Nov 30, 2012

I Spy with my Little Eye

So many things going on...Winter Fair begins at midnight! Silver Lining Hunt & Zodiac continue and still so much to show you. :)
SLH+WF+Zodiac FB
SLH+WF+Zodiac HS
22769 - Anastasia silverlining
estatica -Bertram Portrait Frame & Console Table #2

*WINTER FAIR* *DEC 1 - 15*
Shiva - riria skin002 [includes cleavage & shape]

Cherry - K is for Kandy Bracelet Onyx [set previously blogged in topaz]
Adorkable Poses - Clever 5m [5 poses with mirrored pose included]

Other credits: *please reference slurl pages above*
Truth - Jade Espresso
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace All Seeing Eye Long
Candy Nail #P000 Basic French Nails 12color change
LISP - Restoration Hanging Lantern
LISP - Table Birdcage Winter
what next - Laurel Wooden Birds Decor
Zigana - Winter grass

Nov 29, 2012

Pretty as a Picture

AD Creations - Covetousness Dress White *NEW* [a beautiful dress that is part mesh.  Just love the details of lace and flexi with the mesh.  Such a romantic dress]
Alice Project Sunny Infinity *AROUND THE WORLD-Ends Today!* [I'm in love with the options of this hair.  color change hud included]
SAKIDE - Black Cranium Ring Silver *UNHINGED FESTIVAL* [The coolest ring!  These are gacha prizes female and male versions for each). 10 colors each with black or silver metals.  fatpacks are the rare prize.]
Modish - NoDoubt Crema *SINGER ICON FAIR* [includes cleavage & shape]
estatica - Bertram Portrait Frame #2 *SILVER LINING HUNT* [hunt item includes the frame (can add your own texture/photo) & console (will blog set in a general setting soon).  I enlarged to frame and added textures in photoshop]

Nov 28, 2012


Kunglers latest, Ciara, is geared to perfection!  Just love the geometric shapes and all my fave colors are in the dress.  I wanted to capture a futuristic look but keeping the styling classic at the same time. There are 6 texture/colors to choose from...floral to ethnic...something for everyone.

Kunglers Ciara 1024
Kunglers - Ciara Dress Robotic *NEW* [mesh - available in 6 textures/colors: baroque, craquelure, robotic (shown) sauvage, sunflower, tribe]

Other *please see slurl page above
Shi - Eye Bangle Copper
Wasabi Pills - Kumi Mesh Hair Black coffee
Baiastice - Knee platform stretch boots fabric maroon
Izzie's - Classic Nails
Belleza - Shy/Betty SK lips 1
Belleza - Shyla Sk 2

Nov 27, 2012

A Warm Feeling

Orquidea Fur Hat & Fur Poncho
Bilo - Noor Golden Skin

Cherry - K is for Kandy Earrings & Bracelet Topaz [also available in onyx]
Adorkable Poses - Clever 1 [5 poses + mirrored]

Shabby Cat - Sheer Tank brown

Other Credits:
LoQ Hairs Hairbase Black
LoQ Hairs Hair Attachment For Hats Black [in discount store area]
Celoe - mery gloves mine

Nov 26, 2012


This would be a comfy way to spend a casual day in.  I didn't want to style today so kept it simple and had some fun in photoshop adding in the glow by painting it in on my body and using overlays to add to the rest of the room.  I could spend days doing this...but have to move along to the next blog item.  Hope all are having a lovely and relaxing day. :)
Apple May Designs - Say It! Mesh Top New York  [available in 3 color/prints]
Organica - Zebra, Giraffe & Mallard Nesting Dolls (2pc) [pelican and flamingo options also available available]
Chloe - Short Leopard Black [available in 6 colors]

la petite morte - birgit tone 2 the outlet ed[2 tones available]
Michigan's Shack - Regal Sofa & chair with Xcite Burgundy [sofa has over 500 animations for solo, couple, lesbian, gay or group. Chair has 60 animations & 2 loves scenes]

Amorous - Suki Earrings  [part of a set that includes necklace.  4 metal colors]

LISP - Anna Fireplace Oak Orange [Fireside sits for singles, friends and cuddles. Props included to roast marshmallows, stoke fire, drink hot chocolate with auto rezzing stools and cushions.]

