ZombiePopcorn Brand & Mayfly

ZombiePopcorn Brand started a new round today and items will be available until May 12.  Shops included in this 2 week rotation are Damned, Virtual Insanity, Pididdle (blogged yesterday), Epic, Sakide, {what next}, RezIpsa Loc, Kosh, Severed Garden, Blah, Miss C (blogged yesterday) & Atro Patena.

For today...I'm showing you Sakide's Brocade Corset Dress and Atro Patena Hair...really nice textured mesh corset and available in 6 colors.  The hair is available in 4 color packs.

ZombiePopcorn Brand Sakide+Atro Patena

Also new are these lovely bright Mayfly eyes that are available in 9 colors.

ZPBrand+Hush+Mayfly HS

Sakide - Brocade Corset Dress Black / Taupe Brocade Corset
Atro Patena - Adele Coffee

Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes Absinthe Shadow

Other Credits
Sn@tch - Thigh High Suede Boot Shape Black
Cheeky - My Short Beauty Gloves!Black
Vestigium - Geisha Dark Sleeves
Mandala - Pearl Rain Necklace Maple Syrup
Del May Pose - Lunch Break #1