Why Don't You...

Why Don't You...
Somnia - Bespeckled Orange *THRIFT SHOP*
[pack of 8 colors]
adoness - Hestia pitch black natural fragrance black/coffee *THRIFT SHOP*
[pack of 4 bang colors with black hair.  also available in colors and blond in same set colors]
Blueberry - Waffle Buttoned Shorts Black
[available in 4 jean colors]
LISP - Tea Poses 2 Walking & Holding *THE ARCADE*
[love these...there are 6 wearable cups with 6 different poses & textures]
MiWardrobe - Stay Tattoo Dark
Belleza - Ava Sk BBB 3

~Furniture items listed under the pic of the full room~

Other credits:
MG - Bracelet - Santa Fe Small
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual

event mix2 table
~top/back left to front~
22769 - [bauwerk] The Little Warehouse Skybox
CIRCA - "Seclusion" Grunge Wall Art *THRIFT SHOP*
vespertine - fabric bird-sleepy owl white *THE ARCADE*
LISP - Mesh Emma Cabinet Colour Yellow
[pack includes 3 cabinets in red, yellow & blue.  also available in neutral & warm color sets]
Little House of Curios - My Little Industrial Spot - Factory Side Chair *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[set that includes chair, side table, lamp and wall art (placed on other wall).  To see complete set visit store or The Challenge blog]
CIRCA - Rustic Grunge Table Redwood *THRIFT SHOP*
[gatcha item that co-ordinates with the Grunge Art panels at the event. 6 tables with 3 being rare]
%Percent Furniture - LapFactoryChair *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[includes: couples, lap dance, female & male animations.  also gives drinks]
vespertine - fabric bird songbird/red *THE ARCADE*

Other credits:
Y's House -Plants Kokedama 06 border/ivo/L
Kismet - Copper Gold Persian Oriental Rug
nodari - thatched rug

TheChallenge+ThriftShop Collage 1024
TOP ~left to right~
Cleo Design - Industrial Style Bedroom *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[there are too many great pieces included in the set to list please use The Challenge link to see complete set]
Piddler's Perch - Rusted Pipe Desk & Shelf Unit *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[includes shelf, sun decor & desk (shown to right of bed.  decor items on desk are from the bedroom set night stand]

BOTTOM ~left to right~
Michigans Shack - Broken Old F*ck Truck *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[you guessed it....full of animations...over 500.  If you're into gettin' frisky this is the truck for you.  There are a bunch of fun poses in it from solo to....well too much for me to mention here]
CIRCA - "Swept Away" Grunge Wall Art *THRIFT SHOP*
[set of 3...other art piece is above the Lisp cabinet]
Little House of Curios - My Little Industrial Spot - Propeller Blades Wall Art  *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
Cleo Design - Industrial Style Bedroom - Wall Art *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
[small gold frame next to propellers]
Breno - Find your bearings wall art *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
CIRCA - Organic Vase Trio Urchin Blue *THRIFT SHOP*
[gatcha item that co-ordinates with the Grunge Art panels at the event. 16 textures with 5 being rare]
Senzafine - Woodbridge Reclaimed Worktable  *THE CHALLENGE-INDUSTRIAL*
CIRCA - Wrapped Up Grunge Wall Art  *THRIFT SHOP*

Other credits:
JoHaDeZ- Cactus Planter A B & C
nodari - thatched rug
Concrete Flowers - Cactus in a Bowler

OK this post has about killed me....but had to share it all with you :)  My kidnappers are coming...gotta run!