I Want Candy

The Candy Fair is open!  I'm so excited about this event...lots of super cute schtuff!  We all love candy and this event features all the sweetness of candy and candy colors in clothes, jewelry, skins, makeup, furniture, home decor, poses and children's items on 3 sims.

Please see the Candy Fair SLurl Page above for store direct TPs.
CandyFair1 FB
CandyFair1 HB
SAKIDE - Candy Merchant Skirt Orange
[Full Outfits / 9 colors includes: shirt, skirt, bow & ballet shoes in 2 versions (striped and solid)]
Birdy - Mia Skin Pure Lemon
[7 brow colors all with neutral lip]
Birdy - Candy Lippy 8
[10 colors]
Axix - Sweeties Ring Chocolat
Axix - Sweeties Ring Cookie
[freebie pack of 8 rings all with different design]
Essences - Traditional Candy Bracelet
[has matching necklace]
Juxtapose - CupCaking 3
[5 poses]
22769 bauwerk - Candy Sign Orange
[available in 4 colors]

Other credits:
Maxi Gossamer - Earrings Tea + Cupcakes Gold
Vanity Hair:Marshmallow-Bombon
Slink - Mesh Hands (av) Gesture
Poetic Colors - classic gen4 driftwood