House That Heals

Had to take a break...I was overwhelmed and not feeling well.  So back with some home goods because I still don't have the oomph to style fashion today. 

I love to collect home items especially houses.  My latest is this cute Zigana house.  Its not new but I went to the store to pick up the 50L sale and decided to take a look at the houses to see if there was one to go with the Cleo Designs veranda.  I modified the house a bit to fit the veranda and included additional items from The Challenge & 7th Unknown Hunt.

One of my fave additions are the bluebonnets...they make me super happy as they are blooming in Texas now.  If you haven't seen the wildflowers of Texas check this link.  I'm a proud Texan and love spring here.  It's not lush every year but just to see even the smallest patch of bluebonnets takes all my cares away and brings a smile to my face.  I've had these for several years and found them on marketplace.  One of the first things I looked for when I bought my first sim.  Priorities ya know :)  more notes below...

TheChalleng(2)+7UH(3) Collage FULL
To see more detail just click on the pic to go to flickr where the full size is located.

*THE CHALLENGE FOR BUILDERS- April Theme: California Bungalow*

End of Daze - Dining at Home -top left-
[table rezzes 2 or 4 place settings for tea (shown), lunch & wine dinner]
Cleo Design - Bungalow Veranda -center & top center-
[This is a separate piece to attach to your home.  It comes decorated with 2 chairs, bench, porch pouf, shelf with decorative items, 2 floor plants.  Chair has 10 single sits, bench cushions has couple and single animations.(total  21).  With some animations props automatically rez and some are sent to your inventory to wear.  Pouf has 3 sits and 5 texture change options. Veranda has 5 animations just sit on it.  Also I tinted the color to match the house.  It's blue & wood is richer...dulled it down some. Just love all the pieces included....really great idea]
22769 - [bauwerk] California Bungalow Night Stand 1 -bottom left-
[includes decorated (shown) and undecorated w/ decorative pieces separate. Lamp touch to turn on/off]
Follow US - The Challenge April - California Dream -bottom right-
[Love the decorations on this bar and the front is radio. bar has 3 animations, chairs 7 animations.]

By Chianna Oh - Birdie Day Bed -top right-
[12 animations]
Her Majesty. - Unknown Coffee & Side Table -center & top center-
Terra's Closet - Vintage Stereo Cabinet -bottom center-
[I love this! reminds me of my childhood...those massive stereo cabinets lol  But best thing is it's animated and the radio has stations you can choose from or add your own favorite stream.]

Other credits:
Zigana - Blij House
{what next} - Natural 1  Lantern hanging