OTHER *see store and furniture slurl pages*
Truth - Rhonda Espresso
Little Boxes - Old Shelf with Frames
LISP - Woodcutter Cloche Lantern 1
LISP - Tintable Linen Drapes

Silver Dreams

The Silver Lining hunt is based on a monochromatic color palette of grey/silver. The hunt runs until Dec 9, featuring fashion, home decor, accessories and more.  Each hunt items costs L$5.
Check The Monochrome Hunts blog (click link below or logo to right) for the complete list, preview pics and slurls of participating stores.

Also the Singer Icon Fair has begun and runs until Dec 13.  Various musical styles and genres are represented at this :)

ezura -  Silver Lining Monochrome Dress
YoPulga - Little Queen Necklace [includes silver and gold]
even.flow - Classic Heels floral silver
CIRCA - "Starry Night" - Silver Mirror, Side Table in Celestial & Silver Tree (S.E.)

Mystic Canvass - Bjork Skin A Cup Robotrip
[5 makeups & bonus shape included for this exclusive skin]

SugarsmacK - Posha Milk

Maxi Gossamer - Earrings AngelWings Silver
Adorkable Poses - My Hair 2m

Nov 25, 2012

Come Up and See Me Sometime

Zibska - Mira Eye makeup Gold [pack of 16 colors]

Organica - After Malevich Coffee Table

Le Primitif - Le Perla Bodysuit 2.2 Yellow 3 [available in 4 colors]
Lethal Couture - Hellz Legging Gold Embelishment Pants
Lethal Couture - The Detail Short Gold [also available in silver]
BSD Design Studio - Birdcage Shoes Monochrome [available in 4 colors and each color has 2 heel options]

LaGyo - Beehive ring gold [also available in silver]
Glam Affair - Roza Honey Bee 03 D [3 skins/makeups available]

OTHER CREDITS *store slurl page*
Dura - Girl 33 Black
Amorous - Animosity bracelet
Izzie's - Classic Nails
Virtual/Insanity - Lucky Stroke Ciggie Smoked PolkaBlack

The Power of Red

VeroModero+Zodiac Essences 1024
Vero Modero - Selin Mesh Dress Red Damask
Essences - Sagitarius Sunheat *ZODIAC SAGITARIUS Nov 22-Dec 16*
[8 skintones available: Pale dust, midday, light rose, sunkissed, beach, sunheat, sunset, moonless night. pack includes 3 blush colors each in light & medium]
LeLutka - Effect Hair AlmostGoth

OTHER CREDITS *please see slurl page above*
Mandala - Bracelet Pearl rain season 2 Cherry Red
Baiastice - Queen Hobo Red hand bag
Izzie's - Classic Nails
Decoy - Maya Scarf Plain Red
Manifeste Pose - 225 [from clearence sale box..don't believe it is available]


ATW Sakide+LoQ
SAKIDE - Fur Overall Outfit *AROUND THE WORLD-Region North America*
[includes: mesh overall, shrug, mesh collar, sculpted cuffs, non-rigged mesh fur boots w/ resizer.  Available in tan, white and black]
LoQ Hair - Zima Chocolate Copper *TDRB-Nov 23- Dec 7*
[pack includes: chocolate copper, golden blonde, black and cherry red]

OTHER CREDITS *please see slurl page*
Sweet Leonard (LEO-NT) - My little Owl Necklace Brown
[I'm in love with this necklace the eyes blink!  2 colors included brown and dark brown]
Izzie's - Classic Nails
[includes color change hud]
Paper Couture - Moon Ring
[can't have the owl without the moon :)]
Adorkable Poses - Carefree 8m

Nov 24, 2012

A New Journey

Well I'm on to new adventures...the dear Miss Blueberry asked me to help manage her store and l accepted.  I'm leaving a few things behind to have more time to work with her...but now my focus will be more on photography/blogging than modeling. So today's pic is dedicated to my new journey...I'm excited to take that road ahead!
Blueberry Lina NenaPant 1024cg
Blueberry Lina - Mesh Leather Jacket Aqua
Blueberry Nena - Mesh Skinny Pants Beige

Other credits *please see store slurl page above*
Truth - Cyanne w/Roots Espresso
LaGyo - Zarema gloves Grounded
TokiD - flower belt - brown V2
Yummy - Floral Dangle Earrings Inked Color
Maitreya - Alexa Wedges Coffee
Adorkable Poses - Breezy 7

