Jul 30, 2014

At Sunset

La Petite Morte - Suellen t8
[available in 8 skintones, brow/no brow, cleavage & a variety of appliers]
Maxi Gossamer - Teardrop HeadDress & Nose Ring Set *UBER-Opens July 31*
[includes: 3 different headdress designs & nose ring with/without Chain (left & right versions). Color change options: 9 stone colors plus gold and silver metals]
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Ashira Hoops 3 *UBER-Opens July 31*
[includes 3 different earring designs. Color change options: 9 stone colors plus gold and silver metals]
Analog Dog - 42 Dark Browns
[from Hair Fair]

Other credits:
KMADD - Mesh Eyes Attention
[click pic to see larger]
Redgrave - Eyelashes 39 Luscious

Jul 29, 2014

It's Just a Game

AD Creations - Black Rook *MIXMATCH*
[new event where you first buy an item at venue, unpack & wear enclosed discount hud, tp to mainstore to buy the match.  In this case the top/sleeves at venue and skirt/underwear at AD mainstore]
Modern Couture - Jewelry Adrian Tiara Black *MIXMATCH*
[includes black and gold option.  Tiara at venue & match are earrings (not shown) at mainstore]
Zibska - Jupiter Hair
[includes hud w/ 20 color change options. from hair fair]
Modern Couture - Jewelry Dome Earrings Black *FI*FRIDAYS*
[includes headpieces & earrings. available in 3 colors]
Belleza - Claudia Fair 0 No Brow

Other credits:
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual R/Relaxed L
Slink - Female Feet AvEnhance Mid
Exposeur Poses - Singles Special 26 M [modified arm position]

Jul 28, 2014

Hidden Beauty

I have to say it's been so nice having time to edit photos lately as I do this blog stuff to feed my artistic side. I've been starving my creative side trying to keep afloat.  So...I've been slowly backing off events and getting back to what I enjoy...seeing what adventure SL and Photoshop take me on.

I was so excited when Kunglers released this gorgeous Rebecca gown. I had been wishing to blog a gown for some time since I had been styling casual wear for so long.  I selected to blog this beautiful nude color but as with most of Kunglers designs, they give you several dark to light colors in a variety of patterns to choose from.
Kunglers - Rebecca Gown Nude
[available in 6 color/textures]
Kunglers Extra - Manacah earring R Candy
kik hair - Sakurako Black
[from Hair Fair-ended yesterday]
Belleza - Claudia SK 1 Br

Other credits:
Donna Flora - Alma Bracelet
Slink - Avatar Enhancement HandsCasual
Del May Poses - Sidle

Jul 27, 2014


Indyra - Atlantium Set
[includes: 8 mesh dresses, 6 pair of mesh earrings, 1 pair of HUD driven sandals]
Vanity Hair:- Alien - Dark Browns *HAIR FAIR-LAST DAY*
Belleza - Claudia SK 4 Br

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Bracelet Barcelona Large
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual L/Relaxed R
Agapee Pose - Gown F02

Bandana Day!

Today is Bandana Day where we all remove our hair to show we care. This is a fun tradition that started in 2007 and created by people all over SL who want to do their part to help Wigs for Kids.

Bandana booths are on every sim at Hair Fair.  Each booth has the same bandanas in it, so once you find one, you have access to them all.  100% of Bandana sales goes to the charity.

Bandana Day Collage
TuttiFrutti - Summer Blue Bandana Day 2014
LaGyo - Mary earring Swallow Gold L

Eudora - 3D Zingara Bandana Day 2014
Kunglers Extra - Luna Earrings Golden

lollipopZ - Owl Bandana Day 2014
Amorous - Paisley Earrings

Miamai - HairFair 2014 Bandana 01
Bilo - Bali Earrings Special 1

LNS Designs - Bandana Day 2014 Bandana
Zibska - Rikka Earrings

Jul 26, 2014


Somnia - Kimeyos *MY ATTIC*
[includes hud with 8 main/trim color & 2 strap/tie color change options]
Blueberry - Beads Belt Denim Short Black
aru.- A sandal Suede *LAZY SUNDAY*
[only this color will be on sale.  5 other colors available at regular price]
Azoury - Handbag Baroudeur Paloma *L'ACCESSOIRES*
[available in 6 colors]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Keisha Long *COLLABOR88*
[includes long & short versions with 9 stone color combinations plus black and white cord options]
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Keisha E1 *COLLABOR88*
[includes 5 different designs with 9 stone color combinations plus black and white cord options]
Grafica Poses - Charleston iii [From recent Rhapsody Event]

