Fabulous Four

My Rez Day was yesterday & I turned 4! \o/  I've been looking forward to doing the Name Your SL Age blogger challenge.  So I've named my post "Fabulous Four".   I'm so happy where my SLife is now...it's definitely been a roller coaster ride in the last 4 years...but it's been smooth sailing these days.  Not to mention that I get to be creative with beautiful things more now blogging than ever before.  Just happy times in Cindyland. :)

Since blogging the Numberology event...I've been wanting to check out my RL numerology life path number.  Much to my surprise it's a 4!  So thought I would blog about it for this blogger challenge.  I found a site, Spiritual Seeker, that tells me that I'm in great company....other 4's are Oprah, Leonardo Da Vinci, Keanu Reeves...just to name a few. 

To figure out your life path number you take your birthday, mine for example is 9.30.1963, you then add 9+3+0+1+9+6+3 = 31 then add 3+1 = 4.  4's are teachers....which I never really fancied myself a teacher but many of the characteristics are spot on.  Here are a few that made me laugh because its so true:
  • Home is very important to you. You crave security, and always make an effort to pay your bills on time to protect your haven, the place where you can relax and really feel safe.
  • To-do lists are absolutely essential for a 4. Your mind is filled with so many different thoughts. Once they’re all on paper, you can set your mind at ease and avoid having too much trouble going on in your busy brain.
  • Nature’s beauty has a calming effect on you. You want to have a plan and you want your life to be orderly.
  • The 4 woman is strong. She’s sometimes taken to be a bit “masculine” in a sense that she takes care of everything. She is very responsible.
  • In general, you absorb everything in your surroundings. You see everything, and because of the way you process information, you need your peace and quiet. There is a loner quality to you.
Now for my rez day outfit I selected some of my fave things.  I do love nature and casual wear that has a bit of elegance to it.  So when I received this new dress from LpD I said, THAT's my rez day dress!  I love the warm colors of the sun and this yellow is amazing. 

For hair...I prefer short hairstyles and this Lelutka hair is one of my faves...love this tousled bob.  Added simple accessories with a Maxi Gossamer Daisy ring, Boom bow collar & a sweet Epic butterfly buddy.   My skin is a new release by Belleza available at Summerfest.  It has cute freckles across the nose and cheeks with a really nice soft makeup. This pose by Exposeur says it all...Blissful. :)

One last note....I spent my day yesterday with friends at Wunderbar dancing & then games.  They accept me as I am and even after long absences...always greet me with open arms.  I turn to them when I need good wholesome company...its that safe home I can go to. :)  Truly grateful to have them in my SLife.

OK...OK....the long winded blog post is over.

LpD Teresa
LpD - Teresa Dress Yellow
Belleza - Ashley Summerfest SK 1

Other credits: *please see slurl page above*
Maxi Gossamer Rings - Singapore Daisy Flower
LeLutka - Inverted hair CoalMine
Boom - Precious Bow Collar (chest) marshmallow
Exposeur - Blissful 1m
Epic - Butterfly Buddie Green/Orange
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Casual Right & Gesture Left


  1. A belated Happy Rez day to you!
    Lovely outfit and cool post :)

    What a neat numerology site, had never known that numerology and paths existed before. A accurate, for the most part, description, pretty neat!

    ~ Zib, 5


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