Wave of the Future

Bringing you more from Under the Sea Expo....I absolutely love this Steampunk mermaid tail by Curio Obscura.  There are two styles available in four metals.  When I saw it I knew I wanted to go the cyborg route. Although my son, the gaming guru, says it's impossible to be part mermaid & cyborg because water and electricity don't mix.  I said I can be anything I want in SL. He then said "that's lame mom" lol  Hey but it makes for an interesting pic...so hello world it's me Steamborg Cindy!

UnderTheSeaExpo2 FBv2

Zibska has a wide range of wonderful eye makeup at the Cosmetic Fair and thought Oren was perfect for this look.  Also added from the fair a lip color by Glamorize.  More notes below...
Zibska CosmeticFair
Curio Obscura - Steampunk Mermaid Overlapping Steampunk Rusty
[includes 4 metal colors with complete tail or fins separate to mix and match.  Also available in an Articulated Steampunk version]
Tarnished - Funeral Claws
[used from a full outfit sold at this event]

Zibska - Eyeshadow - Oren Umber
[pack includes 12 colors]
Glamorize - New Occasion Lips Cinnamon
[pack includes 20 lip colors]

Other Credits:
Fantasia - Naiad Scales-Green
EMO-tions - Sunburst fantasyturquoise
Grim Bros. - legio Z
[pieces used from a complete outfit: chest, face, low arm, upper arm l]
Gauze - Quartz Drows Skin Pearl
Repulse - Crow Eyes
Glitterati Pose - Underwater 2