nadria Evening outfit includes all you see here and 100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. I encourage you to visit Expo and donate.

Also, a complete entertainment schedule can be found here. Today's schedule follows:
  5pm to 7pm slt – The Time Machine – Trader Whiplash Ice Skating Stage
  7pm to 9pm slt – Misfits Dance & Performance Art - Musical Extravaganza Stage

Feyline Fashions - Nadria Evening *SL CHRISTMAS EXPO*
Damselfly Hair - Julissa *FAMESHED*
Grafica Poses - lansio ii mirror *MEN ONLY MONTHLY*
[available individually or set of 10 pose (5 + 5 mirror poses)]

Belleza - Claudia SK 0 Bk

Dec 3, 2016


Blueberry - Craven Glass Heels Boots Isis
[available in 24 leather, 24 suede and 6 ombre color options. Includes 2 heel options glass or sharp]
Blueberry - Tiffany Skirts Isis
[available in 24 colors.  includes color change hud for belt, panty and metal. Fat pack includes exclusive plaid colors]
CIRCA - Disco Club'n Retro U Chair Set Colours 3  (32 pos) *GENRE-until Dec 12*
[available in 6 colors, 32 male/female sit animations]
CIRCA - Disco Club'n Chrome Table Tall Neon Blue  *GENRE-until Dec 12*
CIRCA - Disco Club'n Chrome Table Wide Neon Green
CIRCA - Disco Club'n Drink Shaker & Cocktail (giver)
[tables available in 7 colors that include 2 tables tall/wide & martini drink giver]
%Percent - Marcello Ice Bucket Open Turquoise
[available in 13 colors. Open (shown) or closed lid options. Open version gives wearable drink]

Other credits:
Belleza - Isis
Belleza - Claudia BFF SK 3 B
Maxi Gossamer - Curtains Shimmer Pools Narrow
Art Dummy! - bliss dots and stripes rug 2.0 [store closed]