Oct 31, 2012

Just Hangin'....

...until someone yanks my strings :)
The Costume Ball ends tonight at midnight...there's still time to see all the goodies!

Costume Ball3
Happy Undead - Black Widow Dress *COSTUME BALL* [includes full dress with collar and corset or collar &  corset can be worn seperate]
Evolve - the puppeteer pose prop *COSTUME BALL* [includes 5 poses and ropes for wrists]
AD Creations - half skull unisex mesh mask upper + lower & skull unisex make up [also include skull without jaw piece and an eye]
Boon - MMG701 hair black

Other credits:
SAKIDE - Ribbon Gloves Black w/Nails

Oct 30, 2012

The Outlet

Sunrise or sunset...The Outlet discount shop ends a rotation tonight and begins a new one on Nov 1.  Today is the last day to get this Love Seat & Modern Rug at a great price....but the Salt & Pepper Shelf will be available on Nov 1.

The Outlet Wayward Muse
[WM] Mesh Contemporary Love Seat [color change]
[WM] Modern Rug [color change]
[WM] Salt & Pepper Shelf *Available Nov 1* [accessories are included]

MudHoney - Fall Candles [past 50L Friday]
BSD Design Studio - Flying Table [tinted]

Moonlight Reading

MudHoney - Priya Bed *CINEMA* [Located in the XXX section - bed is available in PG & XXX versions. Includes canopy/curtains and animations for singles, PG couples, adult couples, friends.  Texture change. mod/copy]
Somnia - Pinned Courtesan Black Bra & Panties Black Blue [pack includes 5 colors of a striped mesh button down men's style shirt (not shown) and 10 bras and 10 panties.  Super cute set!]

Other: *STORE SLurl PAGE*
artilleri - Meredith glasses pink
booN DQO010 hair chocolate
booN center part A hairbase chocolate
Belleza - Shyla Sk 13
Cheeky Pea -  Doris' Saturday Night Table [modified...original has shadows, tissue box and lamp]
MudHoney - Abby Table Lamp [think this was a past 50L Friday item]
what next - Picnic Daisy [accessory from a picnic table set]
V Tattoo - Harmony Tattoo Lighter

Oct 29, 2012

What Lurks Below

Raw headshot just softened the edges a little.
Rotten Defiance - Gothic Dress
HANDverk - Medusa Hair Red/Black Eyes [available in 8 colors & each color has 4 eye color options]
[Pink Fuel - Kumi Java Oak dkbrow [available in 4 tones & 3 brow colors and includes eyebrow shape & lip glaze]

KOSH - Tink Earrings

Other *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Plastik - SiniStyle Raven Collar & Bracer/arm bands Dominance
Damned - Selene Eyelashes
EMO-tions - Aquaria Black [I made modifications]
Virtual/Insanity - Kitty Galore Sharp Claws
Repulse - Rotten v3 Eyes Red

Oct 28, 2012

Roman Holiday

OK...getting carried away with the movie theme but it's fun what can I say...lol.  While styling this I thought of Audrey Hepburn....so I ran with it.  Just need my Gregory Peck...OH and a scooter :)  I love that movie!

LpD Lena
LpD - Lena Dress Naif [available in 2 sleeve versions, transparent or non transparent, and in 4 colors/patterns. Also includes the cute scarf]
LpD - Garbo Clutch W/Opale *newish*

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Mandala - Motsumame Ring Red Gold
Artilleri - Greta Sunglasses White
Exile - Sober Pecan
Maxi Gossamer - Serena Teardrop Earrings White Pearl Silver
Izzie's - Classic Nails
Nardcotix - Zoe Platform L Monochrome Red
Donna Flora - Princess Bracelet

Cinema - Apple Fall & Estatica

At the Cinema event you will find many things, not just fashion, like these great skyboxes and matching furniture pieces.  These are exclusive to the event and definitely worth taking the trip to check out the demos.

