Dec 31, 2011

For Whatever Hunt & More

Had fun with this mix and match....with items from the For Whatever Hunt that began today, Four Corners Event, Collabor88, TDR and things found in my 2 day inventory cleaning. :) 
For Whatever Hunt+More

Azoury Les Talons Ixia Fleurs *For Whatever Hunt*
Xplosion Sweetflower Dress Brown w/ Black Bra *For Whatever Hunt*
LouLou & Co Earrings Polaris *For Whatever Hunt*
League Zipped Leather Pants Diesel Light *Four CornersEvent*
Love Hair Cordelia Browns *Four Corners Event*
SMS Fur Pompom Vest Orange * Four Corners Event*
Boom Puffler Embers *Collabor88* [copied and used 3]
Glam Affair Layla Lipstick Ginger Snap
Boom Renegade Princess Shadows Coal Mine
Damned Camo Green Spray
Elemental Earth Designs Kiowa Ring Turquoise
Willow Turquoise and Leather Cuff
Glow Necklace Fluff *TDR*

With Love, Again Hunt: Baiastice

Baiastice offers this wonderful Priscilla dress for the With Love, Again hunt.  This is definitely a great New Year's Eve party dress...has all the sparkle and style to bring in the new year.

I've added jewelry by Jacon Cortes Designs.  My fellow Texan was kind enough to give me one his latest sets.  It a lovely set with black and white diamonds...I felt enhanced this dress beautifully.

With Love Again Hunt Baiastice

Baiastice Priscilla Dress *With Love, Again Hunt Gift*
Baiastice Eccentrique Eyeshadow Silver Pink
Jacon Cortes Designs Estella Lee Platinum Black Diamond Set
Epoque Hair Brunch Queen Monochrome
N-core Femme Noir Intense (several stocking options are included with shoes)

Dec 28, 2011

Azoury La Tenue Aalyah

Coming soon...the latest from Azoury is La Tenu Aalyah...I think Aalyah is young and fun...I could boogie the night  All these pieces are sold seperately in the following colors:

Jacket: black & orange, black & yellow, black & blue, black & pink, black & green and black & red
Top: black, blue, violet, orange, green and red
Socks: red, violet, orange, green, yellow and gray
Shorts: black, orange, brown, red and blue
Platform shoes: orange, red, green, brown, yellow, black and blue

I've added Lelutka's new hair release the twisted bun at the top.!

Azoury La Tenue Aalyah

Azoury La Tenue Aalyah
Lelutka Wilde Hair
Chop Zuey Pocahontas Necklace & Bracelet (set comes with earrings also)
Zaara Kashiti Bobble Ring Turquoise
Bubble Chameleon Make-up
Glam Affair Layla Lipstick Summer Sun
Boom Liquid Glaze Eyeliner Yellow
TGIS Glitter Nail w/ Color Change Hud (used yellow with red line)

Dec 23, 2011

Elan 12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

Day 12 brings the wonderful Xmas Quinn gown in red and white.  To end the 12 days of Christmas campaign, Elan House of Fashion will hold a holiday party and official grand opening on Sunday Sunday, December 25th at 3 pm slt. 

For group members only, that are in attendance, will receive a special gift, in-store sales and new item launch at 50% discount.  So you won't want to miss this celebration!

Elan Day 12

Elan Xmas Quinn
LeeZu Miss Tre`s Gloves  Silver
CheerNo Native Forest MakeUp
Donna Flora Ester Earrings
Osmose Sauvage/Snow
Glam Affair Sakura (purchased at TDR some time ago not sure its still available)

Elan 12 Days of Christmas - Day 11

I feel so glamorous in Day 11 White Christmas gown...when I saw the new hair from Vanity Hair...I knew they would go great together. I'm a little late in posting but it will be available again...more news on that soon.

Elan Day 11

Elan White Xmas
Esk-Imo Makeup Nanami Lipstick2 Red
CheerNo Femme Set 02- Make Up 05
Candy Nail Basic Prim Nails Red05 L10
Donna Flora Gala Earrings,  Mita Ring & Princess Braclet
Vanity Hair Lexington-Soil *NEW*

Azoury Lipope

Azoury's latest release Lipope is a great mix of stripes, plaid, lace and houndstooth. Lipope seperates are available in the following colors:

Cardigan: bordeau & green ,blue & grey ,green ,violet& grey and violet & brown
Tights: grey , red, blue, green, silver, gold and violet
Skirt: black & grey, blue & green, pink & green, blue & red, green & grey and blue & grey
Boots: orange, black, red, blue green and brown
Azoury Lipope

Azoury Lipope
Boom Liquid Glaze Eyeliner Purple
Baiastice Guest Lipstick Purple
Alaskametro Rachelle Earrings Silver *marketplace only*
Anthem Coal Ring silver
Mandala Nails Medium
Shag Goodbye Eve

Azoury & Prism...Homage to Orange

First I have to thank Linda Reddevil for the Prism gift card....her fashion pics of Prism designs are amazing color goodness.  I love color, the brighter the better, and she is the best at styling gorgeous color. 

