ZombiePopcorn Brand+New Zibska & Lisp

ZombiePopcorn Brand store started a new rotation that ends June 9.  Designers included in this round are Duh!, Purple Poses, [ bubble ], .Sweet Antidote., .:ellabella:., BeLoTe, Wasabi Pills, fucifino, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, elly, {u.f.o}, Tea Time, cStar Limited, Sassy, & !bang poses. 

Also, you don't miss out on the ZombiePopcorn Spring Collection that ends soon...June 1.  You will all items from the collection at the ZPBrand store.

More noted below...


Sweet Antidote - Kat Purple *ZPBRAND STORE*
Zibska - Chiasa Necklace *NEW*
Sakide - Lace Band Gloves w/ Nails *WORLD GOTH FAIR GATCHA* [several gatcha glove styles that will only be available at the fair]
Zeerys - Hex Color Stockings Black
Miss Shippe's Studio - Moretta, My Moretta Masque [unusual makeups here love them]
Boudoir - Sweet Iris Hair
.ID. Zombie Eyes

Alchemy Immortalis - The Haute Seat Collection: Emperor's Throne-Blue Willow Edition *HOME EXPO EXCLUSIVE*
Alchemy Immortalis - Chinese Peace Lantern Rezzer *HOME EXPO EXCLUSIVE* [click on it and lit lanterns float...a gorgeous sight]
LISP - The Highwayman Set *NEW* [the clouds are animated in the pic...super cool!]