ZP Brand: Elan + Inventory Diving :)

Well I started going through inventory to find items to go with this great denim skirt from Elan and this is the result.

Once again I went out to Marathon Caye to take the pic...my friends Cranston and Taylee have a great sim and photo op spots every few steps.

ZP Brand Elan

Elan Basic Denim Skirt Blue *ZombiePopcorn Brand Store*
Wasabi Pills Brrree Mesh Hair Royal
Sn@tch Brigette Cashmere Sweater Brown
SMS Knit Cozy Sweater Cherry
Gasqhe 1521 Leggings #01
Kookie Dirty Muse Boot
Nemesis Fabulous Gloves Coffee
Miamai Xmas Winterface [2010]