Other credits:
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
Slink - Female Feet AvEnhance Flat
Belleza- Ava Sk 0

Silence of Wings

Silence of Wings
PerveTTe - Tattoo Infinity *GRENADE FREE WEEKEND-July 25-26*
[includes tattoo & slink hand applier]
Junbug - Rosamarie Frilly Knickers Crimson *THE SECRET AFFAIR*
Junbug - Rosamarie Corset Crimson RARE *THE SECRET AFFAIR*
Frogstar - Solitary Satisfaction Bench Black Gold *ROMP*
[available in 2 colors. 34 animations (adult-solo/tease/sits for male & female)]
Modern Couture - Jewelry Diva Ruby Necklace
[available in 3 stone colors]
Belleza - Claudia SK 2 Bk

Other credits:
{anc} Eden space / new [Past Arcade]
{anc} Eden wing / gold [Past Arcade]
{anc} Eden olive / new [Past Arcade]
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands -Gesture
Del May Poses - mhm

Jul 25, 2014


* NEW*
Scarlet Creative - Safari Bed Plain *COLLABOR88*
What Next - Maison Table Lamp Dark Trim *FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAYS*
[3 base trim options included: dark brown wood, brass & white. Each has 11 shade and 6 base color change options (4 base options for the white trim version). An optional wall plug/cord decor is also included]
What Next - Maison Drapes Long Length *FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAYS*
[Includes 2 versions a longer and a shorter length. 11 fabric color options and 4 rod options (white/brass/dark wood/iron)]
The Loft - Mara Side Table *COLLABOR88*
The Loft - Linen Trim Rug Brown *COLLABOR88*
22769 bauwerk - Fan Palm Decoration *THE GARDEN*

Other credits:
Circa - Swept Away Grunge Wall Art
Scarlet Creative - The Trilby Dacha Mesh Prefab
Junk - Wannabe Boho Studded Chest
MudHoney - Madagascar Basket
Glow Studio - Leo Slipper [OLD...old...old-past TDR special]

Art of a Portrait

Art of a Portrait
Azoury - Chapi Chapo Gray *THE GIFT GALLERY-ends Aug 26*
[available in in grey & black]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Keisha Short *COLLABOR88*
[includes long & short versions with 9 stone color combinations plus black and white cord options]
Belleza - Claudia SK 8 Br
[10 different makeups with each makeup includes all skintones, 6 brow options, gloss lipsticks, cleavage, hair base, freckles, moles, tintable blush layer]

Other credits:
Sn@tch - Cropped Sweater Grey
Ison - oversized wool coat black

Jul 23, 2014


Azoury S.O.S
~Monthly 50% off sale begins July 24 at 1pm slt and ends the 25th 1pm slt~
Azoury - S.O.S Spanish
[includes16 languages and 2 attachement left or right hand]

ZOZ - Sunny Romance Polish
[includes both fingernail & toenail hud applier. click on pic to see larger on flickr]
Sunny Romance Polish

Other credits:
Skye Tropical Beach Building Kit
Skye Palms
Heart Gardens - Granite Mossy Rock Form

Jul 22, 2014


The [ free bird ] Free for All new round offers this Dakota crop top free to its group members. The top colors are randomly selected and gives one per avatar. Dakota is available at the main store through July 29.  After the 29th it will be on sold to the general public.

