Dec 30, 2015

Cool as a Warm Hug

Cool as a warm hug
Blueberry - Gwen Cardigan Dress *UBER*
ieQED - fifi pearl necklace *SHINY SHABBY*
Vibe Poses - Noel *SHINY SHABBY*

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 0 Dk
Half-Deer - Wooden Savannah Necklace Gazelle
Izzie's - Overknee Socks grey
red mint - ePunk Boots No.08
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Gesture
Truth Hair -  Louisa Rigged

Dec 28, 2015


Lakshmi - Lora Dress CP1
Elysium - Manchester Boots Gray

LouLou&Co - Necklace Dew

KoKoLoReS Hair - Paulina Roots & Fades

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 0 Dk
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 - L/Casual & R/Gesture
Exposuer Poses - Singles Special 29

Dec 27, 2015

Make Like a Tree and Meow

Make Like a Tree and Meow
MOoH! Lily Outfit Black Dot
[available in 5 color/texture options]
Tukinowaguma Hair - Adria

Scarlet Creative - Rakkaus Skybox 1

click on any pic below to see options larger
atooly - deer antlers .the curly RARE
JIAN - A Very Kitten Christmas
[PXL] - Mia Winter Makeup 06 MEB C2
Repose - Gift seasonal for PRESENT DAY 1
LUXE - B&W Xmas [see vender here]

[atooly] the deer antler gacha
JIAN :: A Very Kitten Christmas (Winter Gacha Festival)
[PXL] Mia Winter Gacha
Repose Present Day @ The Winter Gacha Festival

Dec 26, 2015

Holiday Home

{what next} Winter's Cottage with snow/lights

Dysfunctional Designs - Fluffy Pine
ChiMia - Winter Sled dark

Other credits:
Dysfunctional Designs - Fluffy Wreath
{what next} Garden Paving short straight

{what next} Home For The Holidays Gacha Key

CIRCA - "Night's Eve" - Holiday Sitting Set - In Red & Cream
CIRCA - "Jolly" Velvet Chaise - Couple's - Sage Snow
CIRCA - "Tis The Season" Area Rug - Cream
CIRCA - "Winter Woods" Snowman Mini - Green Snowflake
CIRCA - "Happy Holidays" Art Frame - Snowplace
CIRCA - "Happy Holidays" Art Frame - Jingle All the Way!

MudHoney Winter Gacha Sock Snowmen
mudhoney sock snowmen key

Dec 25, 2015


Zibska - Rhoda

Other credit:
Belleza - Claudia Pale 7 No Brow
Dura - Boys&Girls 57 Hair
LoQ Hair - Shaved Hairbase Gray
La Malvada Mujer -  Scale N5 /full
Amorous - Sieben Earrings
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Flat

Dec 24, 2015

Night Moves

Night Moves
MoDANNA - Frimas Collection Cropped Jacket Purple
MoDANNA - Brouillard Collection Wool Pants Black

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia Uber SK 6 Blk
ieQED - chloe pumps black
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Venice White Diamond Choker 1
ellabella - Empress Crow Earrings & Navel Piercing
Voluptia - Purr Purple Bra [store may be closed]
CaTwA Hair - Stella V2
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.3
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual
Le Poppycock Pose - Evocative

Dec 23, 2015

The Admirer

The Admirer
Blueberry - Chelsea Belted Cardigans
[available in 16 colors with color change hud for belt]
Blueberry - Tink Rolled Cuff
[available in 12 denim colors and includes optional belt]

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 6 Bk
Fashionably Dead - Cozy Scarf - Navy
Dura - Boys&Girls 31Black
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid Left V2.3
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual
Tulip - Buckled Wedge Bootie Black [store closed/marketplace only]
Le Poppycock Pose - Take My Word

Dec 21, 2015


Azul - Electra Dress Amethyst
[Limited edition color...with options to wear with flexi or sleeve attachment and 2 color combination options (see below). Available until Jan 1]

Azoury - MonaLisa Blush
[available in 4 colors]

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 0 Dk
Dura - DBG52 Women's -Black
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.3
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3Gesture
PosESioN Pose - Black Inspiration 4

(LTD The Road Ahead A Benefit for Brandy) Electra_Amethyst (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

Dec 19, 2015

Tour of Lights 2015

It's time for the SL Tour of Lights!  This free tour will take you to some of Second Life's most decorated Holiday-Themed residential homes, with over 30 beautiful houses and landscapes to explore!  The tour runs December 18 - 21, and starts at the [ free bird ] main sim.  For additional information please visit the Tour of Lights Blog page.

