Chips & Salsa

Bright colors and cactus had me craving chips and salsa...
The ZP Carnival ends tomorrow night there's still time to get some great exclusives :)

ZP Carnival Mix2

Izzie's - Loose Crochet Top cobalt [available in 12 colors]
Pekka - Flora Lipstick Carnival [pack with 6 color combinations]
Virtual/Insanity - Drop Dead Lego Earrings & Lego Head [FUN!]
Concrete Flowers - Cactus Bowler Necklace [Love! ]
Epic - Kawaii Shin Kickers Blue Blk.Hoof [3 exclusive colors available]
ILAYA - My Cathode Ray Tube TV Sun [pose prop - pack of 3 colors]

Concrete Flowers - Cactus in a Bowler [Love this planter/shown on the left in top picture]
CheerNo - Hair Needles Leaves 2.1 [4 color pack]
Gawk! Yellow Glitter Drainpipe Pants A [Sparkles! tons of great colors available]

Other Credits
Izzie's - Classic Nails [includes color change hud]
CoLoReTas - SeQuiny glOves
LISP - Spring Words Lamp & Step Table [part of a set]