Also, Hair Fair continues through July 27.  If you haven't been I encourage you to go and donate...lets make this a record year for the Wigs For Kids charity.  Please visit the Hair Fair blog for complete information.
Free Bird - Dakota Crop Top Purple
[available in 4 colors]
Elua - Ursula Black *HAIR FAIR* *MAPS & STORE LINKS*

Other credits [please check the slurl page above]:
Maxi Gossamer - Bracelet Santa Fe Large
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Santa Fe
Fanatik - My gold boho ring Turquoise
MichaMi - Call Me Skirt Coral [past TDR]
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Relaxed
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Di's Opera - Picture me 1-1


[check link above to see vendor pics]
%Percent Furniture - Victorian Day Bed *MESH*
[30 animations. 30 Textures texture change options]
%Percent Furniture - Officer's Trunk *MESH*
[10 texture change options for inside and blankets]
%Percent Furniture - Grant's Camp Chair *MESH*
[20 textures change options. 20 animations]
%Percent Furniture - Civil War Field Table
%Percent Furniture - Civil War Candle Lantern *MESH*
Kuro - Remnants of a War

Other credits:
Dysfunctional Designs - Lovely Lil' Log Cabin 1

Garden Room

AV+AK 2048
Atelier Visconti - Helena Set
[includes sofa, chair, coffee table & carpet]
Kalopsia - Secret Outdoor Pavillion

AV+AK Detail 2048
Little Closet - lxlNoel's Choco Donut
Little Closet - lxlNoel's Vanilla/Strawberry Donut
22769 - Donut Meow
Boogers - Zen Zarco's Mouse Donut
Sway's - Kitty
Snips & Snails - Henry Haystack's Meow
silentsparrow - hyasynth's Sunny Birdonut
Sway's - Chick

Other credits:
Atelier Visconti - Fountain Octagonal
Xzari - Aristocrat Drapery
Tres Blah - Small Vase of Roses Yellow [past arcade]
Dysfunctional Designs - Vase of Flower Stalks Texture Change
Dysfunctional Designs - Tree with Grass - Dark
Post - Le Havre Chandelier

Jul 21, 2014

Sunny Day

TF+HF 2048
TuttiFrutti - Sunny Mesh Romper *MY ATTIC-July 21-31*
TuttiFrutti - Sunny Mesh Tote Coral *MY ATTIC*
[both available in 8 colors]
geek - Life Beyond Sprinkles Large Brown *HAIR FAIR* *MAP & STORE LINKS*

Other credits [please see slurl page above or sponsor list to right]
Maxi Gossamer - Bracelet Tarentella Gypsy Small
MiWardrobe - The Petals Necklace Orange
PurpleMoon - Coco Sunglasses in Orange
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Belleza- Amy Sk Lips 3
Adorkable Poses - breezy [store closed-on marketplace only]

Jul 20, 2014


Zibska - Aoide Dress
[includes HUD with 7 dress, 7 strap and 4 spike color change options]
Discord Designs - Sayaingen Unrigged Cast Iron *HAIR FAIR* *MAP & STORE LINKS*
Zibska - Crossline Noir V2 Makeup
[pack of 10 colors]
Nuuna - Nan White Makeup *COSMETIC FAIR*

*NEXUS-Ends July 21*
ginchi - Crash Boot black
[available in 3 colors]
mien - icos
[pose prop w/ 5 poses]
Kitty Moon - Curtain 0002 Twinkle w/Bar no script
[available in 5 colors. I made larger but size of doorway]

Other credits [please see store slurl page above or sponsor list to right]
SAKIDE - The Block Gloves Blackv2
Amorous - Nadir Choker
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Bag L/Flat R
Belleza - Ava Sk 0


ieQED - Rose String Crown Spring RARE *THE SECRET AFFAIR*
[10 common/4 rare]
LoQ'ue - Brandy Hair *HAIR FAIR* *MAP & STORE LINKS*
Peqe - Summer Maxi *SAVE THE DATE*
[available in 7 ombre colors]
Morphine - Fujin Ivory Skintone Blush/BlackBrow *MANGA FAIR*
[includes natural & blush makeups]

Other credits [please see store slurl page above or sponsor list to right]:
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Book Of Angels - Long Gold
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Relaxed
Di's Opera - Picture Me 1-2

Jul 19, 2014


Kunglers Extra - Luna earring Candy *L'ACCESSORIES*
[available in 5 colors]
The Sugar Garden (tsg)  Summer Eyes - Dark Brown *COSMETIC FAIR*

Other credits:
La Malvada Mujer -   Scale N2 full
Axix - 5th Chakra Tattoo 2 Eyeshadow
Glow Studio - Innocent. Eyelashes Pure
Belleza - Nina No Brow Sk 10

