Aug 30, 2013

Approaching Autumn

LPM WashCart+LazySunday

la petite morte - clarity eyes-brown *LAZY SUNDAY-Sept 1*
la petite morte - orange striped top *THE WASH - CART SALE - Opens Sept 4*
la petite morte - skin - iris t2 the wash ed *THE WASH - CART SALE*

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Santa Fe
Half-Deer - Wooden Savannah Necklace Lion
Truth Hair - Georgina - Espresso

Aug 29, 2013

The Challenge - Teenage Years

A new round of The Challenge for Builders will begin at midnight!  The September theme is Teenage Years.  I love this graffiti art set as I was very much into art when I was a teen.  Also, this is a new shop joining The Challenge Group and I definitely encourage you to check the store out.

TheChallenge Teenage Years1
Boogers -  Graffiti Room
[set includes: bed, TV cabinet, working TV, brick corner, ladder, board bench, sunset lamp and artist graffiti art]

Other credits:
{what next} Bicycle Decor Mens
Funky Junk - Croton Plant
Digs - Chiyo End Table FLF
Scarlet Creative - June Arcade My Palate Coffee Table
Pilot - Larkin Set Cactus Planter
Aria - Sandy wall planter type 1 & 2

Aug 28, 2013

Got To Have Friends

Here with my buddy in bloggie crime, Callie, showing you some of the latest from Blueberry.  Please visit Callie's blog for her styling.

Also, a new round of The Arcade starts September 1 and Maxi Gossamer created this adorable necklace.  I've added the vendor texture below for a closer look :)
Blueberry - Jamie Mesh Tank Top Orange
[9 colors]
Blueberry - Marianne Mesh Maxi Skirt Green
[5 solid and 3 striped colors. includes color change hud for belt]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Jazz Hands Frog Green *THE ARCADE-OPENS SEP 1*

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Valencia Medium
EarthStones Gimme Those Wood Bangles - Vibrant/Brass
oyakin - fur hi-prim brown
monso - My Hair Amy Black Brown
Adorkable Pose - Carefree 4m *store closed*


Circa Tea House
Circa Tea House2
*GENRE-until Sep 12*
CIRCA - Ayumu Teahouse Brown/Blossom
[available in 10 colors. includes lanterns and mini garden on either side of the doorway]
CIRCA - Ayumu Teahouse Sitting Set Sand/Sunset 4 seats
[includes steaming pot of tea, display orchids, 4 seat settings with 3 animations per cushion, bamboo planter and pendant paper light.]

Other credits:
Heart Gardens - Water Lily Arrangements Reeds rocks waterfall - D1-20m
Heart Gardens - Water Lily Arrangements Reeds rocks D1-20m
Botanical - u Sakura Cherry Large

Aug 27, 2013

Marsh Dream

LpD Eri
Les Petits Details - Eri Dress Black
[3 colors]
N-core - Indy Black
Di's Opera - Dark Glam 3 *LIMITED BAZAAR*
[5 poses]

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Bangles Aphrodite's Dream Bangle 2 Silver
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Aphrodite's Dream  Short Silver
Dura - Boys&Girls 39 Black
Slink - Mesh Hands av Casual
Belleza- Ava Sk 0

Warm @ The 24

I was excited when I saw this set....I think Tetris is my all time fave game!  I wanted to get the full experience of materials so I downloaded the new LL viewer hoping I could get a decent pic because I've not had good luck with LL viewers in the past.  I think the results are pretty good.

I grouped together the various Tetris pieces to make a chandelier, end table and a flower vase.  Also fashioned a coffee table with the Brick Game adding Tetris pieces for legs.  Nothing to hard.  Being able to see materials really made all the pieces come to life...I'm gobsmacked.

