May 31, 2013

I Was Framed!

I feel like a covert operative....maybe a bond girl or agent 99 in disguise?  Is my cigarette really a cig or an explosive device that can be accessed with the flick of the bud as I'm romancing the unsuspecting target?  What does she have hidden in her hair...a machine gun? Yes...feeling mod squad today! lol
AD Cla+Zibska*NEW*
AD Creations - Cla Red Mesh Dress 400
[available in 4 color/patterns.  also includes a yellow shirt but can't romance the target with my cleavage can I.]
Zibska - Eyeshadow - Swoo Noir
[pack includes 12 colors.  see color chart here]
KOSH - Slink av Enhancement Glossy Fingernails #1

Other credits: *please see slurl page above*
booN hairpieces TANA01 black
booN SMK876 hair black
Maxi Gossamer - Bangles Sugar Candy Orange Single
N-core - CUORE
Pididdle - LipColor - Matte Yield  Teeth
Pididdle - Bobble Gem Earrings Pearl
Pure Poison - Petra Studded Purse Black
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant
The Sea Hole - Parisian Cigarette & Holder Clove Cig Mango

The Clearing

What a great little hideaway to party with friends or that special someone since just about everything has couple animations.   I've provided the link below to the Expo Hunt page with pics & hints so you can check out the great hunt that is going on. 

Hope y'all get down to the Expo and donate by purchasing the RFL exclusive items or paying the many kiosk placed on the sims.  At last look donations are closing in on the L$6 mil mark. \o/
Roawenwood - Olde Shade Tree Picnic Set *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 1*
[includes tree, stones, blue flower/grass patch and tree log with single, couple & picnic animations]
Botanical - Mesh Capiz Hanging Lamps *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 5*
Heart Gardens - Wild Yellow Fairy Wands *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 5*
Cleo Design - Party @ Backyard *Home Expo Hunt Hints* *HOME EXPO SIM 5*
[Hunt gift includes: camera/table, tv & movie screen, refreshment table with food, 4 fence sections with vines and lanterns, garden chairs-13 animations/texture change, pillows-9 sits/one couple popcorn anim,  wearable props for animations in movie camera table.]
22769 - [bauwerk] The magic surfer bus teal *HOME EXPO SIM 7*
[available in red, pink, blue & teal (shown) and has single and couple animations]

May 30, 2013

Sunrise Sunset

The 100 Block continues through May more day.  Showing you 2 more exclusives...this beautiful DCNY dress and clutch by Blah...more notes below.


DCNY - Silk Dip Dye Dress Bollywood *THE 100 BLOCK*
[available in 10 colors]
Blah - My Studded Clutch Powder *THE 100 BLOCK*
[available in 31 colors/patterns with metal color change silver or gold via touch menu]
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Isis Solar Magic Gold *COLLABOR88*
Vanity Hair - Ma Belle Expresso
Exposeur - Singles Special 10 M
[pack of 30 poses plus mirrors at an amazing price. For a limited time so hurry!]

More Home Expo...La Galleria was a recent addition to Expo and wow what an amazing addition. Gorgeous house with accessories that are sold separately.  So many options available...more notes below.  Also, reminder that Expo ends June don't delay in visiting and check out the Home Expo site for information on the hunt and raffles. Please donate to this great cause!

H&GExpo(3) Collage

These are La Galleria's RFL exclusive with proceeds going to charity.
H&GExpo(3) Collage2
La Galleria - Patio Set for 4 Tan Wicker *RFL EXCLUSIVE* *HOME EXPO SIM 3*
[Tan Wicker Dining Chair (4), Ice Blue and Peach Floral Vine sculpted rug, Vintage Brass Ceiling Fan Mesh (not shown).  Also rezzes many types of foods/drinks and decoration]
La Galleria - Wrought Iron & Glass Outdoor Set *RFL EXCLUSIVE*
[includes mesh Bench, mesh Armchair (2) Glass Side table (2), Engleman Daisies in barrel planter, Antique Copper Planter Small w/ Chives mesh 1 Prim, Vintage Brass Ceiling Fan mesh (not shown), Open Book, Candle in Basket and Palm Border Sisel rug]
La Galleria - San Marino House 366 prims Wrought Iron Balconies
[Includes two sizes, two versions-one with marble balconies and one with lower prim wrought iron balconies, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, room for a kitchen, conservatory/breakfast room/study, dining room, living room, Large and small courtyards rez from menu, menu driven privacy curtains viewable from outside, Light fixtures, fans, curtains, plants, fireplace,  and more]

