Nov 30, 2015


TuttiFrutti - Outdoor Party Mesh Sweater Bikes
[available in 8 color/textures]
TuttiFrutti - Outdoor Party Mesh Jeans Multi Lilac
[available in 4 denim color/textures]
Kirin - Himawari Pose 1
[7 poses]

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Morello drops
Maxi Gossamer - Sunglasses - Positano 1
Belleza - Claudia Uber SK 3 Blk
Le Primitif - Lemon_Bag NoPose Unrigged
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Elegant
Vanity Hair - Goth Shine-Browns

Nov 28, 2015

Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory
Zibska - Ailell Collar *SECRET AFFAIR*
[12 color options for main and accents]
Lavian - Essentials Shiver Me Timbers Solid *COLOR ME PROJECT*
[includes hud with a variety of colors/textures]
Ma Vie - Party Girl 06 *MY ATTIC*

Other credits:
Zibska - Yseult Cuff
Belleza - Yasmin Pale 4 No Brow
EMO-tions - Sunburst fantasy turquoise
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 -Elegant1

Nov 26, 2015

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold
Skin Addiction's Black Friday Sale...entire store 50% off.  In addition to the discount, LPM is releasing this Catwa applier of the Ellen skin for only 100L per tone. You must be a member of the Skin Addiction group to get the discount. Please follow the link above for complete information & list of participating stores.
La Petite Morte -  Ellen Catwa Head Applier Tone 7

Maxi Gossamer  - Necklace - Harmony Heart - Short
[Includes long & short version with 13 gemstones colors, gold & silver options]

Other credits:
Catwa - Head Jessica V4.1
Wasabi Pills - Amber Mesh Hair - Black coffee
Ikon - Promise Eyes Mahogany

Nov 25, 2015


Les Petits Details - Camilla Coat Style Green *SHINY SHABBY*
[available in 4 color/textures options]
VG Shoes - Dana Black *THRIFT SHOP*
Dysfunctional Designs - Whimsical Umbrella
[well...this was fro 25L Tuesday & take the chance it's still's super cute & color change]
Lalochezia Poses - After the Storm 5 *20TWENTY*
[10 poses (5+mirrors)]

Other Credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 6 Dk
Elua - Sephora Black
Lode - Head & Face Accessory Leila brown
Baiastice - Leather short gloves black
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.3

Nov 24, 2015

I See You

See You
Blueberry - Asia Leather Jacket

Belleza- Jamie Uber SK 3 Blk

UrbanStreet - Prophecies Tattoo Middle
Punch  -  Butterfly Kiss Diamond

grafica ~ aur v

Other credits:
Blueberry - Mia Jeans - Regular - S
Raw House - Willow Redux Black 02
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat V2.4
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Relaxed

Nov 23, 2015

Half Beats

Half Beats
Blueberry - Tank Top
[available in 18 colors and include optional super girl print in gold or silver letters]
LX - Ruffle Skirt Red *THRIFT SHOP*
[available in 12 colors]
Insanya - Tattoo Cursed v2 Arm 1 Faded *THE DIRTY TURKEY HUNT*
[include light, med & dark with appliers]
Damselfly Hair - Bebe Rigged Mesh *FANTASY COLLECTIVE*
BluPrintz - Pixel Love bag, choker & earrings *FREE*STYLE SUPA 8*
[3 texture change options]
Grafica Poses -  hadu i mirror *GEN-NEUTRAL*
[10 pose pack]

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 2 Dk
Belleza - Yasmin SK Matte 5 Lipstick
Sax Shepherd Designs - Saddle Jane Flats
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Relaxed
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat V2.4

Nov 22, 2015


Azul - Annette Dres Gold
[available in 10 colors]
Zibska - Beni 03 Eyeshadow *COSMETIC FAIR*
[pack of 12 colors]

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin Fair 0 No Brow
Tram - D602 hair jetblack
Di's Opera - Dark Glam 3

Nov 21, 2015

Holding on to Autumn

Holding on to Autumn
Evie's Closet - Ysara Dress *20TWENTY*
[20Twenty...a monthly in-store event, opens on 20th each month, runs 20 days, and features exclusive items 20% off]
ieQED - jellybean head chain *THE SECRET AFFAIR*
[hud w/8 jewel color options]
ieQED - jellybean necklace *SHINY SHABBY*
[hud w/8 jewel color options]
Calico Hair - Magli *FAIR PLAY*

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia BFF SK 5 Bk
Di's Opera - Silent Series 1 Pose 5

Nov 19, 2015


Damselfly - Kora Rigged Mesh

SAKIDE - Week-end Sweater
[includes hud with color change options  for Sweater (12), Shirt (3 denim, 2 cotton, 2 plaid) and buttons (3)]
Chemical Princess - Nanas slippers

CIRCA - Waterdown Living Room Set Grey/Navy
[available in 3 colors. includes loveseat, chair, rug (not shown), table, vase/fruit, wall painting, coat rack, vase w/ twigs (not shown). animations included...single, lounge & couple animations. Pose shown is in the seat]
CIRCA - Waterdown Area Rug -Stripe Weave Charcoal
[set of 2 rugs in 2 different gray textures]

