Aug 11, 2014

Dreams of Edgar

Dreams of Edgar
Circa - Lady Divine Modern Vanity Table Black with Items
[includes individual accessories or linked & stool. Vanity set is discounted for the duration of the event]

Other credits:
Piddler's Perch - Globe Ceiling Lights
Dysfunctional Designs - Blossom Vase W/B
Noctis - Misstress May's Picture Collection Mesh Multi Frame
[has vintage pics but I removed to use the frames. pics are from deviant art that i uploaded]
ISD - Winter's Night Room Divider [Texture Change]
Art Dummy - Bliss Dots and Stripes Rug
Ane - Slon Set Rug [color change]
UrbanizeD - Deco Mannequin A Mono [not available-store closed]

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