Other fashion credits: *see slurl page above*
Epoque.s - Cage Cuff - Gold // Left Arm
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual Left & Elegant1 Right
Shock - Spikes & Skull Belly Piercings
Belleza - Ava SK Matte Lips 0
Belleza - Ava Sk 6

May 28, 2013

Wings to Soar

-all are exclusive to the event except for PD tattoo-
Forever Young - Studded Graphic Tank Raven
[8 colors/textures available]
Happy Undead - Mini Skirt print all colors
[includes hunt w/ 3 skirt textures]
SuPerBia - Head Wings w-Spikes
[includes both wings together or left and right attachments, resize & color change]
HollyWeird - Dimpled Piercing
[color change gem & metal]
Mystic Canvass - Clemme Skin A-Cup Smolder
[2 makeups available]
Para Designs - Fear With Skeleton Hands Dark
[not exclusive but sold at event]

Other credits:
LoQ Hair - Rum Black
Shock - Spikes & Skull Belly Piercings

Tranquil Moment


First 3 are RFL exclusive items with proceeds benefiting RFL-American Cancer Society
The Domineaux Effect - Gazebo *HOME EXPO SIM 3*
Spargel & Shine Homes - Sandalwood Sofa & Sofa/Table Set *HOME EXPO SIM 8*
[single, couple animations including rug, self rezzing props & props to wear]
Mission Home Store - Nepenthe House Chandelier Mesh *HOME EXPO SIM 6*
[an indoor fixture but why not outdoor...I like the modern look of it in a rustic space]
The Domineaux Effect - Outdoor Tree Planter
[sold at event but not exclusive RFL item.  I added the butterfly rezzer plant Meadow Works-Fancy Schmancy Fleurs blogged yesterday]


LpD - Amelia Dress Yellow
[This is a sweet one mesh piece. I could hang out in this all day. available in 3 color/patterns]
LoQ Hair - Rye Chocolate Copper *TDR FUSION*
[includes color change hud for headband]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Summer LadyBird White *THE ARCADE-starts June 1*
[Love these!]

Other credits:
MudHoney - Baobab Tree, Leaf Trinket Bowls, Madagascar Boxes & Madagascar Ottoman
[from past event...may be available in store]
Heart Gardens - Granite Mossy Rock Form-F2-5m
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Splayed
Manifeste Pose - Editorial 40

May 27, 2013

Hide & Seek

The Home & Garden Expo is going full swing and at last look...over L$4 million has been raised. \o/  All of the home/garden items (except path) below are RFL exclusives with proceeds going to benefit Relay for Life-American Cancer Society.  Please visit the Home & Garden Expo site (link below) for complete information on hunt, raffle & entertainment schedule.

Zodiac Gemini also started last week and Somnia has this cute floral top for this rotation which runs until June 18.

H&GExpo2 Cottage

H&GExpo2 Collage

By Dorian - Hope Cottage - Expo Edition *Home Expo Sim 4*
[has entryway, 1 bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, railed back porch & switch to turn on/off porch light]
By Dorian - Hope Patio Swing Expo Edition
[includes single & couple poses]
Forest Feast - sweet memory tree_A S, M & L *Home Expo Sim 4*
[are the yellow trees around the cottage...are color change via touch & includes various sizes/shapes]
Forest Feast - spring field grass(L) purple
[includes 3 sizes and have used all 3 on ground & base of birdhouse]
Forest Feast - Wild Rose purple
[floral bushes shown at cottage doorway, outer corners & by swing]
Forest Feast - old rose which accompanies A purple
Forest Feast - old rose which accompanies B purple
[2 shapes A& B shown as vine on swing and next to yellow tree]
Forest Feast - Sylvains A  Moss_Yellow
[shown just behind color change via touch & includes various sizes]
Forest Feast - old rose Trellis pole purple
[hunt prize show in front of fireplace chimney]
The Domineaux Effect - Picket Fence Archway & Picket Fence *Home Expo Sim 3*
[includes arch, fence & posts separately.  copy/mod]
Meadow Works - Fancy Schmancy Fleurs *Home Expo Sim 3*
[has butterfly emitter]
Azrah Fantasy Pets - Meowlit Shoulder Pet *Breedables Fair 2 Sim*

