An American in...

Anywhere SL!  The pose, outfit & location reminded me of a musical (I love musicals) I was in a heavenly place ready to break out into song at any moment, to do my best Gene Kelly moves on the benches and fountain (that I cropped out of the pic).  What can I say the imagination ran wild!  Today's show is featuring the talents of Kunglers, LpD & Nardcotix. *applause* :)


Kunglers - Lourdes Dress Garden [available in 6 colors/patterns...amazing patterns!]
LpD - Garbo Clutch All Gold [2 options monochrome (same color all over) or 2 color (white on flap, with soft color on base) both in 5 colors...lots of options!  Has a great texture not visible in the pic]
Nardcotix - Zoe Platform Monochrome Sepia [available in 6 colors]

Other credits: *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Kunglers Extra - Bambu Earrings Natura
Kunglers Extra - Lotus  - ring 1 R hand 1
Exile - Nina:Pecan
Izzie's - Classic Nails
KOSH - No Alpha Lashes V4
Adorkable Pose - Mode 4m