At Prism the first thing I see is the orange in this sweater dress, my fav color, and had to have it.  On the same day...I received an Azoury promotion...and much to my surprise ORANGE boots...added Riddle orange tights, this great orange lipstick from Baiastice and my homage to orange is born. YAY!

The Azoury Vanda boots are exclusive to the new Azoury store location at LE Look South, which are located at the store entrance for L$150 for a limited time. The boots are available in green, orange, blue, brown and yellow.

Azoury Les Bottes Vanda Orange
Prism Lynne Sweater Dress Tequilla Sunrise
Riddle Cozy Tights Orange #1 2 (TINTED)
Baiastice Jes Lipstick Rufous
Kunglers Extra Lotus Ring 2 & 3
Mandala Nails Medium
Love Soul Hair 057 Jet Black

Dec 22, 2011

Elan's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 10

Stary Xmas is Day 10 of Elan's 12 Days of Christmas.
Elan Day 10

Vanity Hair Sugar Love
Riddle Tights Browns
Pididdle Lipstick
Earthstone Earrings
Boots are a new item and will have to come back with info...i'm going to bed.

Dec 21, 2011

Amarelo Manga New Releases

A bit of everything here with the latest from Amarelo Manga....feminine, romantic, sexy, chic...those are the words that come to mind to describe these. :)

Amarelo Manga Miranda

Amarelo Manga Miranda
Pididdle LipColor Matte Don't Stop Yet
Epoque Hair Brunch Queen Monochrome
Baiastice Jyo Boots Black
Candy Nail Basic Prim Nails Red09
Donna Flora Mita Earrings & Oriente Ring

Amarelo Manga Marcelle

Amarelo Manga Marcelle
LeLutka Neutral Tan Pumps
LaGyo Zarema Gloves Grounded
Giabi Hair Dark Brown_For Her
Paper Couture Moon Ring
Donna Flora Zsazsa Earrings Tiger

Amarelo Manga Katy

Osmose Allure Soil
Bax Prestige Boots Camel
Mandala Medium Nails
Donna Flora Princess Necklace & Earrings
Glow Studio Pratis Ring Gold Brown

Elan 12 Days of Christmas - Day 9

Elan is offering Xmas Doll for Day 9....this is a versitile dress...great color and texture.  Can't wait to see what she create's next!
Elan Day 9

Elan Xmas Doll Day 9
LeLutka Pow Pumps
Riddle Cozy Tights Red #3
CheerNo Femme Camille Lipstick 01
Donna Flora Alma Earrings & Ring
Mandala Nails Medium
Je Suis Intemporel Scarf Reds
Shag Forget Me Knot Chocolate

Dec 20, 2011

Elan 12 Days of Christmas - Day 8

Day 8 glistens with Elan's Sparkling dress!

Elan Day 8

Elan Sparkling
Osmose Fascination Soil *NEW*
Nemesis Fabulous Gloves Black
Donna Flora Amalia Earrings & Necklace
Bax Boots Black Suede

Dec 18, 2011

Elan's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 7

A beautiful glimering red skirt and white lace bodice this is Elan's Day 7, Xmas Light!

Elan Day 7

Elan Xmas Light
PM Luccy Dress Vintage Collection Gloves
Bliss Couture Charity Hat
Pididdle Lip Color Matte Don't Stop Yet
Donna Flora Aliena Earrings
Donna Flora Arturo Ring
Shag Hair Poor Little Rich Boy Chocolate

Finesmith White Alexandra Set

Finesmith recently released a wonderful season exclusive, Winter White, that transforms Noir to White.  The Alexandra set here sparkles like the wintery season...but there is much more available at the Finesmith mainstore.

