Dec 22, 2014


Say lend me a coat...
Somnia - Kohana Dress Set 1 *FabFree Headquarters*
[includes hud w/ 4 dress & 2 belt color/texture change options. There is two sets of these dresses available for free]
Les Petits Details - Tilde Bag Brown V1 *L'Accessoires*
[Each pack includes two texture (print/plain) options of the bag! Available in four tones: Black, Smoke, Brown and White]

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin SK 7 Dk
Mandala - Bracelet Pearl Rain Season 2/Cream
Lode - Head Accessories Katriina Left Part Violet
Slink - Avatar Enhancement HandsSlink Bag
Exposeur Poses - Singles Special 20 M

Dec 21, 2014

I Need a Hero

LU! Retro1
Retro theme event focusing on old school games you loved in your past
BluPrintz - Hero Tunic - Red
[3 colors]
BluPrintz - Hero's Boots
[2 leather & 4 metal color change options]
BluPrintz - Hero's Bracers Common
BluPrintz - Hero's Medallion Common
BluPrintz - Hero's Shield Rare
BluPrintz - Hero's Sword Rare
BluPrintz - Leena Hair

Other credits:
Belleza - Yasmin DT 6 Dk
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Bag
Riddle - Cozy Tights Brown #2 2 [store closed]

Tour of Lights

Today is the last day but still time to check out the Tour of Lights.  This free tour will take you to some of Second Life's most decorated Holiday-Themed residential homes with over 30 beautiful houses and landscapes to explore!  The tour runs December 18 - 21, and starts at the [ free bird ] main sim.  For additional information please visit the Tour of Lights blog.

Stop 1
CrazyChef Resident

Stop 2
Mari Firelight

Stop 3
Samantha Hellmann

Stop 4
Seductive Dreamscape

Stop 5
Octavia Gearbox

Stop 6
AJ Urivan

Stop 7
Stormy Dover

Stop 8
DICTUM Resident

Stop 9
SamaraWinsome Resident

Stop 10
Jimmy Finkelstein

Stop 11
Jasmine Woodsheart

Stop 12
Anjelikka Resident

Stop 13
Epona Doowangle

Stop 14
Isabelli Anatine

Stop 15
Arya Braveheart

Stop 16
Hanstrid Inshan

Stop 17
Caledonia Dreamscape

Stop 18
Scout Steampunk

Stop 19
KaileeJanelle Resident

Stop 20
PhoebeWillow Resident

Stop 21
Anishore Resident

Stop 22
Fazio Magic

Stop 23
Autumn Amaranth

Stop 24
Geena Zackerly

Stop 25
LadyXTC Avora

Stop 26
Nina Cupcakes

Stop 27
Anime Denimore

Stop 28
Pan Carfield

Stop 29
Jewell Ember

Stop 30
Harlequin Fhang

Stop 31
Shayariel Teardrop

Stop 32
Cortez Brandriss

Gothmas by Gaslight

GxG+21+DF HS
Annual holiday shopping themed event catering to the goth, steam/dieselgoth and the dark Victoriana communities. Held on 2 sims, Cursed & Sium
ImmateriA - Raith Cursed Sim
Eclectica - Gothic Pearls Earrings Cursed Sim
Jalwa - Sameena Gothmas Black Brow w/ Ice Eyeshadow Cursed Sim
PMD - Aeternium 19 Eyes Sium Sim

*21 SHOE*
ieQED - hipster booties
[includes hud with color change options for studs & sole]

Damselfly - Jude Hair

Grafica Poses - duvsha i mirror
[10 pose set]

Other credits:
Rebel Hope - Leather Mesh Laced Gloves
Redgrave - Eyelashes 29 Vampire
Slink - AvEnhance Feet High
Izzie's - Tights black less sheer

Dec 20, 2014

Dapper Cindy

Dapper Cindy
Les Petites Details - Whitney Outfit Smoke-Black *THE COUTURIER'S DOCKS*
[black & smoke color options. half price, only 50 copies]
Azoury - Ida Shoe
[available in 5 colors]
Blueberry - Babette Hair
Esque - Zuri Mink Satchel St. Petersburg *FROST*
[available in 11 colors]

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Midnight Tears Long Silver
Belleza - Yasmin SK 6 Dk
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual L/Bag 4
Slink - Female Feet AvEnhance Mid
Decoy - Lynn Scarf Plain Red [tinted]
Ilaya Pose - Postura 2m