The Clearing

What a great little hideaway to party with friends or that special someone since just about everything has couple animations.   I've provided the link below to the Expo Hunt page with pics & hints so you can check out the great hunt that is going on. 

Hope y'all get down to the Expo and donate by purchasing the RFL exclusive items or paying the many kiosk placed on the sims.  At last look donations are closing in on the L$6 mil mark. \o/
Roawenwood - Olde Shade Tree Picnic Set *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 1*
[includes tree, stones, blue flower/grass patch and tree log with single, couple & picnic animations]
Botanical - Mesh Capiz Hanging Lamps *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 5*
Heart Gardens - Wild Yellow Fairy Wands *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 5*
Cleo Design - Party @ Backyard *Home Expo Hunt Hints* *HOME EXPO SIM 5*
[Hunt gift includes: camera/table, tv & movie screen, refreshment table with food, 4 fence sections with vines and lanterns, garden chairs-13 animations/texture change, pillows-9 sits/one couple popcorn anim,  wearable props for animations in movie camera table.]
22769 - [bauwerk] The magic surfer bus teal *HOME EXPO SIM 7*
[available in red, pink, blue & teal (shown) and has single and couple animations]