Nov 23, 2012

Hidden Beauty

ADCreations+Unhinged PMD 1024
Unhinged PMD
AD Creations - Ana Black Corset & Mesh Damask Skirt  *AD Shop at Avenue/Zenshi Only*[includes: sculpted collar, mesh corset, 3 different mesh skirt (black, damask and semi transparent)]
PMD - The skully lashes 1 *UNHINGED Fundraiser* [gacha prize - 8 makeups that include prim lashes with small sculpted skulls.  Each makeup has different lashes...really these]
IKON - Kaleido Eyes Shadow *TOMORROW TODAY Fundraiser* [blogged previously...many eyes to choose from at the event regular to fantasy]

Other credits *check store slurl page above*
Ison - leather arm warmers black
BeautyCode - Reflection teardrop Earrings
Vanity Hair - Wipeout Soil
Virtual/Insanity - Kitty Galore Sharp Claws
Belleza - Shy/Betty SK lips 3
Belleza - Shyla Sk 4

Nov 21, 2012

The Light

LpD - Ella Outfit Red [available in Red & Black or Black. includes 2 dress styles straight mini or ruffled skirt, top with or without sleeves, 3 types of socks/legging long/full, long with sheer upper (like wearing pantyhose under stockings), short/stocking (shown).]
LpD - Geena Boots Black [available in 6 colors]
HANDverk - Palette Bolo Rose Silver *L'ACCESSOIRES* [unisex available in 7 colors and includes both silver and gold metal options]
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Tarifa *COLLABOR88* [pack includes 2 styles of earrings & bracelets. color change]

Other credits *store slurl page* *pose page*
booN - center part B hairbase black
booN - KOM372 hair black
Izzie's - Classic Nails
Pididdle - Vengeance Cuff Steel
Belleza - Shyla Sk 2
Manifeste Pose - Model 415

Nov 20, 2012

Golden Elegance

Countdown -Tarik Dress
Zibska - Amelie Earrings *THE GALLERY GIFT SHOP:NOV-DEC* [includes neck piece (not shown) touch color change 8 colors]

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
LpD - Garbo Clutch All Gold
LeLutka - Lana Hair Almost Goth
Candy Nail - #P000 Basic French Nails 12 color change
N-core Femme Orange
Donna Flora - Square Ring Topaz

Nov 19, 2012

Skull Happy

Kosh-Discord HS
SAKIDE - Fashion Skull Dress Olive S *UNHINGED* [4 packs available that include 2 colors & black pantyhose in each]
TuttiFrutti - Black Magic Layer Legging [I just love these so many great colors...I will post more soon.  Available in 16 pattern/colors]
KOSH - Adain Necklace & Ring Silver *THE MENS DEPT*  [available in 5 metals]
Discord Designs - Calvin Rigged Cast Iron *AROUND THE WORLD*
SAKIDE - Leather Army Boots Left [resizer and texture changer for the laces and stitches. 9 colors]
Maxi GossamerEarrings Late Night Hoops *LIMITED BAZAAR*
Shine - Mesh Arm Warmers Crocheted Black *TOMORROW TODAY*

Other credits:
Izzie's - Metallic Nails
Maitreya - Scrunched PrimSocks All Colors
Adorkable Poses - Carefree 8

Nov 18, 2012


There are days when you just need to take a break and breathe in the fresh air...

Azoury - La Salopette Abel Orange [available in 9 colors]
Azoury - Clutch Abel Serpent Marron *GYPSET MARKET* [this is exclusive to Gypset but there are 9 other colors available at the mainstore.]
Alice Project - Yuri Infinity *AROUND THE WORLD* [inlcudes color change hud with many options.  This is one of 9 styles avaialable at the event]
LaGyo - Santa Fe Necklace Gold *COLLABOR88*

Other credits:
Bens Beauty - Vintage Ring 3
Celoe - Didri Bangles Extra
Manifeste Pose - Model 486

Home items are listed in a previous post Leaves are Fallin'.

Angelic Glow

Just love my outfit today....a new Zibska design with twists and stripes...just fun! Thought the dress accented this Essences skin nicely...subtle red stripe on the lip and freckles are so great.  I wanted to keep the outfit neutral so I added these beautiful Bilo eyes that are a silvery grey color.

I also thought this would be a great outfit for today's SLBloggers Support Inspire Me Initiative...Essential Pieces.  You can create a great pic with the essentials...dress, skin, eyes, hair, nails & a white wall.

