Tranquil Moment


First 3 are RFL exclusive items with proceeds benefiting RFL-American Cancer Society
The Domineaux Effect - Gazebo *HOME EXPO SIM 3*
Spargel & Shine Homes - Sandalwood Sofa & Sofa/Table Set *HOME EXPO SIM 8*
[single, couple animations including rug, self rezzing props & props to wear]
Mission Home Store - Nepenthe House Chandelier Mesh *HOME EXPO SIM 6*
[an indoor fixture but why not outdoor...I like the modern look of it in a rustic space]
The Domineaux Effect - Outdoor Tree Planter
[sold at event but not exclusive RFL item.  I added the butterfly rezzer plant Meadow Works-Fancy Schmancy Fleurs blogged yesterday]


LpD - Amelia Dress Yellow
[This is a sweet one mesh piece. I could hang out in this all day. available in 3 color/patterns]
LoQ Hair - Rye Chocolate Copper *TDR FUSION*
[includes color change hud for headband]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Summer LadyBird White *THE ARCADE-starts June 1*
[Love these!]

Other credits:
MudHoney - Baobab Tree, Leaf Trinket Bowls, Madagascar Boxes & Madagascar Ottoman
[from past event...may be available in store]
Heart Gardens - Granite Mossy Rock Form-F2-5m
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Splayed
Manifeste Pose - Editorial 40