May 4, 2014

Runs with Dwarfins

Runs With Dwarfins
Runs With Dwarfins HS
[Charity event benefiting the American Cancer Society]
Dwarfins - Flying Dragon Shoulder Pet w/Female Rider Dark *HOPE’S HORIZON*
Oblivion Hair - Middle Age 019 Black *HEAVENSLOUGH*
Picture Location: Medhir Woods

[click any of the pics below to see larger on flickr]
Aphorism - Leather Tunic White RARE
Frogstar - Marauder's Circlet #11 Common
Geek - Once an Adventurer Bracer Nordic RARE
[Teri] Forest Thigh Bracer Left Black Ultrarare
!APHORISM! Women's Leather & Chainmail Tunics
Frogstar - Marauder's Trinkets (Circlets) Gacha Poster
Frogstar - Marauder's Trinkets (Bracelets) Gacha Poster
FGC #2 Gacha Options
[Teri] Forest Armor

Other credits:
Riddle - Leather Pants Black
Lassitude & Ennui - Suede Boots Black
Slink - Mesh Hands av Mouse
Belleza- Ava Sk 0

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