Somnia Floral Double Intensity Red *ZODIAC GEMINI*
[pack of 8 colors]
TuttiFrutti - Candy Capri Legging Linen Rare
[new gatcha prizes in store]

Other credits:
Truth -  Crys Espresso
J's - FlipFlap (12colors)
aDORKable Poses - Lean II 5v2m
Antique Artistry - Beauty worn stone path

May 25, 2013

Sexy Xsing

I'm so excited to show you these new Xsing jeans by Blueberry...they are sexy!  Blueberry is well known for great mesh designs that so many designers use but these are exclusively at Blueberry.  In addition to quality and style...Blueberry has great prices.  These are definitely a must have!

Added more sexy to these jeans with Scrub's corset...The 100 Block event exclusive.  This event continues until May 31.

Vanity Hair released this amazing new hair.  I had to take a pic of the great details in the back of this hair piece.
Vanity Hair Dry Martini
Blueberry - Xsing Stonewashed Jeans Leather Midnight
[available in 5 colors and each color includes both leather or plain jean option.]
Scrub - Do you have a time? *THE 100 BLOCK-until May 31*
[includes corset with 3 stud/spike colors: silver (shown), gold & bronze]
Vanity Hair - Dry Martini-Soil
Zibska - Aellai Necklace & Earrings
[color change via touch]

Other credits:
Indyra Originals - Vicereine bra top silver trim
Zibska - Eyeshadow Mira Coal
Redgrave - Shoes Helena 12colors
Ma Vie - Pose - Basic 04

May 23, 2013

Home & Garden Expo 2013 - Relay for Life!

Home Expo 2013

May 24 - June 2,2013 12PM SLT
Benefiting Relay for Life - American Cancer Society

The Home & Garden Expo is a fundraising event not to be missed!  Bringing together over 100 exhibitors of the very best homes, landscaping and interior design products in Second Life.  Plus an additional 30 creators at the second annual Breedables Fair.  Each Expo exhibitor has created new exclusive items for Relay For Life.

This year’s Expo will feature 8 sims of home products, 2 sims for the Breedables Fair and one entertainment sim.   In addition to shopping there will be hunts, raffles and silent auctions. You will have be tons to see and do at this year’s Expo!

For complete information please visit the Home and Garden Expo website.

May 22, 2013

Denim Love

I'm absolutely in love with this dress by Shabby Cat.  Great detail to this dress and can be styled so many ways.  It's available in two other colors dark denim and black.

NAILS! \o/ KOSH released several Slink nail appliers.  The vendor pic below is linked to their flickr if you'd like to see more of the styles.  All really great.  I'm wearing gold/blue (bottom row/middle).

ShabbyCat Denim Dress

Shabby Cat - Denim Dress light blue
ISON - Scout Boho Bag Chocolate
KOSH - Gradient Metallic Fingernails #2

Other credits:
Amorous - Divolo Necklace
Truth - Virginie Espresso
Yummy - Boho Ring  Turquoise
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual Right & Relaxed Left
Willow - Turquoise and Leather Cuff
Belleza - Amy Sk Lips 3
Belleza - Ava Sk 0
Glitterati - Pose - Long Hair 003

May 21, 2013

Boho Dreams

Indyra Originals recently release this gorgeous Buena Boho set that is sold in a pack of 6 colors with jewelry included to match each color!  This set has amazing texture and I chose to do this rich black color.  The other 5 colors are pastel.

