Under the Sea Expo

Under the Sea Expo is underway with so many amazing items for your aquatic adventures.  The sim is absolutely gorgeous and set in the ruins of Atlantis with shops that feature 26 amazing designer's. 

In addition to shopping there is The Lost Pearls of Hanalei Hunt.  For hunt details please check Under the Sea blog

Under the Sea Expo continues through June 26.


I've been waiting for this event to begin to blog Handverk's mermaid purse...this one is my fave but so many other beautiful purses available at The Arcade. Please see pic below for all options.

7 Deadly Skins has this exclusive skin available Summerfest Fair & Starfish Hunt event.  It is a special edition so don't miss out.

Tarnished - Fire Coral Mermaid
[available in 6 colors and includes fins/tail & claws]
Curio Obsura - Steampunk Mermaid Clamshell Top Brassy
[from another outfit that I will blog soon]
House of Rain - Bring On the Dancing Horses Necklace Rose Quartz/Gold
[available in gold & silver metals in a variety of gem colors]
House of Rain - Bring On the Dancing Horses Ring Gold hunt ed.
[This is ring I enlarged to use as a hairpin...really love these seahorse pieces...wonderful detail. gold & silver metals.  No notes were included so assuming this is the hunt item from the title]
meadowWorks - Coral Mer Perch Tall
[includes 4 poses]
meadowWorks - UnderSea FX ~ Seabed Sanctuary
[rock with plant grouping that has fish & plankton particles you can adjust amount via touch menu]
meadowWorks - Fish Shoal Blue Surgeons
meadowWorks - Fish Schooling Blue Stripe Snappers
meadowWorks - Fish Schook Circling Six Line Wrasse
[In love with all the schooling fishes...have I mentioned how much I love fish lol.  Ok winged things and fish....critters and....ok I love it all]
meadowWorks - Kelp Forest Fx Green + Plankton
[the long grassy pieces...has plankton particles you can adjust the amount via touch menu]
Aquatics - AQP Jaelen Patch
[A beautiful purple feathery patch at the base of the perch. Please click pic to go to flickr for a better view]
Cerridwen's Cauldron Creations - Hydra Anemone Orange, 8 Tentacles
[I placed this on the top point of the rock...like a lamp in my mermaid home :)  The glow goes dim to bright moving up the base through to the animated tentacles.]

HANDverk - Mermaid's Purse Sea Anemone Rare *THE ARCADE*

7 Deadly \Skins - StarFishSkin V1 B4b *SUMMERFEST & STARFISH HUNT*
[available in 2 skin tones with lola appliers.  Also available...slink hand appliers ]

Other credits:
EMO-tions -  Audrey darkbrown