Jul 18, 2014

Warm Dream

Aru Business Wedges
Aria - Imogen Pallet Bed *THE MEN'S DEPT*
[available in PG or mature. single & couple animations w/ rezzable or auto attached props. 4 sets of bedding texture change options]
Shabby Cat - Comfy Crate Coffee Shop
Shabby Cat - Comfy Crate Traveler
[female & male sits. new group gift available in a nautical version]
MudHoney - Chelsea Console Table [from Rhapsody event]
MudHoney - Chelsea Pillow Glitter
MudHoney - Chelsea Pillow Petals
MudHoney - Chelsea Table Lamp Black
MudHoney - Chelsea Glam Vase Cream, Grey & Yellow

Aru - Business Wedges Brown/Orange
[available in 13 color. slink add on for mid feet]
Molichino - Fife Pants Sand

Other Furniture credits:
Scarlet Creative - Atlantic Gazer Prefab
Aria - Chiara Wicker Coffee Table
Aria - Nikka Rug [texture change]
LISP - Tintable Linen Drapes
MudHoney - Zelia Pillow Chev [past arcade]
Artwork by Fiona Leitner [check profile for gallery locations]

Other fashion credits:
Slink - Female Feet AvEnhance Mid
Elephante Poses - Goody Two Shoes #12 [from past shoetopia event]


WN Isabelle
What Next - Isabelle Vanity Table & Mirror *THE GARDEN-Ends Aug 10*
[available as a set or decor sold separately.  10 custom animations w/ self-rezzing beauty props and 7 static poses for photography. Texture change metal, wood and fabric]

Other credits:
Atelier Visconti - Brise White Roses Bucket
Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Love Curtain Pane Copy
Finishing Touches - Squat Barrel Planter Spring Assortment Pinks
LISP - Mathilde Curved Wall Light
Spargel & Shine - Rose Triptych
The Loft - Antique W&W Rug 2
Apple Fall - Hat Box
2 oval rose pics are no longer available-store closed

Jul 17, 2014

Night's Dream

Annex+HF Discord 2048
Theme: Medieval Masquerade, with a touch of William Shakespeare's "A midsummer night's dream"
The Annex - Flirty Dress Creme
The Annex - Bracers Suede Brown
The Annex - Floral Headband Creme

Discord Designs - Bitonone Cast Iron

Other credits:
Caroline's Jewelry - Shakespeare Cameo Pearl Choker
[store is closed.  available on marketplace]
Slink- Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1 L/Bag R
Belleza - Ava Sk 0
Vibe - Pose - Blissfully Aware 01 Mirror

Lazy Day

Frogstar Kelikea
Frogstar - Kelikea Beach Hut Animated Dark *THE THEME PARK-JULY 15-AUG 6*
[2 colors/2 versions - no cushions/poses or with cushion built in seating up to 3 avatars. 18 poses per avatar. Light or dark wood colors]
Frogstar - Seaside Lounger *LAZY SUNDAY July 13* 
[available in 3 colors/3 patterns/8 poses]

Other credits:
Trees: Skye Studio
Plants/boulders: Heart Gardens

Jul 15, 2014


Zibska Bishop
Zibska - Bishop *MONTH OF GAMES*
Grafica Poses - Alma iii
[pack-10 poses]

Other credits:
Sn@tch - Tango Latex Gloves White
Zibska - Phine Noir Eyeshadow
Nuuna - Zura White
TuTy's - Limbo Hair Silver White
Belleza - Ria Pale 3 Dk

Sea Breeze

Orquidea - Vintage Romper Blue and Yellow
[available in 7 color/textures]
Orquidea - Sailor Hat
Mina Hair - Iris *HAIR FAIR*

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Sunglasses Monroe Florida 50's Classic
Glow Studio - Seahorse Necklace
Zaara - Kashiti Bobble Ring Turquoise
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Relaxed R/Gesture L
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Belleza - Ava SK Light Gloss Lips 10
Adorkable - Carefree 8m

Jul 14, 2014

Kitty Kitty

Blueberry - PL 1 Mesh Leather Zipped Skirt Pink

*OH MY GACHA-Ends July 15*
HolliPocket - Heart Me Rang Pearl RARE *flickr/vendor pic*
Luxe - White Kitty Coin Purse *flickr/vendor pic*

Other Credits:
Pimp My Shit (PMS) - Bulletproof  Tattoo
Shock - Glam Rock Nails Slink Addon
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant R/Gesture L
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Adorkable Pose - Carefree 3

Jul 13, 2014

Release the Donut!

The Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival is open! Some of the best bakers on the grid have created tasty treats for you.  For a list of participating designers and the new chairs available please visit the Atelier Kreslo blog.
Pixicat - Donut.Eye
Pixicat - Donut.Mouth
Breno - Release the Donut!

SoDaPoP! - Pink Star

Cheveux - F055 Glay01

Other credits:
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Splayed
Belleza - Ava Sk 0

Jul 12, 2014

The Answer My Friend Is...

is blowing in the wind ♫
The Answer My Friend Is...
SAKIDE - Florentia Tank *OH MY GACHA-End July 15*
[10 colors - each having a solid and sheer version]
Goth1c0: Classic Vampire Sunglasses Yellow *OH MY GACHA-End July 15*
[8 common/4 rares]
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Vallari Hoops *COLLABOR88*
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Vallari Neck Collar *COLLABOR88*
[both have 5 vintage metals texture change options]
Grafica Poses - Duwiau V
[10 pose set]
Embody - Guitar Prop for Country Girl 1 *RHAPSODY-LAST DAY*
[only prop used. set comes with 5 poses]

Other credits:
Blueberry - Paige Mesh Belted Skinny Jeans Fall
KOSH - Helian Necklace Amber
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual L/Mouse R
Belleza - Ava Sk 0

Lean Into It

A couple of notes....Today is the last day of Rhapsody and there will be entertainment so if you haven't been go get your groove on while you shop. :)

Also, Hair Fair is in full swing and so many great new styles I couldn't make up my mind...so started in alpha order with Analog Dog. Remember this is a charity event benefiting Wigs for Kids...so I encourage you to go and donate.  Please visit the Hair Fair blog for additional information about the event.
Lean Into It
Analog Dog - 42 Dark Browns *HAIR FAIR-ENDS JULY 27*
Indyra - Idol Blue *RHAPSODY-LAST DAY JULY 12!*
Pixicat - The Dark.Totebag *RHAPSODY-LAST DAY JULY 12!*
Zibska - Ivar *THE MEN'S DEPT*
[includes hud w/ 16 color change options]
Grafica Poses - Zev V
[includes 10 poses.  available July 14 @ the mainstore]

Other credits:
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Bag
Belleza- Ava Sk 6

Jul 11, 2014


Frogstar - Garden Party Bench *SAVE THE DATE-July 10-31*
[2 colors available]
Aria - Arlette Picnic Set *FAMESHED*
[texture change, rezzable/giveable props, couple & single animations]
A.D.D.Andel - Floating Platform *SEASON'S STORY*

Other credits:
Trees, bushes & boulders - Heart Gardens
Plants/grass - forest feast, meadowworks

Jul 10, 2014

Hair Fair Demo Group

Hair Fair
Hair Fair, benefiting Wigs For Kids, opens soon!  A great way to try all the latest styles is by joining the Hair Fair DEMO Group!  Designers will be sending demos out to the group on July 11.  This gives you a lag free way to select your favorite styles.

Joining is super easy!
  • Search > Groups > Hair Fair DEMO Group > Join!
  • Copy and paste this link into local chat and click the link which opens the group and join: secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about
Also, you can join the Hair Fair subscribo HERE to keep up to date on Hair Fair News!

Note: last year someone made a hair fair group and charged people to join…The Hair Fair Group is FREE and will never charge to join their group. For complete information about Wigs for Kids & Hair Fair visit the Hair Fair Blog.

Let's all join together and donate to this great cause!