Also I love this new Ma Belle hairstyle by Vanity Hair.  Perfect for styling casual to formal.

Indyra Buena Boho
Indyra Originals Mesh - Buena Boho Beach Set Noir
Indyra Originals - Indy&Co Ibiza Chains Noir
Vanity Hair - Ma Belle Soil

Other credits:
Belleza - Ava Sk 0 w/ Ava Matte Lips 2
Erratic - leather chained bracelet black
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Delightful Dahlia
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1 Right & Relaxed Left

Tasty Sushi

You caught me with the catch of the day!  Just swimming around to bring you more from The Challenge - Underwater.  When deciding what to do instead of just throwing you some random shots of this great skybox...I wanted to do something a little different since I saw other bloggers dressed as mermaids...which is what I had planned to do too.  Even bought a mermaid outfit from Fantasy Faire...but other bloggers beat me to it so I needed to do something different...and this was it. lol Scuba diving. \o/

I then went to check out new items at SAKIDE and what did I see but this great sushi baggy tee.  I tell you...silliness was meant to be for me!  I don't think the starfish liked it much it grabbed me trying to shake it's little mer friend loose.

(note: no mermaids were harmed in the making of this photo)

This skybox is circular with really cool textures surrounded with a murky underwater scene to look out at.  Lighting your underwater home entry is important...these cute submarine lights do it nicely. 

Keeping with the circular theme won't be able to resist this starfish hammock and octopus side table.  Light the seahorse candles for additional ambiance while enjoying a refreshing drink & sushi snack. 

%Percent Furniture just released this nifty seltzer bottle which adds bubbly goodness to any drink...not to mention the hiccups I have now.
TheChallenge Underwater Collage

 SAKIDE - Baggy Tee Sushi Lovin
[includes color change hud to change color of t-shirt]
%Percent - Metal Seltzer Bottle Peach
[available in 12 colors]

Win Factory - Challenge Undersea Dome
22769 - [bauwerk] Starfish Hammock with holder
[available with/without holder, 7 single and 6 couple animations]
Senzafine - Sea Legs Octopus Accent Table
%Percent - Seahorse Candles
Breno - Sushi Set

Other credits:
SAKIDE - Lush Leather Shorts S
Yummy - By The Sea Charm Necklace
Wasabi Pills - Skye Mesh Hair Black coffee
Evie's Closet - Catch Of the Day Red Mer Munch!
[from gatcha at main store]
XSTREAM - Dive Mask 1000 & Diving Fin
glow - Laguna Necklace
Glitterati Poses - Underwater

May 20, 2013

Ladybug Dance

Avale Malay-Venice 1024
Avale - Malay Seductres Top
Avale - Venice Burlesque Pants

Other credits:
Cherry - K is for Kandy Earring Onyx
Indy&Co. - Hapa Bangles- Black R
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Sparkly Rocker Group Gems
Pure Poison -Black LadyBug Handbag
Redgrave - Shoes Carrie Black
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Bag Left & Gesture Right
Izzie's - Slink Classic Nails Applier
tram - C407 hair / black
Glitterati - Pose - Purse 8

May 19, 2013

Painted On My Heart

American Bazaar - Mesh Hottie Dress Pink
[exclusive - available in 5 color/patterns]
Belleza - Ava Sk 100Block
[exclusive - available in 7 skin tones. Includes 3 skin/brow colors, 3 hair base colors (tattoo layer) & cleavage (undershirt & tattoo layer). Skin is sold with a neutral lip color...I've added Ava matte lip 6]
LoQ Hair - Beer Dark Brown
[exclusive - sold in 5 color packs with 5 hair colors in each pack]
MiWardrobe - Crosses in my soul Bracelet & Necklace Silver
[exclusive - old separately in gold & silver metals.  Also available are matching stud earring (not shown)]

Pure Poison - Silver & Black Persia Clutch

Other credits:
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Diesel Works Pose - Beth11

Easy Breezy Day

Yay! TuttiFrutti has new Spring releases out.  I love these separates and the amazing textures...several fun pattern all along the same color palette.  Matching ballet flats (not shown) are also available.

