The Body Modification Expo opens October 10 at 12:00pm SLT!  This is an accessories ONLY event (i.e. piercings, handbags, belts, glasses, tats, skins, hair, etc.) offering exclusive items at 50% off their normal selling price.

For my initial post....I wanted to show you this beautiful skin from Mirror's Enigma and fun hair by Tameless.  More notes below...

Please note the LM below will not work until the event opens on October 10.

Mirror's Enigma - Stella Medium Skintone Blush/Black *BODY MODIFICATION EXPO*
[available in 3 skintones.  pack includes: 6 makeups, shape, eyes,  and lola & lush appliers]
Tameless - Hattie - Fantasy *BODY MODIFICATION EXPO*
[pack includes color change hud with natural and fantasy colors]
1 Hundred - Tenderness Top. Lime & Pink Rare *OH MY GACHA*
Fappy Gear - Candy Necklace Set Rainbow Rare *CANDY FAIR*

Other Credits:
Lolas - Tango Mesh Breasts
MDL - Kawaii Tattoo Medium
Poetic Colors - classic gen4 driftwood

Body Modification Expo