Garden Hideaway

The Challenge for Builders begins a new round today and the theme is Garden.  Reminder that when a new rotation begins the cost is reduced for the first week.

Also, new items from Circa, Lisp, What Next.  More notes below...

TheChallenge+Lisp+Circa+WhatNext FULL

TheChallenge+WhatNext Collage2

TheChallenge+Lisp+Circa Collage1

Kuro - Laurie shed
[Adorable little shed...really enjoyed decorating it.  Dark wood with white window trim.  Door opens/closes by touch and includes the cute bird house on the side.]
Dysfunctional Designs - Gardening Table
[2 poses-tend the plants or tidy the dirt.  plants are texture change.]
by Whiskey Monday - Forest Garden
[decorative art piece above couch]

[available in 3 wood colors. Couple, single sits & up to 4 avatars.]
LISP - Mesh - Ygritte Reclaimed Divider Shabby Mirror
[available in 2 color variations all wood or with mirror inserts.  There are also a white & natural wood colors for 50L Friday that are still out.]
what next - CampOut Stool *FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY*
[2 sets available with each set having 3 color choices]
CIRCA - "Summer Reflection" Coffee Table - Streaked Redwood *ENDLESS SUMMER HUNT*
[coffe table includes the small shells, magazine & 2 sea glass vases (not shown)]

Other credits:
LISP - Restoration Hanging Lantern (at each side of door)
LISP - Pears in a bowl (on coffee table)
what next - forever Garden (potted plants)
what next - seasons prints (prints inside shelves next to couch)
lame - Lyn's Frame Shelf Color (frames w/books next to couch)
End of Daze - Birdy Cage White/wBirdy (next to screen)
The Domineaux Effect - Wheel barrow Planter (side/right of shed)
Persnickity - Black Eyed Susans, Yellow Flower Patch, Pink Flower Patch
Forest Feast - Sweet pea B' violet2 (vines at corners of shed)
Zigana - leaf pure2 (grass)
Heart Gardens - Granite Mossy Rock Form
Heart Gardens - lluminated Oak 4 - Summer White Lights