Below are a few of the amazing homes you will see on the tour. Enjoy!


Dec 18, 2015

Leather & Lace

Leather & Lace
Culco - Floral Leather Corset Dress *FROST*
IT - Luster Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet *COLOR ME PROJECT*
No.Match - No Reason *ON9*

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 0 Dk
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual
Eternal Dream Pose - Stylish 02

Dec 17, 2015

Silver Bells

Silver Bells
SAKIDE - Flocon
[available in 6 colors]
Naminoke - Frozen Horn L B&S
[available in a variety of white/black with gold & silver metal combinations]

EMO-tions - Adelina

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 0 Dk
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet High Left V2.3
Di's Opera - Editorial Series 5 Pose 3

Dec 14, 2015

Out of this World

Out of the World
Zibska - Franziska Earrings & Necklace *ON9*
[available in 4 single color sets and full color change version with 18 color options]
FurtaCor - Mini Dress Silver Paete *COLOR ME PROJECT-SILVER & GOLD*
KoKoLoReS Hair - December *HAIROLOGY*

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 0 Dk
Vibe - Greyscale 07
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Mouse

Dec 11, 2015

Frost 2015 - Opens Dec 13!

F R O S T 2015
F R O S T 2015 Lineup

December 13 – January 3, 2015

F R O S T is a full sim fashion fair hosted by Depraved Nation. Over 100 brands bringing you NEW & EXCLUSIVE items in a serene winter environment.

Sponsored By: Razor ///, Insanya, Lapointe & Bastchild, [Cynful] Clothing Co., EPIC, Reckless, Clef de Peau, [^.^Ayashi^.^], SAKIDE, DAPPA, 1 Hundred, [ bubble ], AITUI, Gawk!, AlterEgo, AMERICAN BAZAAR


Link below is direct tp at expo.  Check out the link above for all Expo activities.  Remember this is a charity events benefiting the American Cancer Society...I encourage you to visit and donate to this great cause. :)
Virtual Diva - Ice Heart Couture Gown

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 0 Dk
Sn@tch - Tango Latex Gloves White
booN hairpieces - BOTA76 chocolate
agapee pose - gown088

Dec 9, 2015

Serene Comfort

Serene Comfort
Serene Comfort
The Annex - Tied Up Sweater Red *SHINY SHABBY*
Blueberry - Bisquit Zipped Skirts
Azoury - Everest Shoe SLink Red *TRES CHIC*
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Nattalle Wirework Pearls E2 *UBER*
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Nattalle Wirework Pearls Long *UBER*

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 0 Dk
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.3
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual
Truth Hair - Elaine Roots Black&Whites04
Exposeur Poses - Singles Special 27

Dec 6, 2015

Season of Red

Season of Red
Season of Red HS
link below is direct to store at expo
Athena Couture - Nazareth Red
[There is a chest piece w/cape included with this dress...I just missed it in the folder :/]

Maxi Gossmer - Earrings Sophia Faceted Jewels
Maxi Gossmer - Necklace Sophia Faceted Jewelled Collar
[14 gemstone & gold/silver metal color options]

Belleza - Amber SK 4 Blk
[Applier for Logo Alex mesh head]

Other credits:
Logo - Alex v3.0 Mesh Head
Vanity Hair - Biting The Dust
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 L Casual/R Elegant
Pink Acid - Golden Rustic Clutch
Ikon - Promise Eyes  Mahogany
Le Poppycock - Absentia

Wondrous Light

Wondrous Light
BluPrintz - Korah Dress
[color change via touch menu]
BluPrintz - Korah Boots Red
BluPrintz - Korah Icicles Bracelets, Crown & Halo
[color change hud included]

Damselfly*~*Italia Rigged

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin Fair 2 No Brow
La Malvada Mujer - Cinema Muto #1[eyes +lips]
Vibe - Greyscale 10

Dec 2, 2015

A Light in the Night

A Light in the Night
Mistique - Nementia Brown
[available in 3 colors and hair is part of the coat]

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 7 Br
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual
The Muse Poses - Venus 03


The Second Life Christmas Expo will be held December 3-14, and this years theme is A Frozen Christmas!  The 2015 Second Life Christmas Expo event raises funds for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) benefiting the American Cancer Society.