Zibska - Meraude BW [available in 5 colors]
Essences - Xihe Dark Freckles *AROUND THE WORLD* [includes: dark, medium & light eyebrows & skin with or without freckles]
Bilo - Najwa Eye Mist *UNHINGED* [mesh & regular eyes available in 7 colors]

Other credits:
booN HNT281 hair black
Izzie's - Gradient Nails
Di's Opera - Exposure Line 2-5

Nov 17, 2012

She'll Take You for a Ride

Molichino+Finesmith+Vanity Hair
Molichino - Starino Skirt *Fifty Linden Friday* [I'm late but it may still be there]
Vanity Hair - Easy Soil [includes flexi attachments]
Finesmith - Sarit Ring Brown [set includes earrings and necklace and is available in 6 colors]
Baiastice - Knee platform stretch boots fabric black

Other credits - please see storel slurl page above
Mimikri - Jacket Luisa black
Maitreya - Bodysuit Golden
Ryca - Sunglass JSCA Gold
celoe - mery gloves mine

Nov 16, 2012

Frida's Wings

The Unhinged fundraiser began yesterday you will find this dress, tons of gatcha items and full days of music entertainment! Go be merry and play those machines...going to a great cause with a 100% or percentage of the funds going to the help someone in need...more information here.

Around the World continues so many cultures to experience there...go check it out.

Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly? - Frida Kahlo

Trompe Loeil - Mendoza Bed Aguayo & Silver Frame PG [Texture-change menu for pillows, mattress, and blanket.  Bed available in PG & Adult, 3 frame metals, traditional aguayo fabrics or luxurious satins.]
Trompe Loeil - Mendoza Cabinet White Brass [available in 9 colors & includes brass and silver hardware versions. Doors open and close on touch]
SF - Shalimar Inlaid Mughal Chest

PixelDolls - Vigne
the muses - Earrings & Necklace Bathory Gold Blood Pearl [included with PixelDolls dress]

Other Credits: *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Dura - Girl 38 Dark Brown
Belleza- Shyla Sk 2
Belleza- Shy/Betty SK lips 0
Cheeky Pea - Sweetwater Outdoor Room *COLLABOR88*
SQ Southwest Torreon Rug
SQ Colima Bowl
SQ Mata Ortiz Olla 114
SQ Mata Ortiz Olla 115
SQ Freida with Parrots Framed
MudHoney - Designs Copper Ring Lamp

Nov 15, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle

Around the World event began today...many sights to take the cutultural trip!
ATW Geometry+BSD
Geometry - Seattle Coral *AROUND THE WORLD* [available in 12 colors]
BSD Design Studio - Blk Rhapsody blk platform *L'ACCESSOIRES* [available in 8 colors and includes heels in black & gold]
Bamboo - Nails Tuxedo [texture change hud includes 5 nail color/designs...can color the nails separately. hud also changes size]

Other credits:
Wasabi Pills - Kumi Mesh Hair  Black coffee
Donna Flora - Martina Necklace

Nov 14, 2012

An Evening Stroll

LpD Dalia
LpD - Dalia Dress Red Tones & Mini Jacket Military (Green) [available in: Black/Brown, Military/Red and Brown/Blue.  Jacket & dress sold separately at mainstore & as an outfit on marketplace]
Kunglers - Ankle Boot Pebble [available in 4 leather styles / 3 colors each style]
So Many Styles - Braid Knit Tights Wheat [2 color packs available in 6 warm & 6 cool tones]

Other credits: *see store slurl page above
Exile:: Callisto:Pecan
Auxiliary - Chunky Earrings Bloom

Glorious Green

"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity... and some scarce see nature at all.  But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself." -William Blake

Bilo - Hiba Dress Emerald *ZODIAC SCORPIO* [available in 3 colors]
Azoury - Clutch Abel Uni Jaune
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Alchemy Charm Coins Group All Gold *COLLABOR88* [pack includes silver & gold versions, 4 single and 2 grouped styles]

Other credits: *Store SLurl Page*
Zibska - Aubade Earrings
Wasabi Pills - Gloria Mesh Hair - Black coffee
Ingenue - Jude Boot Mustard [past event: Culture Shock - boots are available at mainstore]