Vanity hair just released this chic hairstyle perfect for a casual day out.  Also added the new handbag by Les Petites Details with the bow and stud decoration.  I have blogged before without decoration and wanted to show you this option.
TuttiFrutti - Seraphina Mesh Shirt denim/dandelion
[available in 10 patterns/colors]
TuttiFrutti - Denim Mesh Jeans Dark
[available in 4 pattern/colors.]
Vanity Hair - In Touch Expresso
LpD - BonBon Bag Black Deco
Adorkable Poses - Zoo 4m *THE CATNIP CARNIVAL*
[pack of 5 poses w/ mirrors. This is Avatars for Animals first charity event & runs through Sunday, May 26th.  More info here.]

Other credits:
Yummy -  Bubble Earring
LpD - Aria Shoes Black
Izzie's - Oversized Sunglasses black lenses
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Bag Left

May 18, 2013

Keeping Cool


*LITTLE BIG HUNT - Ends May 30*
Sweet Leonard - First Spring Greetings Necklace
[cute little birdie in a cage]
Mimi Noire - Tank top oversized lace print
CIRCA - Ocean Traveller Ladder Shelf  Light Moss
[includes all items on shelf, floor pillow, book on floor & plant]
Wall Candy - Eye Chart Canvas Print
[includes 2 textures...just click to change]

TuttiFrutti - Candy Capri Legging African Violet
[10L gatcha, 24 colors with 4 rare...sweet lace trim...super cute!]
Art Dummy! - breeze tripod fan yellow *Fifty Linden Friday*
[4 color pack...might still be out.  Includes 2 poses too!]

Other credits: *see slurl page above*
Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks Alpha
ellemeno - clean glasses - purple
Truth - Elisha Espresso
Maitreya - Scrunched PrimSocks All Colors
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual Left & Relaxed Right
Adorkable Poses - Delightful

The 100 Block Photo Contest

100 Block Photo Contest
May 16 - 25, 2013
Winners Announced May 27th
Please visit the Depraved Nation site
for complete details on rules and list of prize packages.

May 17, 2013

A Vision

Charity event that benefits the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  For information visit the World Goth Fair Blog
Sn@tch - Cara Mia Mixed Mesh Set
[exclusive with 100% donated to charity.  Includes 8 corset colors, pants & gloves]
Jalwa Skins - Jezebel Goth Black Brow Cleavage
[This skin is a new release to the event but not exclusive]
Jalwa - Marina Eyeshadow (Gift)
[This is the gift eyeshadow and a full line of this eyeshadow is also available at the event]
Bliensen + MaiTai - Luna Silly Crow - Short Necklace
[not exclusive but sold at event]

adoness - Asteria pitch black hair & hairbase *THE 100 BLOCK*
[exclusive hair is partial mesh hair and includes shaved heat tattoo plain (shown) and with a rose shaved art.  Available in colors color pack, natural color pack/includes 8 natural hair colors and fatpack of all colors]
Plastik - Jestyr Earring Spiked Noir
[available in 9 colors and includes spiked and spaded earring options]

Other credits:
Dead Apples - eyes Sinistre Bloodlust
Diesel Works Pose - Lourdes3

May 16, 2013

My Blue Heaven

100Block PP+VH+Zibska
Pure Poison - Brinna Geometry *THE 100 BLOCK*
[exclusive available in 6 colors/patterns]
Zibska - Gwen Necklace & Earring *L'ACCESSOIRES*
[available in full color option with 17 colors for main and accents. 4 metal colors. Single color options are sold in black, silver, gold and blue umber]
Vanity Hair - Diavolo Minuit

Other credits:
mock - DaHose again Dollipop makeover
Baiastice - Knee platform stretch boots fabric black
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1
Glitterati Pose - Footwear 9

May 15, 2013

Have Fashion...Will Travel

Zibska Mieli
Zibska - Meili Ensemble Aquamarine & Olive
[available in 4 color combinations and include top, pant and short option]
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Khaleesi's Ring Of Power *THE BOX*
[includes: matching stud earrings, gold & silver metals and 8 stone color change options.]
Truth Hair - Denee Black&Whites04