The 2015 Second Life Christmas Expo will consist of both holiday and non holiday items from some of the best creators and designers in Second Life! There will also be breedables at the SL Christmas Expo with some wonderful Limited Edition (LE) breedables available along with the other breedables and accessories.

New at SL Christmas Expo are that all items offered for sale in the Expo shops will be in a Relay For Life Vendor with 50%,75% or 100% of the item(s) in the vendor being donated to RFL of SL and the American Cancer Society!

There will also be a mix of new and exciting events, programs, and of course fun! To stay up to date with the happenings at Expo please visit the SL Christmas Expo Blog.

Link below is the direct TP to the shop at Expo but you can't get there until Dec 3 :)
TFF: Tayren's Fantasy Fashions - Midnight Snow Fairy *Silent Auction Location*
[This is a complete outfit including everything you see here plus makeup, shoes, jewelry, skin, eyes (worn), shape and much more!]

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin Pale 1 No Brow
Ma Vie Pose - Melody 06

Dec 1, 2015

Am I Blue

Am I Blue
Azoury - Necklace Petrova Blue
[late posting for event - may be at mainstore.  Available in 3 colors]
Belleza - Amber SK 2 Blk
[available in 7 skin tones, 8 eyebrow options with 10 makeups. Cleavage, hair base, blush, matte/gloss lips included]

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Vallari Hoops
LeLutka - Sheena hair

Fair Play Advent Calender

Fair play is doing an advent calendar for this rotation.  Each day a new gift will be out and only available for 24 hours.  This event is open and the first gift is out along with many other amazing fantasy hurry over before your time is up.  Enjoy!

Also remember this is a charity event so I encourage you to donate.  Thank you!

Fair Play Advent Calendar 2015

Nov 30, 2015


TuttiFrutti - Outdoor Party Mesh Sweater Bikes
[available in 8 color/textures]
TuttiFrutti - Outdoor Party Mesh Jeans Multi Lilac
[available in 4 denim color/textures]
Kirin - Himawari Pose 1
[7 poses]

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Morello drops
Maxi Gossamer - Sunglasses - Positano 1
Belleza - Claudia Uber SK 3 Blk
Le Primitif - Lemon_Bag NoPose Unrigged
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Elegant
Vanity Hair - Goth Shine-Browns

Nov 28, 2015

Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory
Zibska - Ailell Collar *SECRET AFFAIR*
[12 color options for main and accents]
Lavian - Essentials Shiver Me Timbers Solid *COLOR ME PROJECT*
[includes hud with a variety of colors/textures]
Ma Vie - Party Girl 06 *MY ATTIC*

Other credits:
Zibska - Yseult Cuff
Belleza - Yasmin Pale 4 No Brow
EMO-tions - Sunburst fantasy turquoise
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 -Elegant1

Nov 26, 2015

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold
Skin Addiction's Black Friday Sale...entire store 50% off.  In addition to the discount, LPM is releasing this Catwa applier of the Ellen skin for only 100L per tone. You must be a member of the Skin Addiction group to get the discount. Please follow the link above for complete information & list of participating stores.
La Petite Morte -  Ellen Catwa Head Applier Tone 7

Maxi Gossamer  - Necklace - Harmony Heart - Short
[Includes long & short version with 13 gemstones colors, gold & silver options]

Other credits:
Catwa - Head Jessica V4.1
Wasabi Pills - Amber Mesh Hair - Black coffee
Ikon - Promise Eyes Mahogany

Nov 25, 2015


Les Petits Details - Camilla Coat Style Green *SHINY SHABBY*
[available in 4 color/textures options]
VG Shoes - Dana Black *THRIFT SHOP*
Dysfunctional Designs - Whimsical Umbrella
[well...this was fro 25L Tuesday & take the chance it's still's super cute & color change]
Lalochezia Poses - After the Storm 5 *20TWENTY*
[10 poses (5+mirrors)]

Other Credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 6 Dk
Elua - Sephora Black
Lode - Head & Face Accessory Leila brown
Baiastice - Leather short gloves black
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.3

Nov 24, 2015

I See You

See You
Blueberry - Asia Leather Jacket

Belleza- Jamie Uber SK 3 Blk

UrbanStreet - Prophecies Tattoo Middle
Punch  -  Butterfly Kiss Diamond

grafica ~ aur v

Other credits:
Blueberry - Mia Jeans - Regular - S
Raw House - Willow Redux Black 02
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat V2.4
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Relaxed

