WizardingFair Collage
Peqe - Wizarding Sweater w/Shirt
FATEplay - Scarf Evans Lion K S+
monso - My Hair Khaleesy Black Brown
Birdy - Claire Skin Pure Black F
Stitched - The Wand
BCC - mignon wizard school Backpacks Rare B
silentsparrow -Purple Newt! Normal
Olive - the Sort Me Bracelet Gryff/Gold
Beetlebones - Wizarding Crucifix Toad
Beetlebones - Wizarding Garlic Toad
Beetlebones - Wizarding Horned Toad
Beetlebones - Wizarding Long Fingered Toad
Essences: The Magic Pouch
Miseria Pose - Dueling 101 04

Other credits:
fri. - Iunno Jeans Light Wash
Poetic Colors - eyes classic gen4 driftwood