Nov 13, 2012

She's a Lady

Maai+Finesmith+The Outlet
Maai - Queen Silver [available in 5 colors.  Beat me with a stick ....I'm missing a bustle/hip piece on this dress and it also includes flexi pieces for the skirt]
Finesmith - Cosmic Mask White [available in 5 colors]
Michigan's Shack - Le Grande Sofa *THE OUTLET* [over 500 animations/solo, straight, gay, lesbian & group O.O.  A chaise lounge is also available]

Other credits:
Glow Studio - Bubble Pearls Ring gold R
Bliss Couture - Kepi Ruffles Boloro
Caroline's Jewelry - Beaded Pearls in White Earrings
Vanity Hair - Chanson D'Amour-Soil
Belleza - Shy/Betty SK lips 9
Di's Opera Pose - hairspray [poses from vintage fair- but available at their mainstore]

Nov 12, 2012


Remember the days when your mother was yelling at you to turn the tv off and go out to play or get off the phone she wants to use it.  Doesn't seem that long ago does it?  I remember we use to have so many types of phones, my mother was a telephone operator for Ma Bell .....pulling those cords in and out of the board to connect people to different lines....yeah...yeah...I'm old. lol  But I had rotary phones just like these.  I use to play pack man too on the old arcade game...I can hear the music now....and of course we use to zone out on TV on the weekends watching Sunday morning Shirley Temple movies and in the evening the weekly Disney movie.  Those were the days....I can hear Edith and Archie singing it now...
Pink Outfitters - Jenny Strapless Red  [also available in dark and light blue]
Delusions - Fiercely Independent Eyes Jealousy Eyes R [includes: regular eyes and mesh eyes in 6 colors]
Delusions - Fiercely Independent Eyes Suspicious Eyes L
Lassitude & Ennui Scorpio Key Necklace Gold/Red [available in silver & gold with 3 colors of, purple & red]
Cheeky Pea - OmNom Chair [texture change, single, kid & couple animations]

%Percent Furniture - Telephone Shelf *GIVING THANKS HUNT-NOV 1-30* [phone does NOT ring on touch, but the notepad's top page changes textures randomly every 24 hours]
%Percent Furniture - Telephone Round & Telephone Flat  [all colors available are shown in the pic :) (12 colors) and both have "click to ring" and "no ring" versions. The flat orange version is currently a FREE Subscriber's Gift]
%Percent Furniture - Small Enamel Cabinet [This one is the smallest of a four piece set. includes w/3 shadow versions included - floor & wall shadows, floor shadow only, and no shadow]
Other Credits *Store SLurl Page* *Furniture:Homes:Pose Shops Page*
TuttiFrutti - Let's Go Mesh Skinny Jeans [past event: My Attic - but should be available at mainstore...these are groovy!]
Wasabi Pills - Annette Mesh Hair Black Coffee
Slink - Womens Medium Height Barefeet (Rigged)
LISP - Vintage TV [left knob tex change, right knob tv channels]
(NO) - Doll Head Vase Vintage [past event: Arcade]
what next - forever Garden small pot plant

Nov 11, 2012

Leaves are Fallin'

Leaves are Fallin' is today's theme for SL Bloggers Support Inspire Me I took a break from blogging and nested yesterday to prepare since it's is my favorite time of year.  So...started with this Mudhoney house so warm and inviting perfect for this time of year when all is comfy cozy.  Then...I saw this bedroom set by Cheeky Pea at Collabor88...and the wheels started turning for my perfect hideaway. :)

I love early mornings [or sunset]...sitting outside reading, drinking coffee [sunset is good for hot chocolate :)], nibbling on sweet goodies and hangin' out with my bud Winkie [the owl...when he blinks only one eye shuts thus the name]...breathing in the fresh air.  I'm in heaven here :)

Now for obvious reasons...there is a lot to list so I will not link the LMs but most are located above in the store SLurl pages or affiliate list to the side for the clothing items.