Warm 24
*Warm Animations is in the yellow section*
Twister Game Rug w/ animations
Rubick's Cube Game Armchair and Couch w/couple & singles animations
Brick Game
Tetris 3d Pieces

Black & White

ColorMe - Alondra Blouse White *MATERIAL GIRL*
[includes 2 shirts one white and one black]
Maxi Gossamer - Rings 9mm Joli Petite Fatal 1 finger Silver *LIMITED BAZAAR*
[includes ring and necklace. color change/6 gem colors]

Other credits:
TuttiFrutti - Hypnotic Skinny Mesh Jeans
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings 60's Gogo Disks BW
epoque.s - Menotte de la Nuit Silver
booN AFL221 hair chocolate
Maitreya - Leather Belt  Black
Slink Mesh Hands av Casual
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Belleza - Ava SK Matte Lips 1
Del May Pose - Sophisticated #1

Aug 26, 2013

Let's Dance

Indyra Madrigal
Indyra Originals - Madrigal Halter Koi & Skirt Noir
[Pre-Fall Release pack includes: 7 tops 7 skirts, & 1 pair leather riding gloves]
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings St Tropez Hammered Disks Copper
[3 metals included/materials ready]
Vanity Hair - The Meadow-Soil

Other credits
Mock - SheerGlow Lipcolor copper rust
Redgrave - Eyelashes 39 Luscious
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Manifeste Pose - 225 *discontinued*

Whisked Away

*SHE & HIM-rotation end Aug 30*
HolliPocket - Mellow Cup Mini-S-Pastel Grape Fruit
[15 colors. has a pretty sparkle not visible in pic]
DirtyMind - The Plastique Earrings Prismatic
[3 texture/colors]
Modern.Couture - Jewelry  Gode Spikes Rose Bracelet L
[4 colors, also matching ring & clutch available]

Other credits:
TuTy's - Mathilda Bob hair-with flexy locks
BE - comical clutch
White Widow - Low TwoMoons
Belleza- Eyeliner 2
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Exposeur Poses - TM UL '12 - Sophie

Aug 25, 2013

Youthful Innocence

LPM Lotus
La Petite Morte - So-Ra t1 Lotus Skin & Shape *GENRE*
AvaGirl - Femme Fatale *LIMITED BAZAAR*

Other credits:
Wasabi Pills - Princess Mesh Hair Black coffee
Redgrave - Eyelashes 39 Luscious
Ikon - Ardent Eyes Bone

Aug 24, 2013


Discord+ThriftShop PMD
Discord Designs - Codie Burnished Gold *THE 24*
[gatcha item/6 colors]
PMD - Aniara 6 Eyes *THRIFT SHOP*
PMD - Aniara

Other credits:
Mia Snow Makeup - Black Liner Smokey
White Widow -  L'Amant Tattoo
ContraptioN Masks - Sospettoso Brown
cStar Platinum - Un!co Copper Day 8
cStar Limited - Copper  Nails
Sway's Pose - f'Art #1/3

Aug 23, 2013

What's Up Pussycat

Blueberry made super cute cat chairs for The 24 event...that's what's up!  I adore these and sure you will too :))  They have singles and couples poses.

Also Lisp has 2 sets of lamps out for Fifty Linden Fridays and What Next has new rugs from with really great texture change options.  More notes below...
Blueberry - Mesh Cat Chair Little Kitten Beige Brown *THE 24*
Blueberry - Mesh Cat Chair Little Kitten Stripes RARE *THE 24*
[the chairs are gatcha items and 7 color/textures available]
LISP - Mesh Silver Linings Lamp Beige *FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY*
[includes 2 lamps w/ 2 texture/sets available]
{what next} - Farnham Rug
[7 rugs sold individually each w/4 texture options]

Other credits:
(left  to right-most accessories are from any one of the past arcade events)
Little House of Curios - Factory Cart Table
floorplan - gumball machine black
{what next} - Tulip
[unlinked the vase and flowers from a lemonade tray]
MudHoney - Little Birdy
Scarlet Creative Mesh - My Modular Shelf Individual 1
Scarlet Creative Mesh - My Modular Shelf Individual 2
tres blah - Tea Time Tin with Flowers
The Loft - Art Print poly Surface Shape 4
MudHoney - Oversized Marigold in Vase
[I think this is unlinked from a set]
Commoner - Scrabble Wall Art Shine
{what next} - Cornwall Daisies Planter green
tres blah - Pastry Mania Pastry Puffs
{what next} - Rohan Pallet Shelf
Second Spaces - Scraps table natural with red/green/blue
tres blah - Tea Time Tray of Macarons
LISP - Mesh Charlotte Home Lemon Tea Tray
[modified...cup & saucer invisible]
tres blah - Tea Time Stacked Cups
Nylon Outfitters - Doll Head Vase Nippy
LISP - Vintage TV

Aug 22, 2013


SAKIDE is participating in The 24 event and has created this beautiful limited edition gown.  Only 100 copies will be sold. The event runs August 23-31.  Visit the event site for more information.

