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Through all the world there goes one long cry from the heart of the artist: Give me leave to do my utmost.  -Isak Dineson, 'Babette's Feast'
  At home trying...

Shabby Cat - Slouchy Long Sleeve Pullover Teal [10 colors available]
LoQ Hair - Bacardi Dark Brown
SAKIDE - Casuality Pants Black [2 styles included Satin and Canvas patterns and available in 6 colors]
*NEWish* [yes I'm trying to get caught up and these are too good not to show you]
BSD Design Studio - Tree table silver [love when organic shapes are in furniture pieces and trees are one of my fave things]
BSD-Design Studio - post modern 3legs lamp
Little Pricks -  The Artist [still located on new release board in store]
*THE ARCADE* [whispers: if you read excitement below it's because...well...yes I'm crazy for gatchas...shhh]
Art Dummy! - Pandora's Wooden Arms (together) rare [I was so excited to get this on the 3rd try! 4 poses on left seat, 5 poses on right seat and *DRUM ROLL* its color change! Just click the shadow to change color and seat to change pose. LOVE IT!]
Shakeup! Vintage Ring [14] [These rings have some beautiful patterns and the plain colors are just as wonderful.]
Nylon Outfitters - Doll Head Vase Vintage [I'm in love with these planters!  Still didn't get them all but most...I'm good with that. lol]
The Loft - Book Clock Rare [woot another rare...love the splash of color on this.]
LISP - Dolly Days Rug Lemon [I think the pack is one item from the machine but not positive...other colors are blue, green, & pink]
Other: *Store SLurl Page*
Damned - Selene Eyelashes
Izzie's - Classic Nails
Maitreya Gold - Bare Foot Tip-Toe

Artwork by: Fiona Leitner (10x6.25) 054 panel [she's a friend and amazing artist...check her site for contact info]