Leaves are Fallin’
Censored - Milane Dress *60 MESH ATELIER* [2 prints available this and flower]
Riddle - Cozy Tights Brown #4
Maitreya - Scrunched PrimSocks
Vanity Hair - Cuchi-Cuchi Soil

Leaves are Fallin’ 2
Top & Bottom Photo [back to front]:
Cheeky Pea (:CP:) -  Sweetwater Room (PG) *COLLABOR88*
:CP: Sweetwater Whitewashed Bed (PG)
:CP: Sweetwater Console Table
:CP: Sweetwater Rug
[Adult version also available & comes many pieces including an adobe style building. You can see full set on Cheeky Peas Flickr]
Cheeky Pea - Dandelion Coffee Tray
MudHoney - Evelyn Table Lamp
MudHoney - Golden Apple Orchard Candle
Scarlet Creative - Milan Candle Medium & Small
The Loft - Antique W&W Rug 2
LISP - Spring Words Coffee Table
LISP - HodgePodge Chair left (Texture Change)
UrbanizeD - Mini Garden Dino Egg Neutral
UrbanizeD - Dressoir Compress Masai II
UrbanizeD - Mini Garden Zennn E Masai II
Zinnia's - sculpted Green Tropical plant
Zinnia's - Prickly Pear cactus
Bahia Tiki - Bowl of Apples

Center [back to front]:
MudHoney Holiday Cabin [past Spruce Up Your Space item but still available at mainstore]
:CP: Sweetwater Bench Sky
:CP: Sweetwater Vase - Sky
:CP: Sweetwater Vase - Blush
:CP: Sweetwater Vase - Tan
%Percent Furniture - MasonJar BrownLg Closed [Past Subscriber Gift]
%MasonJar-Blue Short Open
%MasonJar-GreenThin Open
Zigana - Table .s
SQ Painted Desert Rug with Fringe
New Trails - Autumn Oak groundcover m&t
UrbanizeD - Mini Garden Zennn A Neutral
what next - Autumn PorchTable
Turnip's Orange Mosaic Pots (group1)
:CP: Sweetwater Cacti Terrarium
Milano Style - Kilim floor sofa 4 & sofa 6
2Xtreme - flying 0wl v3.0
what next - Autumn Porch Firepit

AB - Afternoon Rocking Chair [store closed-no longer available]
AB - Cape Cod Dock [store closed-no longer available]
Ducks - [had these forever & no shop name on the item or's called duck box :/]

Nov 9, 2012

There She Goes Just A Walking Down The Street

singin' do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do :)
Vanity Hair - Chamonix Soil
Molichino - Gliffy Pants Grey
LpD - Geena Bag Black
Countdown - Miu Miu Coat Purple *NEWish*

Other Credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
LaGyo - Zarema gloves Jet
Belleza - Shy/Betty SK lips 2
PM - Coco Sunglasses in Black
Nardcotix Edna Platform Pump Black

She Tips Her Hat

Indyra Garbo
Indyra Originals - Garbo Outfit *NEW*
Indyra Originals - Coquette Noir Shoes
Caroline's Jewelry - Beaded Pearls White Earrings
Truth - Rashida Espresso *NEWish*
Belleza - Shy/Betty SK lips 2

Nov 8, 2012

A Carefree Day

Wertina - Betty Cardigan Red *FASHION QUOTES*
LpD - Geena Bag Brown [available in 6 colors: black, brown & black, brown & sand, brown, sand & black, sand. resizable and includes 3 attachment points]
Maitreya Gold - Suave Chocolate
Truth - Portia Espresso
Maxi Gossamer - Tarifa Earrings & Necklace Short 1 *COLLABOR88* [Necklace pack includes 2 short, 2 long, 1 complete group options.  Earrings are sold with bracelets includes 2 option for each]

Other Credits:  *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Ingenue - Lepidoptera Blouse Flutter Sleeve Wheat
Bilo - Farzhaan Capri Clove
Candy Nail - Clear Glitter French Orange
Adorkable Poses - Carefree 3
(Belt not available/store closed)

La Vie En Rose

Greeting the rosy dawn wearing new items from Zibska, Sakide & LpD!  I'm in love with this combination...details below.  I've been listening to Edith so thought I'd do a rosy pic :)  La Vie En Rose*♫♪•

I'm excited I finally did a pic completely in Photoshop (well almost lol 99%)!  I've had it for over a year and its so different from gimp...a bit intimidating.  But not too shabby for my first go...can't wait to learn more.  I have to thank SL Blogger Support for their great tutorial page.  Its a wonderful resource that gave me the tools to take the plunge.

Zibska - Ariane Black Dress [includes small black ruffled skirt to wear with bodysuit alone.  Also the bow in my hair is meant to be a choker/neck piece]
Zibska - Cadice Hair Black [pack of 5 colors]
SAKIDE - Appeal Boots Black [includes texture changer for heels. Sold in 4 colors, plain (shown) or 8 filigrees texture options.]
LpD Skins - Porcelain Doll Plain+Blush *THE COUTURIER'S DOCKS* [previously blogged this skin with red lips+blush...just love it so much I had to blog the plain version.]
LaGyo - Jackie necklace [from last TDR rotation should be at mainstore]

Nov 7, 2012

Wild Thing!