SAKIDE - Obsession Gown *THE 24*
[includes color change HUD with Black, Cream, Red (shown) and White color options]
MonCheri - Norah Necklace Mesh Black/Silver *THE BLACK FAIR-ends AUG 23*
[come in 6 stone color and each includes gold & silver metal options.]

Other credits: *please see slurl page above*
LODE Hat - Melancholy Red
Emery - Gloves Black
LeLutka - Lorella Hair AlmostGoth
Belleza- Ava Sk 5
Belleza - Ava SK Matte Lips 9
Manifeste Pose - Model 351

Refreshing Retreat

Eclipse - Belt Innocent Gold V1 *THRIFT SHOP 2-ends Aug 31*
[includes 2 options with/without claw pendant and gold/silver metals]
ModaMia Long Flex Nickers Gold *MATERIAL GIRL-rotation ends Aug 31*
[available in a variety of prints/colors with coordinating tube top (not shown), and includes Lola's applier]
Mindbury - Ozzy Glasses Gold *MATERIAL GIRL- rotation ends Aug 31*
[pack includes 6 colors]

Other credits:
Blueberry - Jennifer Mesh Tank Top M Brown
Ison - stark dagger necklace long
Just Design - Infra
Wasabi Pills - Giselle Mesh Hair - Black coffee
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual Left
Ma Vie Pose - Slipping Away 06

LISP - Mesh - Bluebell Fence with Posts - Green Hint *COLLABOR88*
[gate/arch-20 color change options via touch menu.  pickets 10 colors.  also includes a broken fence option]

Other credits:
{what next} Poet's Bench
Trompe Loeil - Seaside Cottage V2
Post - Askov Water Well Pump
Coopville Old Country Dirt Road
Plants - Heart, Persnickity, Forest Feast, Varriale Designs, what next, Zigana, StoraxTree
[too many plants to list individually and yes I have an addiction]

{what next} Mesa Living Room Set 2 *THE GARDEN-ends Sep 10*
[includes 2 chairs, clock, wall art, rug, lamp & magazine rack. Two full sets are available or sold separately w/chairs sold in sets of three - one plain and two cushion versions.]
Art Dummy! - summertide sofa vintage-flowers one *COLLABOR88*
CIRCA - Verona Tropical Fern Planter *HOMESTUFF HUNT-ends SEPT 1*
[a very small part of a outdoor bar set...will blog complete set soon just needed a plant this was handy lol]

Other credits:
%Percent Furniture - The Miss Garland Record Shelf
%Percent Furniture - RecordStorage-GreenW/Records
%Percent Furniture - IncenseBowl/Plate PurpleMetal
LISP - Anna Coffee Table Brown
StoraxTree - Mom's Countertop Herb Garden A
StoraxTree - Elegant Short Green Stone Candle Trio
The Occult Shop - Wooden Easel Canvas
BoatHouse - Paris Painting Stool
Second Spaces Furniture - Messy Bookshelf
Tentacio - painter bag

Aug 21, 2013

A Moment In Time

I did this pic when needing some sleep and wishing I was in that bed.  There are several new items from two new stores I'm blogging Warm Animations & StoraxTree.  More notes below...