Other credits:
mock - Stardust Shadow Peacock eyeshadow
Blacklace - Beauty Kismet Lips Pastel Papaya
Shi - Stone Necklace Long
Leverocci - Resort Satchel Mustard -store currently closed-rebuilding-
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Magic Nook - Golden Life Sunglasses Classic Prop
Manifeste Pose - Model 566

May 14, 2013

Sweeter Than Candy

Blueberry - Jennifer Mesh Tank Top Pink
[available in 6 colors]
Blueberry - Kote Mesh Mini Skirt Colors
[available in 8 color/patterns]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Summertime Easy Living Group1 *COLLABOR88*
[pack includes 5 necklace combinations & 9 color change options via touch]
Maxi Gossamer - Bracelet Summertime Easy Living Small *COLLABOR88*
[includes 2 bracelet combinations, 2 earring styles & 9 color change options via touch]
Adorkable Poses - Bam 1
[From this 2013 pose fair. Store closing sale May 13-June 9, 50% or more off]

Other credits:
J's Barefoot FlipFlap & Flower Front
LaGyo - Cube Ring black R
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Casual Left & Flat Right
elikatira - Sound Black 04
Blacklace - Beauty Kismet Lips Pastel Mauve

May 13, 2013

Sunshiny Day

Kunglers released their Spring 2013's a few pieces but there is much more!  Be sure to go have a look at all the amazing separates full of beautiful color and texture.

Added Blah & MiWardrobe accessories from The 100 Block....these are exclusive to the event.  More notes below...

Kunglers - Alicia top Grass
[available in various solid colors & patterns]
Kunglers - Inga pants Moss
[available in various solid colors & patterns]

Blah. (My Studded Clutch) Onyx
[available in 10 single colors, 10 mixed colors & 10 pattern with each having gold or silver metal options]
MiWardrobe - Crosses in my soul Bracelet Gold
[available in gold and silver.  also available matching necklace & earring sold separately]

Other credits:
Blacklace Beauty Kismet Lips Pastel Salmon
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Elegant
LeLutka - Daisy Hair AlmostGoth
Ma Vie Pose- Basic 6

May 12, 2013

Spring Evening

WhatNext BRez
LISP - Mesh - Rain or Shine Set Brights v2 & Pastels v2 *COLLABOR88*
[includes table, chairs with or without cushion.  color change chair frame, cushion & tables. Chairs have matte or shiny finish option. Dispenses wearable props & some poses automatically rez props]
{what next) - Garden Cafe Lemonade Table Set *LAZY SUNDAY*
[includes everything you see on the table & dispenses wearable lemonade drinks]

{what next) - The Boardwalk Bicycle Rezzer
[click the sign or bike rack for a pop up menu that gives you several bike size options for male and female bikes.]
MudHoney - Addison Chandelier Blue
[yellow was the Fifty Linden Friday item but saw the other colors and bought them too so thought blue was fitting here. I believe there are 5 colors available]

Other credits:
{what next} - Cornwall Daisies Planter pink, yellow & blue
Zigana - Blij House

Happy Mother's Day

Hope all are having a wonderful Mother's Day.  My adult children have been spoiling me for 2 days.  I can say that it's the best time in my life...they were cute when they were little but as adults I feel they truly appreciate me and the work I've done raising them.

For today I wanted to express myself in things I, boho, florals, hat's, texture and nature.  When I saw this LpD Sugar dress I said...yep that's my mom's day dress. :)  More notes below...

LpD Sugar
LpD - Sugar Dress Oro
[available in 3 color/prints and includes transparent (worn) or non transparent version of bottom ruffle trim]
LpD - BonBon Bag Brown
[available in 11 color, with or without scarf/stud decoration]
Maxi Gossamer - Rings Khaleesi's Ring Of Power Large *THE BOX*
[includes: matching stud earrings, gold & silver metals and 8 stone color change options.]
LeLutka - Scarlet Hair AlmostGoth
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Elegant
[loving these new hands and ability to adjust nail lengths and using nail appliers galore!]
Belleza - Slink Hand Applier SK
[YAY! happy they made the applier.]

