The Challenge - Public Transportation

My friend Spyder Silverfall helped me with these sets....couldn't have done it without him.  This month's challenge was a challenge for me and I knew he built nice asked him for help.  He provided the ground, road, buildings, newspaper dispensers, bus and taxi's...making it all work with what I had from The Challenge items.  I nudged a few things here and there...added trees, the coco cart & tree seat...but he did the bulk of it.  I'm very grateful for the help...Thank you Spyder! :)

what next - Cocoa-On-The-Go Cart
[decrative item that dispenses hot yummy drinks & donuts via touch menu]

Piddler's Perch - Inner City Artists Bus Shelter
[seats 2 avatars/ 18 animations]
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Art Nouveau Newspaper Stand
[11 single poses]

Left to Right
UR - Transit Life - Caboose
[This is a sample texture and sold plain and includes baked textures. Also can purchase furnishings for the inside which includes: Curtains, Dinette Bench, Dinette Table, Definition Ottoman, Rugged Stove, Sofa Table, Mini Floating Shelves, Fulham Sofa, Lanterna Floor Lamp, Retro Television, Hokkaido Coffee Table, Station Table Lamp and Nook Bed]
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Art Nouveau Bus Stop
[22 single poses/up to 5 avatars; can put your own ads]
hate this - mesh - metro bench - single
[15 poses/seat, single/3 seats, double/6 seats, 6 seat color & 4 ads texture change options]
Kuro - Taxi lamp

Botanical - Aspen Saplings and Underbrush *FAMESHED*