Other credits:
Kosh - Cotton Leggings Grey
Belleza - Ava Sk 0
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 - L - Gesture

A Simple Life

Scarlet Creative - Atley House *COLLABOR88*

Atelier Visconti - Annabelle Rocking Chair & Barrel *THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE*
[part of a gazebo set previously blogged here]
{what next} - Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray Deer *COLLABOR88*
[available in 6 colors and gives hot chocolate /cookies. All sets include decor version with tray (linked) and also mugs, chocolatiere and box of cookies separately]
Dysfunctional Designs - Wicker Candle Lanterns *THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE*

Dysfunctional Designs - Moorside Barrel Showerstall *WE <3 ROLE-PLAY*
Dysfunctional Designs - Moorside Single Barrel Set
Dysfunctional Designs - Woodsy Garden Pinwheel *THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE*

Other credits:
{what next} - Harvest Sign
Shutterfield - Barrel Planter White
Zigana - Rag Rug
Heart Gardens - Grasses & Trees

Nov 18, 2015

Diamond's & Leather

Diamonds & Leather
Sofie's Selection - Crop Top & Pencil Skirt
[includes texture change hud]

Zibska - Fontaine Necklace & Earrings
[available in full color change version (5 colors for beads, chains/settings and 12 colors for main and accent gems).  Also available in 4 single color sets]

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 3 Dk
Belleza - Yasmin SK Matte 9
Belleza - Yasmin SK Blush
Vanity Hair - AlienDark Browns
1992 - Spiked Clutch Black/Silver
Ma Vie Pose - Basic 05

Nov 17, 2015

Neutral Vibrance

Neutral Vibrance
Valentina E. - Lauren Belted Dress Taupe
[available in 4 colors]
Kunglers Extra - Dulce Necklace Leather Jasper
[available in 4 color/textures]

Grafica Poses - Aur V Mirror
[10 poses (5 +mirrors)]

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 7 Br
Elysium  - Coco clutchbag - earth - pose 1
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 L Bag/R Casual
Tableau Vivant - Low Hair Winter

Nov 16, 2015

The Quick Brown Fox

The Quick Brown Fox
The Quick Brown Fox (2)
Blueberry - Roro Cropped Top / Bottom Layer
[Availalbe in 16 and can be worn 2 ways with or without undershirt.  Includes hud for undershirt with 16 color options.]
Damselfly Hair - Anniston Rigged Mesh *TRES CHIC-OPENS NOV 17*
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Autumn Fox *COLLABOR88*
Serenity Style - Unusual Set Brown *ON9*
[also available in white]

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 4 Dk
Blueberry - Mia Jeans Regular
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Gesture
Kirin Poses - Ground Sits 3

Nov 13, 2015

Portrait of a Letter

Portrait of a Letter
Zibska - Adra Headpiece
[10 color options via hud for roses, chains and beads]

Other credits;
La Malvada Mujer - Uke Lipstick N3
La Malvada Mujer - Lux #2 [full]
La Petite Morte - Ellen F7 NB
Dura - Girl*62 Dark Gray
PXL -  OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0 Alpha Lips 3
Rue - Eyes/Lotus Eater: Hunter *marketplace*

Nov 12, 2015

Have Coffee Will Travel

Have Coffee Will Travel
Have Coffee Will Travel

Method - Halterneck Dress With Cut-Out Yellow
[available in 8 colors]
Azoury - XX Backpack Blue
[available in 6 colors]

Damselfly - Remi Hair Rigged Mesh

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Bangles - Marbella Majestic - Bangle 3 & 5
Belleza - Claudia SK 7 Br
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual

Nov 11, 2015

A Pearl in the Storm

A Pearl in the Storm
DilaVal - Jackie Suit Turquoise *COLOR ME PROJECT-TURQUOISE & PINK*
Damselfly - Simone Non-Rig Mesh *HAIROLOGY*
Deche - Oceania Hat Non Animated *ART IN HATS*

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Wild Parisienne Pearl Collar
Belleza - Claudia Uber SK 4 Blk
Faun - Tsu Metallic Envelope Clutch Holographic
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Gesture
PictureMePretty Poses - Karyn3

Nov 10, 2015

Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour
Charity event benefiting the American Diabetes Association. There have been many fun things happening daily and will continue through the last day of the event Nov 14.  For complete schedule of events please visit the Art in Hats blog
Spyralle - Jeu D'esprit Hat Sirocco

Other credits:
La Malvada Mujer- Fake Ice Eyelashes
Zibska - Lizzie Jabot Silk
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Dream Happy Fairy Moon E1
La Petite Morte - India T1 Albino
Paperbag - Twigs Hair Base [tintable]
Ikon - Ardent Eyes Bone