Wild Thing *♫♪•
Pure Poison
Pure Poison [PP] - Leopard Fashion Mesh Outfit [this is a complete outfit. other items included but not shown are: Fishnet Leggings, Hat (military style), Sunglasses & color change hud for the shoes] They are also on marketplace]
 [PP] Maroon Fashion Long Gloves
 [PP]Leo Fashion Pumps [cute little textured sock on these]
 [PP]Leopard Fashion Peplum Dress
 [PP]Satchel Bag Leo Fashion

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Finesmith - Aesthetic Value Bracelet & Earrings Wooden
Yummy - Anouk Glasses Tortoise
booN - PAP584 hair chocolate
booN - gathered raised hairbase chocolate
Donna Flora - ZsaZsa Leo Ring Gold

She's a Mystery

Kunglers Veronica
Kunglers - Veronica Dress Amber [So much interest in this dress...just love - 3 texture styles each available in 2 colors]
Dura - Girl 41 Dark Brown
HANDverk - Stud Clutch Pear *L'ACCESSOIRES*

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Izzie's - Metallic Nails
LeeZu - Piccadilly Overknee Boots Red
Mandala - Leather Feather Earrings Red Metal/Orange
Pididdle - Vengeance Cuff  Gold
Shakeup! - Lara Lipstick Sienna

Nov 5, 2012

The Influence of the Earth

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Walden, or Life in the Woods

LpD's latest release, Organza, is beautiful, organic and along with this pose says: I'm taking in all that nature has to offer and enjoying it at a sensual level!

Now the reason for my quote...
[SL] Blogger Support  started a new campaign "Inspire Me: An SL Blogger Support Initiative" where they will provide a weeks worth of daily prompts to get those creative juices flowing.  This is not a challenge just if you are having a hard time with inspiration...check the site for the prompt for that day.  Today's prompt is "Unforgettable Quotes".  I didn't need inspiration for today but I wanted to participate since I love quotes and do post quotes often.  Of course I had to pick a nature quote since I LOVE nature.

LpD Organza
LpD - Organza Dress Pink *NEW*
Maxi Gossamer - Santa Fe Earrings & Necklace *FAMESHED*
Vanity Hair - So Quiet-Soil
Laville - Dotty Lace Gloves Mauve Short
Adorkable Poses - My Hair 2m [past event: hair fair]

Nov 4, 2012

Pink on the Edge

The Outlet2+Blueberry
Envious - Ma Cherie *THE OUTLET* [Envious has 2 complete outfits and a skin available.  The outfit includes shoes that are not shown.]
Blueberry - Knee High Sneaker Boots Pink *NEW* [Love these boots!  Available in beige, black, blue, camel, candy (light pink), chocolate, green, orange, pink (worn)]
SS (Spearsong) - Black Bliss Tattoo 50%
Dura - Boys&Girls37 Dark Brown
Aura - Phosphorus Club Hoops Ruby

Dark Elegance

Azoury - La Veste Insomnia Bordeaux [available in 8 colors.  also available in a pant suit that has this top in 12 solid colors with a black pants.]
Azoury - Les Talons Qian Noir [blogged before and believe they are still at L'accessoires]
AD Creations - Route mesh mask *THE COUTURIER'S DOCKS* [limited numbers so hurry :)]
AD Creations - Red skin 2 red eyebrown+freckles & Palpatine eyes [Aliza released 5 or 6 new skins...all very different...she hand drew some with color pencil.  If  you are looking for something out of the norm these skins are nicely done. Eyes are included. Also...the skin's nails are painted red and  it has cool tattoo on the back]

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Riddle - Leather Pants Black
Goth1c0 - Leather Gloves Red
MADesigns - Hairbase the core
MADesigns Hair - Eloi Dark Brown I
Finesmith - iNThe FlaSh Victorian secret
Baiastice - Photoshot set 2 static pose 10

