Fantasy Faire - Mindgardens Creations

It's so of last night 4+ million lindens has been raised for the American Cancer Society.  If you haven't been...what are you waiting for!  Head on over and get your fantasy on so we can make this a record year! Check the Fantasy Faire Blog for complete information on event activities.

Mindgarden's Creations has three amazing Cloud 9 fantasy pods.  These have specific themes, special features, sounds and furnishings.  All 3 are enclosed in a 30x30x30 sphere.  These pods have too many options to list them all so covering the basics.  Of course my pics do not do them justice...they must be experienced inworld.

Arctic Temple Sphere - features a mountain with a hidden tunnel, beautiful winter trees, floating pods, multi-posed seating and majestic archways.  The outer shell of the sphere can be touched to enhance or dim the lighting of the pod. You can click the white orbs at the base of each pod for a boost up. There are also color change options for the starry skies.
FantasyFair3-Mindgardens Collage1

Orbital Space Sphere - gives you the feeling of outer space. Has soothing sounds that adds to the ambiance. Includes a dance pod and dance animation at the center as well.  The pool has a couples animation.  There is also a glass sphere for meditation.  Also can turn shooting star particles on and off.
FantasyFair3-Mindgardens Collage2

Blue World Sphere - features a relaxing and soothing environment.  Equipped with adjustable ambient sound scheme. This pod also features a floating rock with multiple poses, furnished floating pod in the sky and two moons.

Additional Mindgarden RFL items are:
- Pandorian Gazebo (pictured below/bottom left) - includes meditation pose in sphere above the gazebo
- Pandorian Arch - similar to arch on the gazebo but only the pink floral portion
- Pandorian Dance Cage - similar to the dance cage in the orbital space (pictured above/top right) except with a darker rock color.

Taxi to Mindgardens at Fantasy Faire
FantasyFair3-Mindgardens Collage3