A Moment In Time
*NEW....NEWish......& NOT SO NEW*
Warm Animations - Lillesand Bed Set
[includes: bed, bedside Tables and bench. PG/66 couples poses, 1 stand scene, 2 couple dance scenes, and 4 lay scenes. 9 texture change options]
%Percent Furniture - Ginger's Vanity w/texture changer
[16 animations, gives wearables, texture change-4wood/17 fabric, additional décor items & wearables can be purchased separately]
StoraxTree - Tropical Fruit Panels Fine Art 1
StoraxTree - Simple Elegance Leaf Fine Art A
StoraxTree - Simple Elegance Leaf Fine Art B
StoraxTree - Wicker Stacked Honey
StoraxTree - Wicker Stacked Honey B
StoraxTree - Wicker Tray - Tea and Crumpets
{what next} Mesa Rug (Natural)
LISP - Tintable Linen Drapes
CIRCA - Avlona Tropical Fan Planter Sun

Aug 19, 2013

A Portrait

Handverk Zelda
HANDverk - Zelda Necklace & Earrings *COLLABOR88*
[available in 6 colors]
Kunglers - Tufi dress Blueberry
Truth Hair - Carrie Black&Whites05
Belleza - Ava 1 BB SK

Still Life

BlackFair+Sax 1024
Anoircre - Peau Dress Black *THE BLACK FAIR*
Elysium - Neckpiece Female Black *L'ACCESSOIRES*
Sax Shepherds Designs - Frills Vixen Stiletto Sandals Black Diamond
[Pack includes 2 pair one w/black leather accent & bonus w/diamond accent (worn).  Available in 5 color sets each with a bonus  shown below]

Pilot - Crown Nickel *ZODIAC*
[available in 4 metals]

Other credits:
Magika - Thursday B&W: Onyx
Slink Mesh Hands av Elegant1
Slink Womens Medium Height Barefeet
Del May Pose - Still Life

A Pink Dream

AD Creations - Euridice Pink
[also available in a black with purple underskirt]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Florentine Lover's Short 1 *COLLABOR88*
[includes: 1 long, 2 short & 1 grouped necklace. color change/10 stone color combinations with gold & silver options]
Vanity Hair -  Divinity

Other credits:
Lode - Bugambilia Orange
Manifeste Pose - Model 333

Aug 18, 2013

Shining Bright

LavandaChic - Lady Octopus  Jumpsuit
LavandaChic - Lunch Shark Shoes Yellow
[available in 5 colors]
DuCk or SwAn - Gwen Tropical Yellow Blue Skin & Shape
[available in a variety of makeups]

Weather! or not? - Summer Break Fest Sun Balloon
[just fun this store.]
Sun Balloon

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Bangles Love Heart Bangle Medium  L
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings - Daisy Chain - L
Curio Obscura - Glamazon Swoop
Adorkable Poses - Energetic 4


lazybones - leather bralette & leather cutoffs mint *THE BLACK FAIR-ENDS AUG 23*
[available in 10 colors]
Zibska - Eilian Necklace & Bangle *L'ACCESSOIRES*
[Limited edition necklace and bangle includes men's & women's version. Color change.  Only 100 copies available]
Zibska Hair - Epoque White *NEWish*
[pack of 5 colors]

Other credits:
La Malvada Mujer - Lux #2 [full]
La Malvada Mujer - In Color #5 [lips]
Slink Mesh Hand Gesture
Glam Affair -  Roza Natural OneVoice
Damned - Eyes34 BBG
Di's Opera - Silent Line 4 - pose 4

Aug 17, 2013


okkbye - Summer Tank Tops Red *ACID LILY GALLERY*
[new rotation opened today. tank available in 7 colors]
Somnia - Floozy Bandit Brown *THRIFT SHOP*
[pack of 10 colors & includes 2 belts (not shown)]
C'est la vie! - Embroidery clutch(limited)L hand/mesh *L'ACCESSOIRES*
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Window to My Heart E1 Gold *FAMESHED*
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Daisy Chain Long 2 *FAMESHED*
Truth Hair - Elaine - Black&Whites05

Other credits:
erratic / leather chained bracelet / brown
Slink - Mesh Hands av Casual
Maitreya  Leather Belt - Dark Brown
Belleza - Ava SK TLC2
Belleza - Ava SK Matte Lips 2

Joy of Color


Loovus Dzevavor - Daebak Dress *MATERIAL GIRL-IS OPEN!*
[LD has 5 different designs available at the event.]
Modern.Couture - Bag Unic Spikes Yellow *SHE & HIM*
[available in 5 colors]

Other credits: *Please see slurl page above or sponsor links to right*
Zibska - Gwen Earrings
Maxi Gossamer - Bracelets Seluku Combo 2 Gold
KOSH - Dark Style Eyeshadow Chaos
N-core - Diva Yellow
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Relaxed
LeLutka - Lana Hair AlmostGoth
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Exposeur - TM UL '12 - Seymone (M)

Aug 16, 2013

Something Old...Something New

Nope not getting married...  It's rare that I do contests but decided to give this one a whirl...I really haven't done much, if any, photography highlighting shoes so this was a nice change of pace.  I styled a regular fashion shot and vintage one for the Shoetopia contest.  The Shoetopia event opens in November. 

I suppose I style vintage best but I had fun searching my inventory for stuff to wear and found some surprises too.  N-Core heels are my go to shoes most of the time and these are currently my fave that I wear with most things.

I love hats and wanted to make this new Lode hat work with the styling.  It's limited edition for the L'accessoires one year hurry before they run out.
Shoetopia 2013 Entry - Cindy Gedenspire
N-core Shoes - Delicious Yellow
Molichino - Jourdan Bodysuit
Molichino - Swinbourne Shorts
LODE Hat - Desert Flower orange *L'ACCESSOIRES*
Amacci Hair - Lily Onyx
La Malvada Mujer Makeup - Cinema Muto #5/eyes & #1/lips
Faster Pussycat - Sculpted Top
Slink - Mesh Hands av Elegant1
KOSH - Slink av Enhancement Glossy Fingernails #1
Belleza - Ava Sk 0
Del May Pose - Chez Longe Sit
Shi - Pacci High Stool White

These Ingenue shoes are my surprise...I forgot I bought them and when I was searching my Ingenue items for something vintage to wear there they were. \o/  I love the gingham texture and bow.  You have to have the Slink medium height feet to wear these.

Shoetopia 2013 Entry - Cindy Gedenspire
Ingenue - Picnic Heels Cherry
artilleri - Bree Dress red/green
Laville - Dotty Lace Gloves - White Short
Yummy - Pearl Bracelet Chain
Slink - Womens Medium Height Barefeet
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Di's Opera - Old Luggage Dust
Di's Opera - Rockabilly Set 6

Aug 14, 2013

Something's Fishy

ReefsColors3+ThriftShop 1024
Evilkyoot - Clownfish Purse
Something Sexy - Bethany - S
Tentacio - pom pom headband yellow & necklace yellow

SAAL - Outsider Expedition II Female Pose 8 *THRIFT SHOP*

Other credits:
D!va - Hair Lili Type A Onyx
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Gesture
Belleza- Ava Sk 0

Feeling Good

Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good

This outfit made me think of this song.  I love this outfit and you just feel good when you wear things you love and for me...including nature makes it all that much better.

Kunglers Extra -  Ivatan Necklace Plum *L'ACCESSOIRES-OPENS AUG 15*
[available in 4 amazing stone/metal colors]
TuttiFrutti - My Flowers Mesh Jeans Cream
[available in 4 gorgeous colors/textures.]
Citrus - Summer Brights Tank 2 L *THRIFT SHOP*
[available in 2 sets with color change hud with each having 4 color options]
Azoury - Bag Delicious Russet
monso - My Hair - Yong/ Black Brown *COLLABOR88*
[unisex style...just love short styles and this is a great one]

Other credits
Kunglers Extra - Monolito L earring - silver
Miel - Cue Bracelet
Surf Couture - Brass Rings Leather Belt Brown
Belleza - Ava Sk 3
Belleza - Amy Sk Lips 3
Slouch - pose200

Material Girl Fashion Bazaar

Material Girl is a new discount bazaar where you will find quality products from a variety of stores.  This event will run every 2 weeks.  Material Girl's first rotation runs August 17-31.

To stay informed join the Material Girls Group:

Material Girl Logo
First Round Designers:
Modamia -  Blah Blah Blah -  ColorMe - Liv Glam - Kcollection - Modern Couture - Mua Make Up Addiction - Charm - TutsUp - Pink Sugah - Pichi -  Loovus Dzevavor - Miss Canning  - RUJE - M I N D B U R Y - bodyshop  -  Candy Cyanide - Coudre

Aug 13, 2013


The Abyss...that which is my inventory.  Decided to participate in Strawberry Singhs Inventory Meme this week since it's short.  Not to mention the last question I wanted to know the results. lol
  1. What is your current inventory number? 89,924 - ages ago I remember saying I would not let my inventory go over 27,000.  This was before blogging and look where I am today....saying I will not let it get over 90,000.  Pray for me lol
  2. If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be?  "Accessories" folder - can't live without them.  Naked with awesome accessories...yeah I could so wing that.
  3. What is the last thing you purchased? LODE Tifoli Hat - posted here.
  4. Which item do you wear most often? Belleza Ava 0 skin...never leave home without it.
  5. When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? Much to my surprise...I have 2...a penis Hoverbike (its a fun ride) & Handverk penis pumps.

*note links below are direct tp's at the fair
SAKIDE - Black Style Outfit White
[available in 7 colors and includes bodysuit with tango appliers & mesh pencil skirt]
faun - The Vice Grip Spiked Bag White&Black LH-2
[Available in a variety of colors.  Each includes plain & spiked version with hud to change spike metal color.]
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Alexa Black Choker Pearls Silver
[these are the stud earring that are included in the necklace pack]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Black Widow Spider Short
[not new but sold at event]
Pink Acid - Roxanne Eyeliner
Pink Acid  - Gothica Alpha Bottom Eyelashes

Clawtooth - Angeles Black beauty

Other credits:
LaGyo - Blackdrop Hat Black
Emery - Gloves Denis Pure
Essences - Endless Night Lipstick 19
Glitterati Pose - 051 *store closed*

Aug 12, 2013

She Caught The Big One

Damned Dolls - Underwater Jumper
[Bazaar item \o/ super cute]
Le Poppycock - Beach Babe Pose & Prop Set A
[How lucky am I! The other day I was looking for a beach ball pose I bought ages ago and so happy when I saw this.  There are 2 sets that include the beach ball and 6 poses in each set]

MY UGLYDOROTHY - Berry4 teeth
[available in 3 skin tones & 4 makeups. cute!]

Truth Hair - Misty Black&Whites05

Other credits:
Yummy By The Sea Charm Necklace
Candy Nail - FP006 Clear Glitter French Orange
glow studio - Dip Dye Chain bracelet orange/gold

Reef's Colors Fair

The Reef's Colors Fair opened today.  You will find items in bright fresh colors of summer.  Designers have created 2 exclusive releases and 1-2 exclusive items for the 15L Bazaar sale.  Check the Reef's Colors Fair Blog for the store map.  More notes below...
ReefsColors+Circa+Storax Collage
Koi - You Looking Dress
Lark - Sealife Framed Artwork 2b & 2c
[set of 3 pictures in 3 colors]
Lark - Anemone Rug  Purple
[available in 5 colors]
BSD Design studio - Seahorse Chair Purple

Maxi Gossamer - Bracelet & Earrings Tarifa Neon Small
[includes 2 styles of earrings & bracelets. color change/6 neon colors]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Tarifa Neon Short 1
[includes 3 necklace lengths. color change/6 neon colors]

Truth Hair - Carrie - Black&Whites04
CIRCA - Summer Reflection SeaGlass Vase Votive Mix Grn
CIRCA - Epicure Party Cookie Plate Retro Wave Giver
[gives wearable cookie]
CIRCA - Epicure Heart Twist Cookie Plate Giver 1
[gives wearable cookie]
CIRCA - Party food side table summer blue
[available in blue & pink]
StoraxTree - Seaside Repose Decor Scene
StoraxTree - Wicker Stacked White

Other credits
CIRCA - Picture Aquarium Tropicana Mini Special Edition
Belleza - Ava Sk 2
Belleza - Ava SK Matte Lips 4
Adorkable Poses - SidePony 9 *store closed*

Aug 11, 2013

The Wall

*note: The Black Fair links are direct TPs
B BOS - Elin Top Gotic *THE BLACK FAIR*
[available in a large variety of textures]
Mon Cheri - Norah Earring Black/Silver *THE BLACK FAIR*
[set include necklace in earrings available in various metals/stones]
GOLA - Xbrewdog 01 *THE BLACK FAIR*
[available in 6 colors]
Cute Poison - Lucky Star Bracelet Silver  *THE BLACK FAIR*
[available in 5 colors]
MV - Micro Skirt Crimson *THRIFT SHOP 2*
[available in 8 colors]
LouLou&Co - Necklace Papaya *SHE & HIM*
Discord Designs - Urchin Hairbase Cast Iron

Other credits:
Izzie's - Overknee Socks black
Slink - Mesh Hands av Splayed
Belleza - Ava Sk 6
Belleza - Ava SK Matte Lips 2
Ma Vie Pose - I come with knives 07


The Black Fair is open and continues until August 23.  La Petite Morte has 4 new designs available including the beautiful formal.

BlackFair LPM
La Petite Morte - Black Collection Formal Black *THE BLACK FAIR*
Amacci - Hair Tom Onyx
LODE Hat - Tifoli Brown Texture
Glam Affair- Colorful Eyeliner Black
LaGyo - Fran vinyl bow belt Nude/Black
Slink Mesh Hands av Elegant1
glow studio - Bubble Pearls Earrings & Ring
Belleza - Ava Sk 0
Belleza - Ava SK Matte Lips 0
Manifeste Pose - 16 *discontinued*

Aug 10, 2013

Nature's Dream

Thrift Shop 2 is open and you will find tons of deals.  This is a full sim sales event where items are 50% off ...with designers creating a new exclusive release for the event. More notes below...

SAKIDE - Kala Outfit Beige & Rose
[Includes top, skirts, tango appliers, color change HUD w/ 2 color options.  Available in 4 color sets]
Pin Me Down - Tiken 3
[pack includes 8 colors. hard to see in pic...wearing 3rd one down on first column...really pretty subtle shades...just click on the pic to see a larger version on designers flickr]
PMD - Tiken
SAAL - Outsider Expedition II Female Pose 10

Other credits:
CaTwA - Mesh TNT 1
Freaks&Geekz Wise Owl tattoos [faded] (new)
Amacci - Feathered Hair Jewelry
Belleza - Ava Sk 0

Aug 9, 2013

Feeling Free

I don't blog this type of item normally but it is a beautiful set with amazing detail.  My first thought was no...then...what will it hurt.  I'm trapped by my shyness much of the time....why not step way out of my comfort zone for a change.  I'm not completely nude right? lol  Cheers to feeling and a bit chilly....going to put some clothes on. :)

Sax Shepherd Designs - Desclos bdsm Set
[set includes collar, cuffs, nipple chains (lolas tango option), belt & earrings]
Zibska - Eyeshadow Lilla Coal
[pack includes 12 eyeshadows]

Other credits:
KOSH - Slink av Enhancement glossy Fingernails #2
KMadd Hair - Fadima Dark Brown 8
Essences - Endless Night Lipstick 17
Slink - Mesh Hands av Elegant1
Belleza - Ava Sk BL 0
Poetic Color - eyes classic gen4 -driftwood medium bright

Aug 8, 2013

Bathing Beauty

AD 50s Swimsuit

AD Creations - 50's mesh swimsuit Blue 220 *NEW*
[available in 5 color/patterns]
Maxi Gossamer - Sunglasses Milano
Glamorize - New Occasion Lips Black
Essences - Endless Night Lipstick 19
Slink - Mesh Hands av Splayed
Dead Apples - Regular Teeth

Aug 7, 2013

She's a Fantasy

Cynful - Sexy Back Dress DarkSlateGrey
[available in a variety of colors. Includes hud to change the scarf that hangs to the back]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Alexa Black Choker Pearls Group 5
[includes 5 ready to wear linked groups of pearls and matching earrings with silver & gold settings]
Izzie's - Kaelyn Skin Pale DB Silver
[includes: silver & gold eyeliners, blond, light, red & dark brows and cleavage options]

