RFL Quarantine Hunt, ZP Brand & With Love Hunt

A combination of several things going on...
  • The RFL Quarantine Hunt was extended until Jan 15...a great cause to donate to and a hunt with great items.
  • The revamped ZombiePopcorn Brand store will open with a new wave of items on Saturday, Jan 7.
  • With Love Hunt ends tomorrow...still time to get out there. :)
More links/details below...


Quarantine Dark Satyr Set [Corset, Hooves, Ears, Horns & Tail]* RFL Quarantine Hunt-ends Jan 15*
Ci Co. Bundled Hipster Lagoon *ZombiePopcorn BrandStore-Available Sat, Jan 7*
Mina Hair Kim *ZombiePopcorn Brand Store-Available Sat, Jan 7*
Onyx Wear Xtort Knit Dress Dark *With Love, Again Hunt-ends Jan 6*
Lara Hurley Oksana *With Love, Again Hunt-Ends Jan 6*
Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes Monet Dawn W3 *New*
Para Designs Tattoo Invictus Light
Mia Snow Eyelashes Full Long
Virtual Insanity Dark Magic Sharp Claws Black