Nov 23, 2015

Half Beats

Half Beats
Blueberry - Tank Top
[available in 18 colors and include optional super girl print in gold or silver letters]
LX - Ruffle Skirt Red *THRIFT SHOP*
[available in 12 colors]
Insanya - Tattoo Cursed v2 Arm 1 Faded *THE DIRTY TURKEY HUNT*
[include light, med & dark with appliers]
Damselfly Hair - Bebe Rigged Mesh *FANTASY COLLECTIVE*
BluPrintz - Pixel Love bag, choker & earrings *FREE*STYLE SUPA 8*
[3 texture change options]
Grafica Poses -  hadu i mirror *GEN-NEUTRAL*
[10 pose pack]

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 2 Dk
Belleza - Yasmin SK Matte 5 Lipstick
Sax Shepherd Designs - Saddle Jane Flats
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Relaxed
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat V2.4

Nov 22, 2015


Azul - Annette Dres Gold
[available in 10 colors]
Zibska - Beni 03 Eyeshadow *COSMETIC FAIR*
[pack of 12 colors]

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin Fair 0 No Brow
Tram - D602 hair jetblack
Di's Opera - Dark Glam 3

Nov 21, 2015

Holding on to Autumn

Holding on to Autumn
Evie's Closet - Ysara Dress *20TWENTY*
[20Twenty...a monthly in-store event, opens on 20th each month, runs 20 days, and features exclusive items 20% off]
ieQED - jellybean head chain *THE SECRET AFFAIR*
[hud w/8 jewel color options]
ieQED - jellybean necklace *SHINY SHABBY*
[hud w/8 jewel color options]
Calico Hair - Magli *FAIR PLAY*

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia BFF SK 5 Bk
Di's Opera - Silent Series 1 Pose 5

Nov 19, 2015


Damselfly - Kora Rigged Mesh

SAKIDE - Week-end Sweater
[includes hud with color change options  for Sweater (12), Shirt (3 denim, 2 cotton, 2 plaid) and buttons (3)]
Chemical Princess - Nanas slippers

CIRCA - Waterdown Living Room Set Grey/Navy
[available in 3 colors. includes loveseat, chair, rug (not shown), table, vase/fruit, wall painting, coat rack, vase w/ twigs (not shown). animations included...single, lounge & couple animations. Pose shown is in the seat]
CIRCA - Waterdown Area Rug -Stripe Weave Charcoal
[set of 2 rugs in 2 different gray textures]

Other credits:
Kosh - Cotton Leggings Grey
Belleza - Ava Sk 0
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 - L - Gesture

A Simple Life

Scarlet Creative - Atley House *COLLABOR88*

Atelier Visconti - Annabelle Rocking Chair & Barrel *THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE*
[part of a gazebo set previously blogged here]
{what next} - Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray Deer *COLLABOR88*
[available in 6 colors and gives hot chocolate /cookies. All sets include decor version with tray (linked) and also mugs, chocolatiere and box of cookies separately]
Dysfunctional Designs - Wicker Candle Lanterns *THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE*

Dysfunctional Designs - Moorside Barrel Showerstall *WE <3 ROLE-PLAY*
Dysfunctional Designs - Moorside Single Barrel Set
Dysfunctional Designs - Woodsy Garden Pinwheel *THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE*

Other credits:
{what next} - Harvest Sign
Shutterfield - Barrel Planter White
Zigana - Rag Rug
Heart Gardens - Grasses & Trees

Nov 18, 2015

Diamond's & Leather

Diamonds & Leather
Sofie's Selection - Crop Top & Pencil Skirt
[includes texture change hud]

Zibska - Fontaine Necklace & Earrings
[available in full color change version (5 colors for beads, chains/settings and 12 colors for main and accent gems).  Also available in 4 single color sets]

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 3 Dk
Belleza - Yasmin SK Matte 9
Belleza - Yasmin SK Blush
Vanity Hair - AlienDark Browns
1992 - Spiked Clutch Black/Silver
Ma Vie Pose - Basic 05

Nov 17, 2015

Neutral Vibrance

Neutral Vibrance
Valentina E. - Lauren Belted Dress Taupe
[available in 4 colors]
Kunglers Extra - Dulce Necklace Leather Jasper
[available in 4 color/textures]

Grafica Poses - Aur V Mirror
[10 poses (5 +mirrors)]

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 7 Br
Elysium  - Coco clutchbag - earth - pose 1
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 L Bag/R Casual
Tableau Vivant - Low Hair Winter