Cinema AppleFall+Estatica

estatica Bertram Skybox
estatica Bertram Armoire
estatica Bertram Bookshelf [books are not included I added these from a mudhoney bookshelf]
estatica Bertram Chair + Desk
estatica Bertram Portrait [frame comes blank to put your own pic in]
estatica Bertram Sofa
estatica Bertram Stool
estatica Captain's Letter
[AF] World Globe Antique

Apple Fall [AF] - Cinema Workshop Skybox
[AF]  Hat w/ Stand Pink & Gold, Beige & Silver, Blue & Silver
[AF] Asanoha Fabric
[AF] Cardboard Box 1 & 2
[AF] Hat Pattern No. 1
[AF] Japan Medicine Cabinet
[AF] Japanese Rug
[AF] Millinery Scrolls
[AF] Origami Birds
[AF] Peacock Vase
[AF] Storage Boxes
[AF] Thread Hooks No.1 & No. 2

Kismet - Tabriz Rug Cinnamon
Post - Haarlem Deco Vase with Calla Lilies [
SQ - Dracaena Massangeana Plant Potted [this shop has Mexican & African furniture & home accessories]

28 Days Later...

Event Mix FB

Event Mix HS (raw)
Shabby Cat - Cords Red [available in 6 colors - really great deep tones]

Alice Project - Willow Braids High Mirror Infinity [includes color change hud to color all or specific layers/streaks.  Also has mirrored options.]
Auxiliary - Zombified Cinema Special Cropped Double R [available in 4 colors & 5 mesh sizes included]
Mons - Naamah Skin Cinema Exclusive Bronze Tone V1 [3 tones available, brow shape & cleavage options]

Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Raven Skull [also includes necklace in 3 lengths & resizable]
Mango - Mesh Catapillas Boot

aDORKable Poses -  Dynamic 2 [pack of 5 poses with mirrored poses included]

Oct 27, 2012

The Perfect Match

Azoury & Vanity Hair's new releases are the perfect match...young, fun & flirty!

Azoury+Vanity Hair
Azoury - La Robe Perrine Fushia [available in 8 colors]
Vanity Hair - Verity Soil [includes hud to change color of the 2 little hair clips that can be colored separately]
HANDverk - Stud Clutch Cotton Candy *L'ACCESSOIRES* [cute little clutch with embellished strap that wraps around your hand.  Available in a variety of colors]

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
fri.day - Ribbed.Socks Snow [tinted]
LeLutka - Pow Pumps Black
Izzie's - Classic Nails

Oct 26, 2012

An Autumn Stroll

Molichino's has these great new sweater and pant seperates.  They are available in a variety of colors from bright to neutral.  Great mix and match options!

Also new from The Muse Poses are much needed handbag poses.  With not many on the grid these are nice basic handbag poses.  Includes 10 poses, 5 poses & 5 mirrored, gives you the option to wear the bag on the left or right side.

Molichino Iris Gliffy
Molichino - Gliffy Pants Chocolate [available in 14 colors]
Molichino - Iris Jumper Buttercup [available in 14 colors]
The Muse Poses - Tyche R10 [includes 10 poses]

Other credits: *Stroe SLurl Page*
Kunglers Extra - Toro Earrings & Necklace Copper *NEWish*
J's - Platform Pumps Orange
Truth - Soleil Espresso
Izzie's - Classic Nails
Leverocci - Resort Satchel Mustard [tinted]
Zeery - Kingdom Animalia Silk Scarf Giraffa

Oct 25, 2012

The SWAG Fest Revisited

The SWAG Fest continues until Oct 31...so much goodness there.  Two weeks of jury duty put me so far behind but I wanted to revisit this event to show you a bit more and encourage you to go.

