ZombiePopcorn Brand & Hunt 2

Details with notations below....trying to get caught up so won't be writing much...hope you enjoy because I'm having a blast...so many cool things with the ZP Brand Store & Hunt 6...going to get back to it so I can show you more! :)

ZP Brand & Hunt 2

ZombiePopcorn Brand is a themed shop consisting of 2 week rotations of more than 30 designers. Bringing you the best in exclusive clothing, jewelry, accessories, skins, decor, and more!

Dress: Sakide Lovely Dark Gown Bloody [bloody or plain version included]
Bench:  What Next Catalina Bench [has single/couple animations & ‘Be Mine’ on the tag]

*ZP Hunt 6*
Jewelry: Finesmith Boxed Heart Necklace & Ring
Chest Accessory: AD Creations Droplet Love [Spout that with animation of blood pouring out!]
Skin:  Quarantine; Fragmented Love Broken Doll [3 skins included: vintage, antique & broken]
Eyes: Repulse Rotten V3 Eyes Gold [4 included; living dead-blind 2 sizes, rotten/red, rotten/gold]
Chair:  SomethingWicked Silence Chair [w/animation]
Pouf Seat:  Tatty Soup Love Street Pouf [has candles, wine bottle & wine glass decoration]
Pose:  Diesel Works Kalli7

*Fashionably Late* [items will be there until Sunday morning]
Shoes: Finesmith Candybird Boot Black

Hair:  Vanity Hair Neox Soil
Fountain: Kosh Crow Fountain w/ sound
Gloves:  Sakide Bloody Baroque Gloves [From ZP Hunt 5]