Dec 7, 2014

Winter Feast

CExpo2 Collage
CExpo2 Collage2
*Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables RFL Fair-Dec 4-15*
Annual Charity event benefiting the American Cancer Society.  For complete information on the event and entertainment activities please visit RFL of SL site.
Aphrodite - Heart Homes Wild animals Winter Campfire Set *EXPO 2 SIM*
Aphrodite - My babies nest Autumn decoration
Aphrodite Christmas sweet buffet
Aphrodite Christmas salad buffet
Aphrodite - My babies nest Autumn decoration
Aphrodite - Winter Couple Swing v1.1
Spyralle Black Enamel Lantern - Christmas 1c *EXPO 3 SIM*
House of Avro - Christmas Tree in Red Flower Pot v2 *EXPO 3 SIM*
Accessories & Adorable Darlings - Reindeer *EXPO 2 SIM*
Oopsie - Rudolf *EXPO 2 SIM*
House of Avro - Winter Path Scene mesh v1

Other credits:
By Dorian - Tumbleweed Home
Heart Gardens - boulders & aspen trees

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