Swag Fest 4
Cynful - Dutchy's Tanktard Black
Zentro - Urban unisex tattoo 2 (TSF exclusive) [3 exclusives available]
Stained Mesh Clothing - Swag Black Sweat Mesh Baggies [available in many sweat and jean colors]
Paperbag - Collegiate Cardigan Plain White [available in many colors plain or striped]
Shock - Spikes & Skull Belly Piercings [really cool piercing...can't tell in the pic but there is a chain with a skull dangling from it]

Other: *see Store SLurl Page above*
Truth - Tisha - espresso
Deco - Trail Boot - Black & White Suede


AD Creations had several designs in the Avenue Cinque shows last weekend.  Many beautiful designs were shown but Passion is my fave.  The form, color & texture...just beautiful! 

All of the designs from the show are available at the Avenue Cinque shop until November 11.

AD Creations Passion
AD Creations - Passion Dress 1 Red *AVENUE CINQUE SHOP*
LpD - MakeUp Megera Complete 1 [at Fashion Limited but sold out]
DCNY - Mesh Arm Warmers Crimson 1 *MY ATTIC* [several color packs available ...fun fun :)]
MADesigns HAIR - Aria Dark Brown VIII

Oct 24, 2012

The Costume Ball Opens

The Costume Ball event opened today and runs until midnight Nov 1.  So many great exclusives at this event...you will not be disappointed. More details below...

The Costume Ball Haste & Izzies

*Raw Headshot

Haste - Costume Ball Dress & Gloves [includes: mask with 8 color change options]
Izzie's - Fuyu Skin (Costume Ball Ed.) MB [includes: 2 eyebrow versions, cleavage and non cleavage version, nail base for prim nails, 4 lipsticks & 4 lipgloss (tattoo) [black worn], blush (tattoo) [wearing], eyebrow shape and body shape (mod/copy).

KOSH- Tink Earrings

Boudoir - Sweet Iris Hair

Oct 23, 2012

The Power of a Woman

Azoury Drucilla
Azoury - La Robe Drusilla Jaune [available in 9 colors. Also has matching ripped tights (not shown) available in 5 colors]
Azoury - Les Boots Drusilla Grise [available in 9 colors]
Zibska - Delve Earrings [color change]

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Izzie's - Overknee Socks chestnut [tinted with a little yellow]
ISON - leather arm warmers black [from past event not sure if available]
League - Zipped Leather Pants Black
MADesigns - Hairbase-the-core
Damned - Selene Eyelashes
MADesigns Hair - Ruby Dark Brown VIII
Izzie's - Metallic Nails [include color change hud]
Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks All Colors [scripted color change, resize and to us feet or no feet]

At Peace In Blue

Took the evening off last night and what better way to spend it than comfy casual in Blueberry's recent releases...this Maia dress has a great ombre coloring with dimensional ties at the chest and sides.  I added Blueberry's skinny jeans that are a pale color but the seams and creases have a rust coloring to them.  Blueberry does great detail in her texture work and absolutely love the natural/rustic feel in these items!

Blueberry Maia & Nena
Blueberry *marketplace* - Maia Mesh Dress Blue [available in 6 colors]
Blueberry - Nena Mesh Skinny Jeans Dust [available in 5 colors]
Truth - Cheyenne  Espresso

Other Credits *STORE SLurl Page*
Sigma Jewels - Chantal earring Orange Beige Gold
Zaara - Pallav Amber Bracelets
HANDverk  - Disk Necklace Gold
aDORKable Poses - Carefree 6m
[N] moccasins tan [store closed]

Oct 22, 2012


Scorpios are the most intense, profound, powerful characters in the zodiac. Visit the Zodiac store Oct 23 - Nov 16 to check out all things Scorpio!

Zodiac Scorpio1
22769 - femmeGeometric Lotus Dress black block
HANDverk - Scorpion Pump.black

Other credits *Store SLurl Page*
Emery - Gloves Denis Pure
Dura - Boys&Girls 21Black
Donna Flora - Square ring saffire
glow - Italian Briolette Earrings turquoise gold

Oct 21, 2012

A Vision In...

