Jul 1, 2013

Gives You Props

The 2nd Makeup & Tattoo Hunt started today and the theme is Dark & Sinister.  MUAHAHA.  This hunt runs July 1-31 and includes some of the best makeup and tattoo artists in SL
Start Location: Adore&Abhor
Hints:  visit the Hunt Blog
Please join the inworld group for an exclusive gift from .Sleeping Koala. when the hunt starts!

SongBird - Marked
[center forehead, tattoo layer]
a.e.meth - Smile.dog
[includes the eye makeup, smile & eyes]
Collisions - Scribe
[upper chest tattoo that includes all layers]

Zombie Suicide - Zebra cross plug
[resizer and skin matching hud]

Zibska - Propel Black & Silver
[this was released some time ago...I thought of it as soon as I put this makeup on...don't know why but just love the propellers. Zib boggles my mind with her designs and had to wait for the right moment to blog it.  It includes 2 styles of propeller attachments at waist, body suit, hat, attachments at wrists, tights.  It's a complete outfit but just showing you part of it]

Other credits:
Emery - Gloves Black
Raw House - Tijana hair [Coal]
Del May Pose - Failing in Deportment

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