Bandana Day!

Today is Bandana Day where we all remove our hair to show we care. This is a fun tradition that started in 2007 and created by people all over SL who want to do their part to help Wigs for Kids.

Bandana booths are on every sim at Hair Fair.  Each booth has the same bandanas in it, so once you find one, you have access to them all.  100% of Bandana sales goes to the charity.

Bandana Day Collage
TuttiFrutti - Summer Blue Bandana Day 2014
LaGyo - Mary earring Swallow Gold L

Eudora - 3D Zingara Bandana Day 2014
Kunglers Extra - Luna Earrings Golden

lollipopZ - Owl Bandana Day 2014
Amorous - Paisley Earrings

Miamai - HairFair 2014 Bandana 01
Bilo - Bali Earrings Special 1

LNS Designs - Bandana Day 2014 Bandana
Zibska - Rikka Earrings