Finesmith White Alexandra Set
Finesmith White Alexandra Set
Ohmai A Lil' Foxy (Black Fox) * @ Collabor88*
Boon ARK554 hair chocolate
Esk-imo Lipgloss 3 Cherry
Boom Liquid Glaze Eyeliner Navy
Candy Nail Basic Prim Nails Pink05

Elan 12 Days of Christmas - Day 6

Elan offers Ice Queen for Day 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas!
Elan Day 6

Elan Ice queen
LeeZu Miss Tre`s Gloves  Black
Bliss Hair Alanis Hair Caviar
Morantique Lush Moria Chandelier Earrings

Dec 15, 2011

Elan's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 4 & 5

Elan's Santa Baby/Day 4 (12/15/11) & Heloise/Day 5 (12/16/11) gowns...available at a discount for one day only.
Elan Day 4

Elan Santa Baby – Day 4
Osmose Diamonds Soil
Candy Nail Basic Prim Nails Red09
Donna Flora Gloria Set

Elan Day 5

Elan Heloise – Day 5
Pocket Mirrors Dilara Updo Black
TGIS Nails 3.0 Glitter Collection
Baiastice Model Eyelashes black
Donna Flora GALA Set & Square Topaz Ring

Dec 14, 2011

Elan 12 Days of Christmas - Day 3

Been home sick for 2 days but bloggin' along and relaxing in this great Poncho that is Day 3 of Elan's 12 Days of Christmas.  It's plush, warm and cozy!
Elan Day 3

Elan Xmas Poncho
Onyx Wear Xtort Knit Leggings White *With Love, Again Hunt* [part of dress outfit]
Para Designs Snowflakes White Tattoo *ZP Dark Magic Winter*
Apple May Designs Sculpted Snuggies Coal/White *recent release*
Ploom Scarlet (streaked) A Little of Everything *ZP DarkMagic Winter*

Amarelo Manga Dream & Diamond

These beautiful gowns are recent releases from Amarelo Manga. Each are available in 5 colors.
Amarelo Manga Dream

Bliss Hair Zoey Hair Caviar *With Love, Again Hunt – 12/9/11-1/6/11*
Donna Flora Seaqueen Earrings & Ring
Gloves from Jador Claire outfit
Mask – old not available


Amarelo Manga Diamond

Baiastice Rebel Leather Black Gloves
Baiastice Spagna Hair and Attachment Brown
Donna Flora Ilde Set
Pididdle LipColor Matte Lost My Keys

Dec 13, 2011

Elan's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

Elan's Twilight gown is day 2 new release...RAWR...this one is seductive!  Grab at a discount today ONLY!

Elan Twilight - Day 2

Elan Twilight Gown *12 Days Of Christmas-Day 2*
Glam Affair Linn Snow White D *New Group Gift*
Baiastice Model Eyelashes Black
Finesmith Asia Earrings & Ring
Mandala Nails Medium
Vanity Hair Stradivarius Hp Noir

Vero Modero Winter

Vero Modero winter collection is now available.  Following is a sampling but many more wonderful designs at their mainstore.

Vero Modero Nilay

Vero Modero Nilay Set (Includes Shoes)
Pididdle - Lipcolor - Matte Classic Red
Bliss Hair Airiska Hair Caviar
Candy Nail Basic Prim Nails Brown03
Finesmith Vision Earrings & Necklace Gold
Paper Couture Gold Diamond Pave Ring


Vero Modero Okul

Vero Modero Okul Set (includes shoes)
Riddle Cozy Tights Red #5 1 (Tinted)
Pididdle Lipcolor Matte Don't Stop Yet
Amorous Refrain Earrings
Candy Nail Basic Prim Nails Red04
Vanity Hair Diva Soil

Vero Modero Peri

Vero Modero Peri Set (inclues shoes)
Rezipsa Loc Tights, San Dune Beige
Nemesis Fabulous Gloves Nougat
Baiastice Jes Lipstick Rosewood
Esk-Imo Sharp Black Eyeliner
Eye Candi Lashes Lush Asian 1 (For Bangs On Right)
Raw House Raquella [Black 05]

Dec 12, 2011

Elan's 12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

December 12th begins Elan's latest promotion...12 Days of Christmas!  Each day a new discounted item will be available only at the Elan mainstore. 

For Day 1 you will have the opportunity to get the gorgeous Precious Peacock do not want to miss this one...its a show stopper!

Elan Precious Peacock

Elan Precious Peacock Gown
Baiastice Guest lipstick- soft bronze
Je Suis Apparence Lashes No.004
Boon DBH090 hair chocolate
Candy Nail Basic Prim Nails Brown03 L10
Donna Flora Ilde Earrings
Paper Couture Gold Diamond Pave Ring

Dec 11, 2011

Orquidea Plaid Coat

One day I received a great surprise...a notecard and folder with this wonderful coat.  I love the plaid, fur collar & fur cuffs.  The set includes the short coat version I'm wearing and a dress option with glitch and leggings.  Stayed with all black accessories to make that gorgeous red pop. :)


