Jun 23, 2013

Wave of the Future

Bringing you more from Under the Sea Expo....I absolutely love this Steampunk mermaid tail by Curio Obscura.  There are two styles available in four metals.  When I saw it I knew I wanted to go the cyborg route. Although my son, the gaming guru, says it's impossible to be part mermaid & cyborg because water and electricity don't mix.  I said I can be anything I want in SL. He then said "that's lame mom" lol  Hey but it makes for an interesting pic...so hello world it's me Steamborg Cindy!

UnderTheSeaExpo2 FBv2

Zibska has a wide range of wonderful eye makeup at the Cosmetic Fair and thought Oren was perfect for this look.  Also added from the fair a lip color by Glamorize.  More notes below...
Zibska CosmeticFair
Curio Obscura - Steampunk Mermaid Overlapping Steampunk Rusty
[includes 4 metal colors with complete tail or fins separate to mix and match.  Also available in an Articulated Steampunk version]
Tarnished - Funeral Claws
[used from a full outfit sold at this event]

Zibska - Eyeshadow - Oren Umber
[pack includes 12 colors]
Glamorize - New Occasion Lips Cinnamon
[pack includes 20 lip colors]

Other Credits:
Fantasia - Naiad Scales-Green
EMO-tions - Sunburst fantasyturquoise
Grim Bros. - legio Z
[pieces used from a complete outfit: chest, face, low arm, upper arm l]
Gauze - Quartz Drows Skin Pearl
Repulse - Crow Eyes
Glitterati Pose - Underwater 2

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