Fantasy Faire 2022 is open! I look forward to this event every year just to see the amazing artistry and to do my part to encourage folks to support the American Cancer Society.  I encourage you to visit the 20 fantasy worlds they are spectacular.  To see an over view of each sim visit the Fairlands 2022 page which also includes a shopping guide for the shopping sims.  Check out the Calendar of Events to see if something fun catches your eye.

I fell in love with the Dinkie cats and knowing nothing about them I had to have one.  Sometimes a girl just needs some fun and running around in this Zippie outfit on a hoverboard for the last few days has been a blast.  Thought it was the perfect outfit and is exclusive for the event.  Attach and!

Honey Dragon - Dinkie tuxedo kitty dark brown 1.9 *The Hunros Mine Sim*

Tiny Inc - FF 2022 CAT Zippie Special Edition *The Hunros Mine Sim*
[outfit includes: Zippie, Cape, Hoverboard & hoverboard AO]

Designs by Isaura - Dinkies Anime Eyes - Hazel *The Hunros Mine Sim*

Tiny Inc - Dinkie Cat Body v1.9 rev4 *The Hunros Mine Sim*