VeroModero Lilly 1024
Vero Modero - Lilly *NEW*

*Store SLurl Page*
Nuuna - White Eyebrows
epoque.s - Mesa Platforms White
Amacci - Hair Paz White
Izzie's - Classic Nails L
glow studio - Sparkling father white/silver
LpD Skins - Barbara Smoke Breast 1 No Eyebrows Tanned

Rockin' Elba

Elba is the first release from LpD's new chic collection. Elba is a mesh dress available in 3 colors: Black, Bluette and Lilac (shown).  Also included are 2 types of sheer legging/sock in polka dot (same color as dress) & plain black.

I wanted to rock Elba out a bit by adding the bracelet/cuffs, fur collar and over knee boots.

LpD Elba

LpD - Elba Dress Lilac

Other credits *Store SLurl Page*
Dura - Girl 33 Black
Izzie's - Classic Nails
Maitreya - Mesh Jazz Boots Aubergine
Mimikri - Fur Collar Isla plum
me. - Rock'N Chic Maxi Bracelets Silver
Belleza - Shyla Sk 3
Belleza - Shy/Betty SK lips 2
Adorkable Poses - Retro 9

Oct 20, 2012


Shabby Cat - Waffle Knit Pullover Brown [available in 6 colors]
TuttiFrutti - Memories Mesh Skinny Jeans *MY ATTIC October 21st-31st* [4 color/patterns available]

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Amorous - Luna Belt
Baiastice - Theory Mesh Handbag Brown
Bent! - pose Twiggy
Decoy - Maya Scarf Plain Yellow
LeLutka - Wilde Hair AlmostGoth
Maitreya Alexa Wedges Coffee
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Jewelled Owl Long Gold

Oct 19, 2012

The Black Dahlia

Her remains were found in the park in a vacant lot...her body mutilated.  It was said that she was pursuing an acting career while frequenting high-profile clubs in the city...

I would like to think her spirit rose from her lifeless body in a glamorous gown much like this one ready to live the life she was meant to in the here after...

Cinema Sakide+Vanity Hair+AD
I love it when I receive/open items at the same time and it all works...absolutely in love with this outfit.
SAKIDE - Black Dahlia Dress *CINEMA* [I'm in love with this dress...such a romantic/sexy feel and especially love the neck/shoulder pieces....included are all layers tops/pant with rigged mesh neck piece, long (shown) and short skirts.]
Insufferable Dastard - Classic Alien Mesh Eyes Ultraviolet *CINEMA* [OK have you figured it out...I'm crazy for these eyes!]
Vanity Hair - Freedom Nova Black [SCREAMS! This hair fantastic!]
AD Creations - Enclose me make up  R eye & R zip *GROUP GIFT* [SCREAMS AGAIN! LOVE this makeup!  works perfectly for Black Dahlia...have I mentioned how much I love this outfit...ok.  Includes makeup for 1 (shown) or both eyes with silver zip prim]

Other credits: *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Caroline's Jewelry - Onyx Trillion Ring Silver
Mandala - Bracelet Pearl Rain season 2/ MAPLE Black

Discord Designs & Molichino News

Discord Designs has this great new bun style which is great hairstyle for this boho style dress, Billie, by Molichino.  Billie is a Fifty Linden Fridays sale item available today (October 19) ONLY...don't miss out. :)
More notes below...

Molichino - Billie Dress *FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAYS OCT 19 ONLY*
Discord Designs - Leah Brunette

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Maitreya Stagioni Boots Ash-Green [newish]
Mustang Trading Post - Victoria Earrings Purple *BOHO CULTURE FAIR* [Boho Bazaar - they have little tented areas that have sale items.  I believe these are 50L and pack includes 2 pair of earrings purple (worn) & turquoise, and 2 necklaces long & short]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Lealao Pendant Short [stones are color change and includes a long & short (worn) options]

Oct 18, 2012

I'm Singing & Dancing In The.....

