Unfortunate Princess

[please check the Enchantment blog for instructions on how to get special prizes]
Frogstar - Bluebeard's Bride Chain Headwrap Gold
Frogstar - Bluebeard's Keys Gold
La Petite Morte - Skin - India Bluebeard
La Petite Morte - Misery Eyes 9

*New from recent Hair Fair*
Mina Hair - Sophia

TC+DW+C+FS1 2048
Frogstar - Skybox of Unfortunate Princesses *ENCHANTMENT-BLUEBEARD*
[click on vendor pic to see larger]
Frogstar - Skybox of Unfortunate Princesses Poster
Lovers Playground Hanging Bed Walnut *DESIGNERS WAREHOUSE*
[single & couple animations. texture change bedding]
[includes chair, dresser & rug]

Other credits:
Aria - Nikka Deco Old Books
Dysfunctional Designs - Wall Candles
Tres Blah - Tea Time Tea Cup 2 [past arcade]
Forest Feast - Old Rose Trellis Pole Purple
[only use flowers-has wood trellis. from past Home & Garden Fair hunt prize]

TC+DW+C+FS Collage2
CIRCA - Ever After Vanity Set
[accessories shown are from a vanity set not shown]

TC+DW+C+FS2 2048
Cleo Design - Vintage Cabinet
[includes 2 cabinets & 6 rocking chairs (not shown)]
Cleo Design - Vintage Chairs
[includes 6 chairs in variety of fabric & wood textures]
Volstead - Savoy Table Challenge version

Other credits:
Dysfunctional Designs - Library Skinny A
Arcana - Animal Specimen - Hawk, Bluejay & Cardinal
Pilot - Larkin Set Vase
Junk - Oddity Vases Earth
Noctis - Gargoyle bookstack
What Next - Row of Books A&B Everyday
Cleo Designs - Books & Tea Set
Post - Haarlem Deco Vase with Calla Lilies
Post - Le Havre Chandelier
Kismet - Melancholy Tabriz Rug - Loden