A Peaceful Place

Today is the last day of the Home & Garden Expo....if you haven't made it down I encourage to go.  It will be open until 9 p.m. slt.  If not to purchase an item please donate to one of the many kiosks located on the sims.


H&GExpo(4) Collage1
Two Moon Gardens - Cherry Blossom Place  *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 2*
[complete garden with rezzer.  Includes cuddle bench, dancing butterflies & falling blossoms, trees, rocks, path, gazebo and various flower patches.  Really beautiful.  I combined 2 together...but from table to right is one piece.]
Organica - Amazon Lily 1 *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 8*
[in fountain...I know its hard to see but worth a look at expo...the brand is known for their great work and this piece is no different.]
Atelier Visconti - Fountain Octagonal *HOME EXPO SIM 4*
[includes single & couple poses]
Organica - Mesh Tulips 1 potted
[next to bench]

{what next) - Garden Cafe Table & Chair Sets *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 7*
[sets are available in 7 colors and include decoration on table and color change pillow. The blue and green versions are 100% donation items for RFL.]
Cobblestone - Sunshine Pictures Long *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 3*
[includes 2 versions long (shown) & square]
Dreamscapes Décor - Spring Birdhouse B with bird *HOME EXPO SIM 8*
[also includes a blue version with fireflies]

H&GExpo(4) Collage2
Atelier Visconti - Epoque Ottoman & Carpet *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 4*
Atelier Visconti - Epoque coffee table, candles & floor clock *HOME EXPO SIM 4*
[the RFL & other items are sold separately]

%Percent Furniture - Pitcher of Tulips Peach *RFL Exclusive*
[available in two colors peach (shown) and lavender]
MudHoney - Evie Night Stand White *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 2*
[2 exclusive sets available...baby blue/pink/white and royal blue/turquoise/red. 100% of the sales from the nightstands will go to RFL]
Second Spaces - Honeycomb wall art Pink *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 2*
[also available in pink/purple & green/blue]
Dreamscapes Decor - Fleur Chair Blush with Blanket *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 8*
[20 Animations]
Cobblestone - Ladder Shelf Pine *RFL Exclusive* *HOME EXPO SIM 3*
[available in 3 wood tones]
MudHoney Evie Bed - Shabby *HOME EXPO SIM 2*
[Child beds but adults can use. Some poses rez props. The laptop screen can be clicked to change textures. Also available in Peacock color]
MudHoney Dolly - Evie (left on shelf), Kelly (on bed) & Emily (on night stand) *HOME EXPO SIM 2*
[5 dolls available. The doll outfit are texture change via touch menu and each doll includes a rez and a hold version]