Hmmm.....no rain...but you can still sing & dance no matter the weather in this wonderful Edy tweed hat & coat by Baiastice. Edy is now showing at the Cinema event and available in 4 tweed & 10 solid colors (hat 9 solid colors).

Cinema Baiastice
*CINEMA* [ends October 31]
Baiastice -Edy Mesh Coat & Hat Tweed Green

Other credits: *Store SLurl Page*
Kunglers Extra - Nirvana Earrings
Riddle - Cozy Tights Orange #4
LeeZu - Nif Nif Gloves Earth
Boon - KBO906 hair chocolate
Teefy - Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Solar
What Next - Umbrella f Pose 9
Belleza - Shyla Sk 10

She Weeps Love

AD Creations - Skull my face mesh mask *THE COUTURIER'S DOCKS*
Zibska - Marchesa White [pack includes 5 colors black, blonde, brown, red & white]
Insufferable Dastards - Classic Alien Mesh Eyes Abyss *CINEMA* [pack includes 3 colors abyss (worn), dusty & ultraviolet]

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Sn@tch Lace GlovesWhite
Mock - Mondo Indifference Eyeshadow
Pin Me Down - Bloody mess [past event/ZP Hunt]
Caroline's Jewelry - Beaded Pearls in White Earrings
Donna Flora - IceCream Ring
Glam Affair -  Roza The Arcade Gacha Events 08 [past event]

Oct 17, 2012

Zodiac, The Outlet & Cinema

In a rush to get this posted so quick notes follow:
  • Zodiac Libra ends today....so hurry
  • The Outlet started a new rotation that runs until Nov 1.
  • Cinema began runs until Oct 31.

DCNY_Libra Dress_Midnight/Sky
Conspiracy Theory & Exposeur - Painting Pictures [10 poses, Paintbrush & Palette included]

MudHoney - Emma Chair [colors available teal, chocolate & ruby...all are shown]
Trompe Loeil - NYC66 Artichoke Lamp Silver medium [has light you can turn on and off]

Apple Fall - Japanese Rug

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Truth - Stevie Espresso
LISP - Anna Coffee Table - Brown
(NO) Doll Head Vase - Cherry
MudHoney Basket Plant

Solange! - Balance Lingerie Rose/Teal

Vanity Hair - Midnight Oasis-Soil

[glow] studio - Day Dream earring (gold) R

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
ALB EMILIA - headpiece headband by AnaLee
erratic - cuff gold
Belleza - Shyla Sk 6

Oct 16, 2012

Azoury Qian & Zibska Marielle

A simply classic dress with great texture details. Love the shape and folds of the satin blouse.  The skirt looks like leather....just tons of depth & interest in this dress.  These fun shoes are only available at L'accessoires.  Great mix of metal and leather.

Looking at the blouse and the autumn color I had to add this beautiful new Zibska Marielle collar and earrings.  They are clustered leaf shapes.  The earrings are part of the Marielle set that has a different necklace (previously blogged).  The choker is sold separately.

Azoury Qian
Azoury - La Robe QIAN Orange [available in 8 colors]
Azoury - Les Talons QIAN Rouille *L'ACCESSOIRES* [available in 7 colors]
Zibska - Marielle Collar & Earrings [color change and resizable]
LaGyo - Blackdrop Hat Black *COLLABOR88* [love the circle drops! 9 colors available & can be worn with or without the veil]
Apple Fall - PARIS Apartment Skybox *FAMESHED* [expensive but had to buy...its a great skybox]

Other Credits *Store SLurl Page*
Truth - Swift Espresso
Molichino - Delirium Clutch
Celoe - mery gloves mine
Belleza - Shyla Sk 2
Belleza - Shy/Betty SK lips 6

Beauty in the Moonlight

Sn@tch - Mesh Trina Dress Wine [pack of 8 colors]
KOSH - Tink Choker [also available are earrings and a longer version of the necklace]

Other credits *Store SLurl Page*
Slink - Studded Booties Onyx
fri. - Ribbed.Socks Black
Emery - Gloves Denis
Belleza- Shy/Betty SK lips 3
Cheap Makeup-Eye Smoke
Wasabi Pills - Princess Mesh Hair Royal

Oct 15, 2012

Here Comes The Sun

BoHo HoBo is at the Boho Culture Fair, debuting these great jeans that have the designer's artwork on them. Really love the shape of these mesh jeans and they are available in many textures.

