Feb 3, 2013

Quiet Warmth


Prism Furniture - Grumy old Men Fishing Shack Cabin [fantastic little shack fully furnished...great details]
!gO! - Warm Autumn Sweater [warm, cozy and fun!]

Other credits: *please see slurl page*
Truth - Essie Espresso *newish*
The Secret Store - Lace knit Socks Nougat
Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks Alpha
Belleza- Ava Sk 0

Winter's Rock Water Table *THE ARTC ART HOUSE*

Its a small part of this pic but wanted to bring special attention to it because it's a great cause.  THE ARTC ART HOUSE, built by Winter Nightfire for ARTC (Achieving Recovery Through Creativity).  This is a program in the US that helps kids with drug and alcohol problems use art and creativity to recover from addiction.

Winter asked more than 30 of the best artists and creators on the grid to donate their art and decor to raise money for ARTC.  The house and its contents (valued at over $15,000L) can be yours if you are one of 3 winners of the drawing!  Visit the ART HOUSE  to make your 250L donation and for each donation you will receive a gift of art or decor (I received the Rock Water Table below).  You may enter/donate as many times as you wish until February 15.  Its a gorgeous build and encourage you to go check it out along with the wonderful children's artwork that is also displayed.  Once you land you will receive a note card with complete information about the project and the creators that donated.

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