Step into my Parlor

Step into my Parlor
Azoury - Boohoo Hat Black&Yellow 1 *THE CHAPTER FOUR*
[available in 4 color/textures]
Maxi Gossamer -  Morello Drops Necklace & Earrings*FAMESHED*
[9 bead color options via touch menu]
La Malvada Mujer - Leaf Kiss N3 lipstick *SAD NOVEMBER*
[includes 5 color options]
Haysuriza - Glasses Paris Mamie *ON9*
[color change lenses & metals]

Other credits:
Shabby Cat - Draped Hoodie Gray
Zibska - Armel 01 eyeshadow
Belleza - Yasmin Fair 6 No Brow
booN - DQO010 hair platinum
Ikon - Kaleido Eyes Rust
Hopscotch Poses - Pose Me Pretty II - 4

Nov 9, 2015

Refreshingly Rustic

Refreshingly Rustic
Atelier Visconti - Annabelle Gazebo Set
[set includes gazebo, rocking chair, barrel & lantern]
Frogstar - Country Fence Set
[available in 3 wood color options, with each including 5 pieces (gate, fence, corner, end post & set stile]

Other credits:
Dysfunctional Designs - Orchard Tree Citrus
Chic Buildings - Sage (grasses)
Persnickity - Black Eyed Susans
DaD DESIGN - Yellow flowers on pot [2014 HGE Gift]

Nov 8, 2015

Now I See

Now I See
Zibska - Imke
[hud w/10 colors options for headpiece (not shown), shoulders (not shown), corset, corset accent, bottoms and skirt]
La Malvada Mujer - Leaf Kiss N2 lipstick *SAD NOVEMBER*
[includes 5 color options]
Valsnia - Ringcrown Silver *ART IN HATS - END NOV 14*

Other credits:
Zibska - Aleit Brow Piercing
Belleza - Yasmin Pale 1 No Brow
Vanity Hair - Boys will be Boys-Gray
Del May Pose - Tilt

Nov 7, 2015


select link above for complete list & hints
SAKIDE - Ameria
[includes fringed top, skirt, panties and HUD with 3 suede color change options]

Other credits:
Belleza - Faye SK No Brow 4
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Bahia Beauty 1
CatWa Hair - Daizy
Nuuna - Iizi White [tinted]
Nuuna - Nan White
Speakeasy - Worst Enemy Tattoo Faded
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual
Ikon - Ardent Eyes - Parchment
Le Poppycock - Kalli's Destiny

Nov 5, 2015


Indyra - LaRue Rouge
[available in 5 color options and includes tops (layers + appliers), panties (layers + appliers), mesh petticoats (unrigged), mesh collar (unrigged), 5 mesh crowns (unrigged-NOT shown).]
Exile - Looking Back *WE <3 ROLE-PLAY*

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia BFF SK 5 Br
Belleza - Claudia BFF SK Red Matte
Exposeur Poses - singles special 28

Nov 4, 2015

Golden Nights

Golden Nights
Aria - Hayden Bedroom Set Primary *6 REPUBLIC-OPENS NOV 6*
[Includes bed, nightstand, table lamps, clothing rack, mirror, canvas rug and potted succulents. The bed, nightstand, clothing rack and rug come with texture change options. Available in PG or Adult options in 3 different color  groups neutral, bright and primary.  Poses for single and couples, many with attachable and auto-rezz props. The table light comes in 3 colors and turns on and off by touch.]
Circa - Into the Forest Autumn Wreath Berry Mix
Scarlet Creative - Craft Cabin 1

Nov 3, 2015

Warmth of Red

Warmth of Red
The Annex - Thermal Henley Green *THE COSMOPOLITAN*
[available in 8 colors]
CIRCA - Northern Boudoir Red Damask *COLOR ME PROJECT-RED & GREEN*
[18 sit animations female/male]

Other credits:
Damselfly - Montego Rigged-Mesh Hair
Blueberry - Mia Jeans - Regular - S
Belleza - Faye SK Blk 4
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet MidV2.3

Nov 2, 2015


The Annex - Cardi Set - Black *CHAPTER FOUR-OPENS NOV 4*
[sweater available in 6 colors & includes hud with 5 color options for shirt & option to wear without shirt]
Cica's Hat3 (add or wear) *ART IN HATS-OPENS NOV 4*

Other credits:
Blueberry - Flare Jeans - V1 - XXS - Fat Pack
Belleza - Faye SK Blk 6
Damselfly - Elexis Rigged-Mesh
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Kara Wooden Beaded Short
Grafica Poses - Kiyoko

Nov 1, 2015

Wonderful Mystery

Wonderful Mystery
This month is a charity event benefiting Relay For Life Of Second Life and Team Fox For Parkinson's Research.
IO - Liliana Fairy Dress Jera
[available in a variety of colors and includes additional attachments not shown]
OtherSkin - Lucky Hoofs
[available in 8 colors]

Damselfly - Shannon Non-Rig Mesh Hair

Other credits:
la petite morte - Maja f7 RARE
Vibe - Feminite 05
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual