Where did that pizza go?

I think I ate too much....but have some tasty treats to laze around on.  Food Fair ends August 4...so you still a couple more days to feast!

FoodFair3 FB
FoodFair3 Collage
Somnia - Mr. Pop Tee Gray
[pack includes 8 colors]
Sugar Heart - Too Much Junk Food  Pimple  Nose
Pink Acid - Kids Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie Mouth Smear Tattoo & Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie
Sugar - [2] DB Chloe Clear
[It's a beautiful skin...I'm wearing a facial expression hud so features are distorted a bit]
Sugar - [2] Pinkish Lips
Sugar Heart - Pizza Face

(top left to right)
Dysfunctional Designs - Candy Jar Gumdrops
Dysfunctional Designs - Candy Jar Mints
Culprit - PicknMix Double Coconut
[has sit animations]
Culprit PicknMix Anise Bloo
Culprit Knickerbocker Glory Choco, Berry & Macha
Culprit Pomegranate Jellies
Culprit Dark Choccies
Culprit PicknMix Roundy Orange
[has sit animations]
Culprit PicknMix Anise Pink
[has sit animations]
Culprit PicknMix Double Pink
[has sit animations]

(left to right)
Dysfunctional Designs - Basket of ChocoChip Cookies
Culprit PicknMix Roundy Choco
[has sit animations]
Culprit Box of Loverly Cakies
Culprit PicknMix Liquorice Tube Pink
[has sit animations]
Monkey Pox - Cupcake Carpet

MishMish - Patisserie w/o door

Other credits:
lamb - Thieves Like Us Kit Kat
Blueberry - Morana Shorts Black
Maitreya Gold -  Bare Foot Flat
[WFxMW] New Face Expression HUD 1.1