Aug 29, 2012

ZP Brand & FOTA Hunt

I love this skin...its a beautiful pearl skin that has a bit of a shimmer to it.  There are only 3 of these limited skins left at the ZombiePopcorn Brand store.  This rotation ends September HURRY!

Also, showing you more from the Fairest of Them All Hunt...more notes below.

ZPBrand+FOTA Hunt
cStar Limited - Dahlia Pearl Perky & Galaxy Eyes Just Born [eyes & eyelashes (same color as eyebrows) included]

Evilkyoot - Venoma [full outfit...bird included :)]
Sparrowtree Studio Poses - Enchanted Forest Prop [3 poses]

Other Credits
Vanity Hair - Trinity Nova Black
J's - Thigh High BOOTS(Middle) Black
SAKIDE - Lace Up Gloves Purple /w Nails [gatcha from past event but believe the gatcha is available at the main store]

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