Orquidea Plaid Coat [includes dress version, glitch pant, leggins & beret]
Nemesis Rita Skirt Java
N-Core Femme Noir Intense
LaGyo Zarema Gloves Jet
Amacci Hair Base & Knot Onyx
Anthem Coal Ring gold
House of Fox Wing Lashes
LaGyo Jacek Earrings
CheerNo Femme Alisar Sunkissed/DB/Hair/Mu 05 [99L sale skin]

Dec 10, 2011

Azoury Avita

When I put Avita on I felt relaxed in this wonderful casual outfit by Azoury.  So what better way to relax...enjoying a beautiful sunrise, by a waters edge, surrounded by nature.  Can you you hear the birds chirping and frogs croaking....its the best I tell you.  All the lovely colors of nature are in this outfit so I've added more natural elements with the earrings and a lotus ring...details below.

Avita will soon be released in the following colors:
Bodysuit - blue/green, black/grey, red/green, blue/violet and green/yellow
Jeans - blue, dark blue, red, black and brown
Bolero - blue, green and black
Heels - black, brown/black, green/black, red/ black, blue/black, orange/black and violet/black

Azoury Avita

Azoury Avita
EarthStones Bali Hoop Earrings Moldavite/Brass
Kunglers Extra Lotus Ring
CheerNo Femme Camille/Sunkissed *Beautiful Skin 99L - sale ends Dec 11*
Candy Nail Clear Glitter French Orange
TuTy's LuLu Short hair Brown

Dec 7, 2011

ZP Dark Magic Winter: Sweet Antidote & Damned

More exclusive items from the Dark Magic Winter this skin it comes with the eyes & ears.  The details on the skin are amazing and the eyes glow.  Thought Sweet Antidote's exclusive item went nicely with the has an great icy texture and love the neck piece.

Sweet Antidote Crystal - Blue
Damned Izriel Skin, Ears, & Eyes - Silthus
Kosh Sade Ring

ZP Dark Magic Winter SweetAntidote & Damned

Sugarsmack  Roman French Vanilla
Mandala Medium Nails

Arnadi, Bubble, Ducknipple

A few things from here and there.....
Arnadi Ducknipple Bubble

Arnadi Long Tshirt Taxi Driver *Where is...Hunt* [Dec 6-31]
Bubble Brown Fur Hat *ZP Dark Magic Winter* [Exclusive]
Ducknipple Sculpto Skirt *ZP Dark Magic Winter* [Exclusive-comes w/ top&nipple tapes]
Insufferable Dastards Xmas Eyes  Mistletoe *ZP Dark Magic Winter* [Exclusive comes in 5 colors]
Glam Affair Gio Skin Black Snow D HB *TDR*
Death Row Designs Lazy Boot Thigh High
Mandala Nails Medium
Paper Couture Moon Ring

Dec 6, 2011

Zombie Popcorn Dark Magic Winter: Elan

Hopefully Alatiel doesn't mind me taking her wonderful design out in a snow storm...but a girl has to look fab even in a storm.  You'll find Elan's Pretty in Winter coat at the Dark Magic Winter event.

Elan Pretty in Winter Coat White [available in several colors]
Elan Pinstriped Pants Black
KOSH Hawt Lips Cyplum

ZP Dark Magic Winter Elan

Donna Flora ZsaZsa Earrings Zebra
Baiastice Jyo Boots *New*
Cheerno Hair Aurora 2 Dark 3.1 [an impulse buy I had to use in a]
Morantique Lush Moria ring
Cheerno Femme Set 02 Make Up 01 [99L sale on makeup]
Finesmith Nails   Solid Purple

Dec 4, 2011

Just wandering the forest looking cuuuute...I love this Freckled Faun set by Quarantine!  It comes with the skin, horns, ears, hooves & tail.  You can find this at the ZP Dark Magic Winter event as well as the Kosh necklace and ring.

Picked up this sexy Boom mini dress and Lamb hair at a dicount shop Collaborat88. There are some great items there.
ZP Dark Magic Winter Quarantine

Quarantine Freckled Faun *ZP Dark Magic Winter Exlcusive*
BOOM Ever Higwaist Mini Militia *Collaborat88*
KOSH Your Soul to Keep Necklace & Hibernation Ring *ZP Dark Magic Winter*
Lamb Phenomena Kit Kat *Collaborat88*
Handverk Silver Arm Fur *marketplace*

Dec 3, 2011

Vintage Fair Final Post

Even though its almost over I wanted to get the last of the pics I had taken for the Vintage Fair posted.  The event ends at 4slt today but sure you will be able to find these items in their mainstores after the event.

