Zodiac & Hair Fair

Zodiac is a monthly themed event centered around the zodiac.  Designers will create items, priced $75-$200L, that reflect the astrological sign represented each month.

The Zodiac shop opens July 23, 12 noon slt, with the sign of Leo. Designers included in the Leo cycle are: 22769 casual couture, Adorkable Poses, [Aura], candydoll, elymode, Exposeur, Glitterati, HANDverk, iCandy, Kyoot, Miamai, MONS, Solange! Fashions, Somnia, Starstruck & Studio Sidhe.
  • Miamai - offers a vibrant dress in beautiful golden tones
  • HANDverk - claw pump...says it all! Roars!
  • Glitterati - pose pack includes 10 "Wild" poses. :)
I continue to add Hair Fair items with every post possible and have added a Miamai hairstyle.  If you haven't visited Hair Fair...what are you waiting for!  I encourage you to contribute to the Wigs for Kids charity by visiting the fair.

Zodiac+Hair Fair

*ZODIAC* [access will not be available until 12 noon July 23.]
Miamai - Amaria Lion
HANDverk - Claw Pump Leo
Glitterati - Wild 2 [pack includes 10 poses]
*HAIR FAIR 2012*
Miamai - Kirge Updo Brown & Hairbase Style A Brown [pack of 4 brunette tones]

Other Credits: [see Store SURL page for links]
Izzie's - Classic Nails
KOSH- No Alpha Lashes V4
Zaara - Patra gold bracelet amber
HANDverk -Strand Necklace manic maize
Zeery - Mayan BangleTaak'in & Chalchihuit