Thought this recent Vanity Hair release was perfect for this outfit!  The hair includes a hud to change the band color. Options...who doesn't love those!

Boho Hobo+Vanity Hair
BoHo HoBo - Mesh Skinny Jeans Bohemian Punk *NEW*
BoHo HoBo - Bandeau Top Aqua
BoHo HoBo - Armaghan short cuff Right
BoHo HoBo - Purple Fringey Vest
BoHo HoBo - Fareiba bracelet (Afghanistan)
BoHo HoBo - Fareiba crescent pendant (Afghanistan)

Vanity Hair - Cuchi-Cuchi Soil

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Butterfly Jewelled [color change gems & includes gold & silver with includes 2 long and 2 short options]
Maitreya Gold - Bare Foot Tip-Toe

Oct 14, 2012

Mustache Love

Back from the unknown...jury duty.  2 weeks away and not sure that I will get caught up but hope to do as much as I can.  So with that said had a bit of fun for a casual day in while i went through items from a few events.

Fashion Quotes Discount Shop - The jumpsuit & mustache rings are available until October 30.  The rings come with a necklace and 2 rings for left and right hand attachment points.  I had some fun and used one as a nose ring instead. :)

Cinema - This themed event runs until Oct 31 and brings you into a multiplex cinema featuring 8 individually themed theaters that include themed shops/items from romance, action/adventure, scifi, horror, fantasy/musical, film noir & XXX genres.  It's an event not to be missed.  I'm wearing a Maxi Gossamer necklace that can be found in the romance theatre.  I will be showing you much more soon.

....more notes below.

YoPulga - Black Mustache Ring *FASHION QUOTES* [includes necklace (not shown) & 2 rings for right or left hand.]
Tentacio - Sula Jumper *FASHION QUOTES* [this is a groovy jumper...great texture]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Jewelled Love *CINEMA* [includes long & short version, 8 gem color change options and 2 metals gold & silver]
Maxi Gossamer - Bangle Ramona 77 Chain & Studs *COLLABOR88* [includes 6 individual bangles to create your own combinations, 2 combined bangle combinations & 2 rings]
LISP - Oh Mr Waters Sofa *COLLABOR88* [Available in 6 fabric patterns and includes female, male, couple & prop poses]

Other Credits *Store SLurl Page*
Truth - Havana Espresso
TokiD - summer nights cardigan grey
Mock - Melanzane Indifference Eyeshadow

Oct 10, 2012

Blinded By The Light

LpD Lara & Gia
LpD+MG+ID Cinema

LpD - Lara Dress Beige [available in 3 colors & set includes jacket, belt, long or short versions of skirts & leggings.]
LpD MakeUp - Gia 1 Complete *THE COUTURIER'S DOCKS* [two versions, three different layers for each version: Complete: Eyeshadow/Blush/Lipstick; Only Eyeshadow/Lip Gloss; Only Eyeshadow; Only Lipstick]
ID - Steampunk Mesh Eyes Clear *CINEMA-OPENS OCT 13* [5 themes: Alien, Bionic, Classic Alien, Robot & Steampunk; Robot has 2  & all other have 3 color options][will post LM to logo @ right when open]

Other credits: *Store SLurl Page*
Maxi Gossamer - Katerina Earrings & Necklace/Short 1 Silver [past collabor88 but should be at mainstore]
Nemesis - Maneater gloves white
Loovus Dzevavor - Hair Dali Noir 4
Ison - carazon boot black
Glam Affair - Lilith America Clean D
Miamai Poses - Model Savage Beauty 07

Oct 9, 2012

It's Organic

Just love the way Kunglers combines pattern, texture & color.  It's Organic :)  Kunglers has this wonderful Suellen dress and ankle boots all new at their store!