Jul 9, 2014


Les Petits Details - Alana Tunic Dress Black
[available in black, white, flowers and pop]
Azoury - Symphonie Bag Black *THE FASHION INSTRUMENT*
[available in black, brown & white]
Kunglers - TDRF #043 Leaf Earrings Black *TDR FUSHION*
[available in 3 metal/gem colors]
(Kunglers) TDRF #043 earrings - black

Other credits:
Elua - Odel Hair_Black
Erratic - Cuff Gold
Belleza - Ava SK 0
Belleza - Eyeliner 4
Redgrave - Eyelashes 39 Luscious
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual L/Bag R
Exposeur Poses - Singles Special

The Tourist

The Tourist
Banger Island Creations - Painted Lady Camisole *flickr-vendor pic*
Perch - Burdbox - Diva *flickr-vendor pic*
Redux! Animated Smartphone Glitter RARE *flickr-vendor pic*

Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Faylinn Flower Charm E3
[includes 4 earring designs w/6 bead color combinations plus gold and silver metal options]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Faylinn Flower Charm Choker
[includes 2 necklace designs w/6 bead color combinations plus gold and silver metal options]
Wasabi Pills -  Ellie Mesh Hair - Black coffee

*THE SEASON'S STORY-Opens July 10@ 12 SLT*
La Petite Morte - Ellen T6
[8 tones with/without brows & cleavage/no cleavage options]

Bamboo - Nails Slink Applier Fingers Natural French

Other credits:
Amacci Tracy - Hat Only
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Flat R/Gesture L

Jul 8, 2014


*NEXUS-Ends July 21*
Foresight - Bionic Eye Galactic RARE
M&M Incorporated - Raquel Bolero Purple
Luminary - Nexus Earring Gold

*RHAPSODY-Ends July 12*
Mina Hair - Sid

Jalwa - Dark Elf Smoke Black Eyebrow

Other credits:
Redgrave - Eyelashes 29 Vampire
Exposuer Poses - Call The Shots 1


I searched and couldn't find the dates on this gacha event BUT finally today I saw that it was July 2-6...no wonder.  Nonetheless I did the pic a couple days ago and posting it.  Hopefully it will be available in the main store...it's a great set.  You know it has to be if I get half naked to post it. lol
Annex Valkyries
The Annex - The Valkyries Gold
The Annex - The Valkyries Gacha Key

Other credits:
Blacklace -Dark Lusts Black Leather Thong
LeLutka - Lana Hair AlmostGoth
Pure Poison - Lisa Sandals Black
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
Slink - Female Feet AvEnhance Flat
Belleza - Ava Sk BBB 3
Vibe - The Art of...06 Mirror

Jul 7, 2014

Tea Time

Tea Time
Morphine - Nadine Peach Skintone Blush/BlackBrow
[special makeup for L$95 per brow color]

pr!tty - Flori
pr!tty - Floral Wonderland Headband Double

Pr!cK -  TeaTime HER
Pr!cK -  TeaTime Porcelain Pink RARE
[12 common/2 rare]

Frogstar - Fairytale Endings Fingernails
[8 colors - Slink avatar enhancement]

Other credits:
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1
Adorkable Pose - bag lady II 2m

Jul 6, 2014

Good Fortune

Atelier Visconti - Watermelons Stand Pink
[available in 3 colors]

PixelGeek - Yummy bandeau - Pink *flickr*
SAKIDE - Florentia Slide Panties Cream *flickr*
MUKA - Ballet Flats Dirty RARE *flickr*
Unborn Soul - Angel Wings Silver RARE *flickr*
Frogstar - Beary Board Gacha *flickr*
Arrow - Sweets String Light Light *flickr*
Arrow - Sweets Table Old Shabby

*25 for 25*
Ginchi - Origami Crane Trio
[the sale is over but is item still sold as a new item. 56 color change options by touch. This is a cute headpiece of 3 origami cranes (follow 25 for 25 link above to see vendor).  For this scene and pose I thought they'd be nice in my hand :)]

Vibe - Legong 10
[10 poses+mirrors]

Wasabi Pills - Serena Mesh Hair Chocolate

Other credits:
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Gesture
Slink - Female Feet AvEnhance Flat
Belleza - Amy Pale

Jazz Mood

[seat cushions are color change available in leather & suede]
Kuro - Corner stage
Kuro - Spotlight
Kuro - Jazz microphone
Kuro - Jazz wall bench Suede
Kuro - Jazz chair Suede
Kuro - Jazz table
Kuro - Jazz table lamp
Kuro - Jazz neon gramophone
Kuro - Jazz neon saxophone
Kuro - Jazz neon figure
Ridic - The Hive Retro Wall Shelves Orange

