Stable Taurus

The Zodiac Taurus rotation has opened and I'm here leaning on the trusty stable Taurus. You will find many more great Taurus items at Zodiac...more notes below.
Zodiac Taurus1
*ZODIAC TAURUS-until May 15*
LouLou&Co & Virtual Insanity -  Necklace Andorra V1
[matching earrings are also available]
SySy's - BullsEye Red
[available in 6 colors]
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Taurus Chair Black
[available in 4 colors]

LoQ Hair - BerryJuice Jet Black LeftSide *TDR FUSION*
[if not open should be available at mainstore]
N-core - Cuore Black
Adorkable Poses - Whimsy 1m
[pack includes 5 poses +mirrors]

Other credits:
Mandala - pinecone earring/red
Slink Mesh Hand Casual L & Flat R
Scarlet Creative - Bovril CowHide Rug Black White 1