Silence is Golden


*SUMMER HARVEST HUNT* [ends September 21]
Little House of Curios - Autumn Begins Bench Mesh [includes 10 poses]
Fake - Special Make up for The Summer Harvest Event [yellow/gold eyeshadow and lipstick that is circular in shading, concentrated to the center of the lips]
Rivendell - Wall Decal 2 & 3 [3 decals are included in pack]

*ZODIAC VIRGO* [items available until September 17]
elymode - Sitari Skirt persimmon [sampling of colors...outfit is sold in single color.  In addition to these is soil/brown & aubergine/purple]
elymode - Sitari Socks w/ wheat grass [2 version of socks included-with or without wheat]
elymode - Sitari Top wheat (short) [all layers included]
elymode - Sitari Top grass [all layers included]
Cheeky Pea - Lane Framed Photos [great frame to insert your personal photos]

Other credits:
Truth - Froukje - espresso