Other credits:
LISP - Piano Chestnut
Vespertine - camille skybox

It's Only Rock & Roll But I Like It

HopScotch - Hang on Rocking
Frogstar - Band Poster Alternating Current
Frogstar - Band Poster The Windows
Frogstar - Band Poster Firearms 'N Floral Arrangements
Frogstar - Band Poster King
Ridic - The Hive Gacha Reefer Wall Art
Ridic - The Hive Feel the Beat Wall Art Yellow
[available in a variety of colors]
ILO - Disc Jockey Set
Plethora - CD Player Headphones Light Blue
Ridic - The Hive Retro Nesting Tables Black

The Challenge-Army Style

Cleo Designs - The Challenge Army Style Set
[includes chairs, crate with tea set, shelf w/ accessories & dart board]
offMelrose - Sherwood Boys Shelf w/Accessories
[accessories included. book w/2 sits (shown in previous post here). 5 wood color change options]

Other credits:
junk - Ivan Leather Rug
Cheeky Pea - Northwoods Cabin

Jul 5, 2014

At My Leisure

LouLou&Co - Top Bitsy v4 *OH MY GACHA-Ends July 15*
[12 color/patterns...see vendor here]
Blueberry - No Belt Denim Short Faded
[available in in 7 denim colors. includes with or without beaded belt]
ieQED - Wright.Shades *THE MEN'S DEPT*
[available at TMD for a special price in black, gold, tortoiseshell and white. Also available in 16 colors (regular price) at the mainstore. includes hud for resizing and texture variations for accents and lenses.]
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Ayla Moon Goddess Necklace 2 *FAMESHED*
[includes two necklace designs. 9 stone colors with gold and silver options via touch]

Other credits:
Wasabi Pills - Fay Mesh Hair Black coffee
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Tableau Vivant Pose - Amita

I Am

MeshedUp - Beetle Couch Animated

*RHAPSODY-Ends July 12*
junk - mclaren spike chair. black.
junk - anarchy chest.
junk - stiff little finger lamp.
junk - vicious pin zipped rug. denim.
Pilot - Studded Skull Art Black/Silver
Plethora - CD Player Headphones - Red
Plethora - Portable Speakers - Pod Black
Plethora - CD Player - White/Blue
Ridic - The Hive Retro Wall Shelves Black

Other credits:
vespertine - camille skybox

Jul 4, 2014

The Challenge Army Style

A new month for The Challenge for Builders and this month's theme is Army Style.  Remember the first two weeks the items are discounted.

Also...one more day for Racing Games...so if you having been there are some fun things to be had there.
Sway's - Army Armchair Green
Sway's - Army LampShelf Green
[available in 3 colors. chair available in adult or pg version. lamp shelf comes empty or decorated]
off Melrose - Sherwood Boys Splendid Book for Boys
[book is part of a shelf set will blog soon]

*RACING GAMES-Ends July 5*
Balaclava - Good Ol' Derby

Other credits:
Aria - Verna curtain
Kosh - Buckskin Rug Latte
Lisp - Mesh Tube Clock Orange Clock
Omen - Dear John Toy Plane [past arcade]
Cheeky Pea - Northwoods Cabin

The Nexus Event

The Co-Op Presents - The Nexus Event
The Co-Op is proud to present it's July Event
July 7th - 21st
Explore the Unknown of Another Dimension
Featuring New Exclusive Creations From:

Guest Designers:

Jul 3, 2014

Dangerous Moves

*RHAPSODY-End July 12*
Zibska - Posey Dress
Zibska - Posey Crown & Necklace
[includes hud w/ 16 color change options]
Le Poppycock- Pose - Get Jazzy B Unisex Ain't 2 proud
[12 poses. click on pic to see larger]
Le Poppycock @ Rhapsody
Dark Passions - Koffin Nails Ageless Anarchy
[click on pic to see larger]
1L$ Deal @ Rhapsody - Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Ageless Anarchy

Other credits:
Discord Designs - Hair Mackenzie Cast Iron
Morphine - Juliana EyeShadows Silver w/ Liners
mock - Party all night/Indifference Smoked Bone
Dead Apples - Seduce Lipstick Vamp
Identity - Karma Faded Tattoo
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
Belleza - Ava Sk 0