Kunglers Suellen & Ankle Boot

Kunglers - Suellen Dress Organic [available in 6 color/prints]
Kunglers - Ankle Boot Forest [available in 4 leathers/3 colors in each type of leather.]
Truth - Mayim Espresso

Other Credits: *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Izzie's - Tights purple
Baiastice - Queen Hobo lime hand bag
Bliensen - MaiTai Siegfried Lizzard Brooch
Paper Couture - Gold Diamond Pave Ring
Pididdle - Bobble Gem Earrings Lime
Decoy - Lynn Scarf Plain Purple

Oct 8, 2012

Golden Bunny

LoQ Hair - Ambrosia Black *TDRB*  [4 color pack & includes hairbase]
Maxi Gossamer - Valencia Earrings & Bracelet *FAMESHED* [necklace also available
BSD Design Studio - Hera Mango heel color 3 [shoes have 3 heel colors and available in 16 colors]
Diamond Style Skin - Doris Sunkissed Make up 02 [MS Diamond Style 2013 Contest - for complete contest information visit Diamond Style BlogWinner will be announced January 20, 2013]

piccara - Swagger Skinnies [super cute jeans! They have silver studded pockets]
1 Hundred - RawkMe Dress Dark [available in many light to dark colors]

Other credits
Izzie's - Classic Nails L (hand size 10) no pose
Decoy - Maya Scarf Plain Orange
Evolve Pose - low01 [From a past event...I love this pose and finally got to use it yay!]

Oct 7, 2012


The Swag Fest continues until October 31st.
SWAG Fest2

Raw-ish :) cleaned up hard edges but nothing on the skin details.
SWAG Fest2 HS [RAWish]
Eskimo Fashion - Go Fish Netted CatSuit Black [also available in white]
BeReckless - Evelyn Dress Skull [2 other patterns available]
Shine - Skin Malena Swag/Pale & Teeth tattoo/Sexy [has shape, 5 options of freckle & teeth tattoo layers, 3 skin cleavage options & eyebrow shape]
illmatic :: Geometric Wingtip Earrings Noir [also available in gold & silver]

Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Rejuvinated Stitched Heart Medium *LIMITED BAZAAR*
Slink - Studded Booties Onyx

Other credits: *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Sn@tch Leather Spiked Bangles [subscribo gift]
Scrub - Spyked Multicolor Nails [color change nails]
MADesigns - Hairbase the core
MADesigns Hair - ELOI Dark Brown VIII
Peqe - Girly Scarf
Glow Studio - Spiked Around bag silver [from past event may be available in store]
LeLutka - LegWarmer Plain [included with Fame shoes]

Oct 1, 2012

SWAG FEST Begins Today!

The SWAG Fest begins at Midnight!  An urban streetwear fashion fair that will run October 1st to 31st, 2012.  You will find exclusive items in the shops and gift boards located in the 4 district parks...Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. All the gifts are set between 0L and 75L.

Link for Layout of the sim to help locating your favorite shops:

Swag Fest

Swag Fest HS (raw)

*SWAG FEST* [The sim will open September 30th at midnight SLT]
AZOURY - Le Pull NAJET Bordeaux [sweater available in 4 colors]
AZOURY - Le Pantalon Tweed NAJET Marron [pants available in 6 colors]
Modish - Dunia Nude Sunkiss Dk [2 exclusive skins available]
DADAbeiz - Gotik Pumps Grey [also available with gold heel and has ankle strap with skull closure]

Zibska - Marielle Necklace & Earring Set [color change/11 colours for main, accent feathers and chain.]

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
booN - MKM166 hair chocolate
LeeZu - Nif Nif gloves /black
Zenith - Cherry Ostrich Leather Bag