Maxi Gossamer - Rings - Talia Cluster Ring2 Small  L *UNITED FASHION PROJECT*
[includes 3 different ring designs (large & small of each), 11 stones/gem colors with gold and silver metals via the texture changer and resizer menu.]
Vanity Hair - Nana
[Vanity Hairs is now HUD controlled. Each box will now include Hair,  Hair Bases and Hair HUD]
Atelier Visconti - Vanessa Dormeuse
[set includes: chaise (59 animations), ottoman (23 animations) & rug, texture change hud for chaise (12 textures) & ottoman (4 textures)]

Other credits *please see slurl page above*
HANDverk - Strand Bracelet Ivory/Silver
N-core - DELICIOUS Black
Slink - Mesh Hand Gesture R & Relax L
LaGyo - Cube Ring Black L

Her thoughts are written all over her...

AcidLily+ShabbyCat HS

TwInS FaShIoN - TF Knotted Top Black Angel/Devil *THE BLACK FAIR-Opens Aug 9*
[available in a sheer version and a variety of colors.]
Ariskea - Kigen Mesh Skinny Black Nuit *SHE & HIM*
[available in 8 colors]
Shabby Cat - Lovelock Collar Black
[includes scripted OpenCollar version]
Shabby Cat - Lovelock Cuff Black
[includes both left & right attachments]
Modish - Jules Opal Dune *ACID LILY*
[3 makeups]

Kuro - A mess of a chair
[21 animations]
Kuro - Illuminated thoughts
[functional light]
Cleo Design - The Challenge Black&White Rug
[part of a full set I will blog soon]

Other credits: *please see slurl page above*
Truth Hair - Mina Black&Whites04
Boss Tattoo - Hall of Fame Fresh
Essences - Eyelashes 01
Maitreya Gold - Bare Foot Flat
Nardcotix - Puss Pillow Rare Sugar
Glitteratti Pose - Long Hair 010 *store closed*

Aug 5, 2013

Summer Outing

Les Petites Details - Fabia Green
[available in blue, red & green. includes transparent top option]
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Daisy Chain *FAMESHED*
[includes: earring and 2 bracelet styles w/10 stone color change options.]
Unorthodox Animations - Ariana 3 *SHE & HIM*
[set includes 5 poses]
LoQ Hair - Lemonade Dark Brown Exclusive For *TDRFusion*
[includes hat, ponytail attachment & hairbase]

Other credits:
LpD - Geena Bag Sand
J's - Lace Ribbon Sandals Purple
Slink Mesh Hands av Elegant1
Belleza - Ava Sk BBB 1

Lost Soul

The August rotation of She & Him opened today and includes 62 stores offering exclusive items.  See the complete list of designers here.  This round continues through August 30. 

Also...wearing a few other great new items I wanted as soon as I saw them.  Love the plaid on this slip dress by Sn@tch and can't say enough about this new tousled CaTwA Lulu hair.  More notes below...

Sn@tch - Plaid Slip Dress Rust
[pack of 7 colors]
CaTwA - Mesh Lulu
[includes color change hud with single or multiple color options]

Rose Flower Tattoo - bubblesqueen
[includes undershirt & tattoo layer]
LOULOU&CO - Ring Papaya
[matching necklace also available]
Purple Poses - Kiera 02
[pack includes 8 static poses]

Other Credits:
KOSH - Slink Applier Glossy Fingernails #2
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Little Tiny Dagger - Long - SILVER
epoque.s - Menotte de la Nuit Silver
Hebenon Vial - Subtle Dare Ink Thick
Redgrave - Eyelashes 39 Luscious
Slink Mesh Hands av Gesture Right & Relaxed Left
Belleza - Ava Sk BBB 3


MoDanna - Metallic Vamp Collection Spiked Dress Gold G *SHE & HIM*
[available in 4 colors and includes black, gold and silver shoulder spike options with each color.]
Zibska - Shig Earrings *L'ACCESSOIRES*
[earrings are part of a set with necklace.  color change via touch menu w/ option to change color on 3 sections]

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Rings Atlantis Moon Large Gold
Amacci - Hair Sione Onyx
erratic - leather chained bracelet black
Redgrave - Eyelashes 35 CornerPointed
Belleza - Ava Sk BBB 3
Exposuer Pose - Singles Special 23