Nov 3, 2012

Flora and Fauna

Maai Vera+SolideaFolies
Maai - Vera Striped Dress Black [available in 7 colors]
Zibska - Honoee Coal Eye Makeup [love this sparkles. Pack includes 12 colors]
SoliDea FoliEs - Winter Flower Headpiece & Collar *FASHION LIMITED* [this is a limited item and will sell out hurry...its a beautiful]
Maxi Gossamer - Santa Fe Earrings & Bracelet *TOMORROW TODAY* [color change disks, triangles and string separately. A necklace is also available at the event.] [fundraiser ends Nov 30 - more info here]
The Muse Poses - Tyche L 02 [pack includes 5 poses/5 mirrored]

Other Credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Belleza - Shy/Betty SK lips 3
Izzie's - Classic Nails
Belleza - Shyla Sk 0

The Cocoon

"True transformation occurs only when we can look at ourselves squarely and face our attachments and inner demons, free from the buzz of commercial distraction and false social realities.  We have to retreat into our own cocoons and come face-to-face with who we are.   We have to turn toward our own inner darkness.   For only by abandoning its attachments and facing the darkness does the caterpillar's body begin to spread out and its light, beautiful wings begin to form." -Julia Butterfly Hill

I love the quote and this pic portrays emergence from the cocoon...the hat (cocoon), skin (beauty/innocence), jacket (wings), butterfly (freedom), eyes/gem eyebrows (light), red (happiness/love), pose (basking before taking flight). 

I love the freedom my blog brings and after emerging from all that is left to blog...I'm at peace that I will not get to it I gathered some of the latest items that I love and you see the result. :)

LpD Skins - Porcelain Doll Lipstick+Blush *THE COUTURIER'S DOCKS* [The skin has a beautiful shimmer. Includes: eyes (not shown), plain version-with/without blush or nipples & lipstick version-with/without blush or nipples. ONLY 35 available]
Zibska - Samique Hat [love this hat! color change hat separate from accent ruffle]
Adorkable Poses - Provacative 5 *ZODIAC SCORPIO*  [5 poses+mirrored]
Finesmith - Mind Eye Decor b&w [beautiful gem eyebrows.....available in 7 colors]
Vero Modero - Fur Feather Coat

*TOMORROW TODAY* [fundraiser ends Nov 30 - more info here]
Truth - Monday Ivory [sold in all color pack only]
Ikon - Kaleido Eyes Molten [these are fantastic eyes]

Other Credits: *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Epic - Butterfly Buddie Rainbow
Damned - Selene Eyelashes

Nov 1, 2012

Warm & Flirty

Warm and a bit flirty...that is how I feel wearing this outfit...and that I need a bit of dark chocolate to nibble on :)  Such rich colors from head to toe.

Vanity Hair released this great new style today...just love it.  Also, 60 Mesh Atelier begins a new rotation will find some great deals.  More notes below.
Vanity Hair+60Mesh
Vanity Hair - Comadi Chocolate [includes color change hud for the head wrap...tons of colors to choose from]

*60 MESH ATELIER [NOV 1-20]*
FZaPP - Nanda  Collar and Earrings [gold set / resizable]
Zum-Zum Drape Back Boatneck Sweater [mesh includes several sizes]

Other credits: *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Sn@tch - Crestfallen Skirt Pants Moss [fab with most Sn@tch items the skirt is sold in a fatpack of several colors.]
Izzie's - Classic Nails [includes color change hud]

Too Cute!

I took the pic and tried to get it posted in time but didn't make most likely Cheeky Pea and Adorkable will sell the items at their mainstore.

BUT...still ahead of the game with Sakide! This great Autumnal Cutie outfit is for the Fake Baked Turkey Hunt, November 1-30, at the Jersey Shore Mall location.  Hunt items cost L$10.

Sakide+Costume Ball
SAKIDE - Autumnal Cutie *FAKE BAKED TURKEY HUNT* [includes 2 mesh ponchos brown & orange (shown), mesh shorts brown, warm pantyhose brown.]
Cheeky Pea - Harvest Night Gazebo [Past event: The Costume Ball - 6 single animations, 3 friend animations & 5 couple animations.  self rezzing props & prop givers]
aDORKable Poses - Frontier 2 [Past event: Cinema - 5 poses + mirrored]

Other credits: *STORE SLurl Page*
Ison - kippen wedge boot brown [purchased at Collabor88 but they may be starting a new round]
TokiD - flower belt brown
Truth - Georgina Espresso
Miel - Cue Bracelet
LeLutka -LegWarmer Plain