Other credits: -Please see slurl page above-
LaGyo_Bow hat melon
Magic Nook - Golden Life Sunglasses Classic
Belleza- Amy Sk Lips 0
Belleza - Ava Sk 0

May 11, 2013

The Bone Yard


*THE 100 BLOCK - May 10- 31*
SAKIDE - Long Tee Outfit Black
[includes: 2 mesh long tees plain or with cross and leather shorts.  Available in Blue, Cream, Grey, Lavender, Light Blue, Light Pink, Purple, Red and Wine.]
Endless Pain Tattoos - Demon Dark Tone
[includes 2 tattoos dark and lighter tone]
SHOCK - Fluid Nails XX
[includes hud with 8 nail polish colors and resizing]
LoQ Hair - Stout II & Shaved Hairbase Black
[not exclusive but sold at event]

Zibska - Keane Necklace, Ear Cuff & Earring
[includes necklace, earrings and ear cuffs with 16 color change options for main, accent and chains. Keane is available in both men's and women's versions. ]

Other credits:
Boudoir - Pony girl boot right
Di's Opera Pose - Picture Me 1-8

May 9, 2013

A Beautiful Glow

 AD+MG+100Block HS

AD Creations - Waiting metal mesh dress *SEASONS OF COUTURE*
[outfit is at a limited edition fashion shop that follows each season’s real life trends.]
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Isis Solar Magic Silver *COLLABOR88*
[only earrings are shown.  I posted the necklace yesterday.  set includes: earrings, long & short necklace lengths, silver & gold metal and 6 stone colors]

*THE 100 BLOCK* 
-Opens May 10 - LM will be posted on the logo to right when available-
Modish - Iva  Cream dark brows
[available in 8 skin tones.  Includes light, dark & no eyebrows, cleavage option & eyebrow shape.  Also, for the new slink hands I'm wearing, Modish has the skin applier available at the event in all skin tones]
KOSH - Slink Applier Metal & Matte Fingernails #1
[20 colors included in hud/applier.  Available in silver & gold metals for hands and feet.]
Uncleweb Studio - Lenny-Hair Black
[not exclusive but I really like this hair and its available at the event.]

Other credits: -see slurl pages above-
Slink - Mesh Hands Casual

Epoque - Cage Cuff - Silver // Left Arm
Poetic Colors - eyes classic gen4 driftwood
Glitterati - Pose - 045

May 8, 2013

Peaceful Stability

Zodiac Taurus2+MG 
Zodiac Taurus2+MG HS 1024
*ZODIAC TAURUS-until May 15*
Lassitude & Ennui - Patience dress Green
[avaialble in 5 colors]
LouLou&Co - Horns Libertad V.3
[3 options included: Tribal (shown), Old school, Tribal & Old School] 
Essences - Taurus 02 *brunette*
[available in 3 makeups and each includes 4 brow colors, brow shape and cleavage options in shirt, undershirt & tattoo layers]
aDORKable Poses -  Sunny 5m
[pack of 5 poses + mirrors]

Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Isis Solar Magic Long 1 Gold
[includes: matching earrings, long & short necklace lengths, silver & gold metal and 6 stone colors]

Other credits:
LeLutka - Rapunzel Hair AlmostGoth
Slink Mesh Hand Gesture

The Challenge - Underwater

A new round has begun for The Challenge for Builders and this month's theme is Underwater.  More notes below...

TheChallenge1+WhatNext 1024

The Challenge Underwater Collage 1024

Cleo Design - Bathng Underwater
[includes: sink/vanity, shelves/cabinets, towel rack, rug, all accessories, shower, toilet, aquarium & submarine bed]
hate this - tc underwater pillow pals
[super cute pillows! includes octopus, shell & fish skeleton mesh pillows. copy/mod]

{what next} - Beach Hut Clock - Beachcombers Hunt Gift
[I didn't get this posted in time not sure if it will be available at the store :/ It's from a past event] Cleo Design - porch cushion
[from california bungalow challenge last month. texture change]

May 7, 2013

Get Ready to Party

The 100 Block begins on May 10 at 12:00p SLT.  You won't want to miss this party!   Somnia will have this cute belted mini dress, sold in a pack of 8 colors.  I encourage you to visit her shop to see the other 2 exclusive items she has available for the event.