Vintage Fair Ivalde Icing Nemesis
Left to Right
Ivalde Olinza Magenta
Plume Desir Onyx
Donna Flora Amalia Earrings & Mita Ring
Curio GP Petal Dark Vintage Ritz 1
ICING Just Swing Dress Navy
Nardcotix Edna Platform Pump Red
Plume Retro/Onyx
Caroline's Jewelry Simple Pearl Drop Earrings& Necklace
Curio GP Petal Dark Vintage-Ritz 2
Nemesis Romy Bodysuit Lipstick 5
Nemesis Rita Skirt Java 2
Plume Retro/Onyx
Phresh Chande Earrings
Curio GP Petal Dark GoGo-Groovy 2
Nemesis Fabulous Gloves Black

Vintage Fair Pididdle CIA Ingenue
Left to Right
Pididdle Loveliest Lace Mini Tarnished
Pididdle Loveliest Diamond Earrings L
LoQ Hair Brandy Dark Brown
CheerNo Skins Bridget Pale DB Vintage MU01
CIA Vintage Frances
Sugarsmack Juliet Brownie Batter
Caroline's Jewelry Simple Pearl Drop Earrings
Anthem VictoriaRings Silver
Phresh Felix Bangle Petal
CheerNo Skins Bridget Pale DB Vintage MU01
Ingenue Ava Dress Fuschia
CheerNo Bridget Pale Skin Vintage MU01
CheerNo Hair Dita 2 Dark 3-1
Caroline's Jewelry Simple Pearl Drop Earrings& Necklace

Whew...resting after all that editing.....this was a great experience and hope yall liked what I posted for this wonderful event!

Vintage Fair What Next Sugarsmak IndieRose

Indie Rose High Waisted Shorts & Top {Black/Blue}
Sugarsmack Cate/Brownie Batter
Nardcotix Edna Platform Pump Red
Curio GP Petal Dark Vintage-Ritz 1
What Next Sophia Furniture Set

ZP Dark Magic Winter League & More

More exclusive items from ZP Dark Magic Winter event.  League of course creates amazing quality as with this winter coat that has a couple options on the collar and lower part of the coat.  Matching mittens are sold seperately.  I also Added League's leggings and the lace skirt is from the Vintage Fair..which closes today at 4slt.

I LOVE this treehouse! It has the tree base, smoke that comes out of the chimney and the textures are awesome...a very cute little house. The earrings are not exclusive but fit the theme...they have a wonderful tree on them and this house I could hibernate in for days. :)

League Winter Coat Black
League Vintage Lace Skirt *Vintage Fair*
League Merino Leggings Long Taupe [includes a mid-calf length & ballet flats]
KOSH Hibernation Earrings
VC Designs Minus 9 Degrees Boot Black [also available in grey & brown]
Vespertine Wandering Snowflake Treehouse
Zigana Wind Chime Snow [makes wonderful soothing sounds]

ZP Dark Magic Winter League

What Next is one of my fav stores and as usual created a wonderful item for this did Cozy Cottage with the wonderful patchwork it.  Also showing the inside of the treehouse...the snowflake design on the wall paper is one of my fav colors...yay for orange!

What Next The Night Before Christmas Fireplace
Cozy Cottage Armchair & Table [18 Animations]
KOSH Sade Ring
ZP Dark Magic Furniture1

Lelutka Knotted Hair AlmostGoth
Nemesis Fabulous Gloves Nougat

Dec 1, 2011

ZP Dark Magic Winter: Sakide & Finesmith

Yay...ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter event started today!  Following are more exclusive event items.

Sakide Light Winter Fairy Dress [also available in red & black]
Finesmith Winter Flower Set [icy goodness]
CiCo Snow Angel Powder Skin [love the makeup & lips...its yummy]
ID Xmas Eyes Silver Bells [set of eyes comes in 4 holiday colors]

ZP Dark Magic Winter Sakide & Finesmith
Plume - Express Yourself Collection - Style 2 - Snow
Mandala Nail Medium
Miamai No Alpha Lashes N10
Manifeste Pose

ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter: Aliza karu

The ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter event will be held December 1st – 15th. This event is magic themed...set in a cottage town with enchanted snowy gardens.  There will be many wonderful shops.  For starters...I selected the following for my first post and looking forward to showing you much more.

Aliza Karu My Magic Winter Dress
Virtual Insanity Blair Makeup Black Witch
Lassitude & Ennui Arcanist Shoes
Ci Co Snow Angel Powder Skin

ZP Dark Magic Winter Aliza Karu

SAKIDE Bloody Baroque Gloves [from ZP Hunt]
Izzie's Tights Mosaic (tinted pink)