Weather! or not? is back...YAY!  Lovin' these new groovy disco ball earrings.  Optional features include: particles, rotation, light beams, metal & light colors...all by touch menu. I couldn't get the particles to show well but the effects are really cool.

100Block Somnia+WorN
Somnia - Velveteen Dress Black *THE 100 BLOCK* [LM will be posted soon]
Weather! or not? - Shiny Shiny Disco Ball Earring *NEW*

Other credits:
Tee*fy Ombre Black/Bronze Leggings 2
Dura - Boys&Girls 31Dark Brown
Blueberry - Kimmy *Mesh* Legwarmers Black
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Anukaa Beads Ethiopian Cross Silver Tubes & Turnip Bead 2
Slink Mesh Hand Casual R & Fist L
Adorkable Poses - Bam 2m

May 5, 2013

She's Poison

Plastik - Anasaze Corset Snake
[available in 20 color/patterns includes corset and hip attachments]
Maxi Gossamer - Ribbed Leather Mini Plum *FAMESHED*
[pack of 6 muted colors]
HANDverk - Scale Pauldron Red [tinted] *WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY*
[available in 5 natural and 6 bright. The natural version is 25% off at the event]
Zibska - eye makeup - Cannand Berry
[pack includes 12 colors]

Other credits:
Hucci - Side Cut Unitard Phlox
Tee*fy - Epoch Legend Unleash The beast Belt BodySuit [tinted]
Belleza - Mya SF SK Lips 2
Baiastice - Knee platform stretch boots fabric maroon
Pididdle - Vengeance Cuff Brass [tinted]
Slink Mesh Hand Fist L & Flat R
TuTy's Mathilda Bob hair  smoky brown
Note:  Layered a dark smokey brown eyeshadow over from a store that no longer exists.

May 4, 2013

Coastal Nights

LBH Sassy+LoQ
LoQ Hair - Sherry Dark Brown
[include color change hud with 5 different hairband colors]
Sassy! - Daydream maxi dress Teal *LITTLE BIG HUNT*
[really pretty tone on tone large floral print at bottom of dress]

7 Deadly Skins - Lust B4a+ T1 DEF
[cleaned up edges but basically raw headshot above]

Other Credits: *see slurl page above*
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings & Necklace Long Sybil's LadyBug Silver
Damned - Selene Eyelashes
Ma Vie Pose - Basic 04

Orange State of Mind

Zibska - Calliope ~ Mardi
[Includes: hat, shoulder options and hip accent. Available in Coal, Olive and Mardi. I'm in love with the ombre coloring on this dress...the texture is divine]
HANDverk - Strand Bracelet & Necklace Carnelian/Gold
[6 new natural stone options recently released.  These were previously released in bright colors...really great pieces]
The Sugar Garden - Lip Tinte' Citrus Sweet T Dark Tone F
[picked these up at last months cosmetic fair and they are so juicy..really wonderful  Also I think this is one of the best teeth I've seen on a lip tattoo. Lots of depth to it. pack includes 4 lipstick shades with/without teeth]

Other credits:
Slink Mesh Hand Gesture L & Splayed R
TuTy's - OH my God Short emo style dark brown
Diesel Works - Pose - Lourdes9

May 3, 2013

She Wore Red

Indyra Originals - Dominga Pant Suit Set Poppy
Indy&Co. - Porta Nova Set Classic Pearl
[complete outfit sold as pack of 5 colors. Set includes: pants, sculpt jacket, lace layer top & jewelry set]

LpD - BonBon Bag Red No Deco
[Available in eleven colors, with or without scarf & pearl decorations]

Other credits:
Yummy - Pearl Bracelet Chain
Dura-Boys&Girls* 21Dark Brown
Izzie's - Classic Nails L
Just Design - Cruel White Leather