Fantasy Fair - Fuubutsu Dou

Fantasy Faire is going strong!  I encourage you to go see the 8 themed sims and donate.  Chapter one of two Hunts begins today at noon slt.  You can find complete information at the Fantasy Faire blog for the hunt, entrainment schedule & funds raised so far.  This is looking to be the most successful year yet!

One of the shops I was assigned to is Fuubutsu-Dou. Being able to see the work of this designer has been great experience.  She's very talented as you see.  The kimono available in 4 colors and the petite cottage in 5 styles are the RFL vendor items.  Also, her auction item is the Petite's Fantasy Town that includes the 5 cottages with the addition of a bridge, wishing well, street lights and market stalls.  Amazing details!
Fuubutsu-Dou - PompasGrass Yukata *FANTASY FAIRE*
Fuubutsu-Dou - Fantasy Cottage Petites C *FANTASY FAIRE*
Boom - Metamorphisis (left & right landing) white *MY ATTIC*

Other Credits: *please see slurl page above*
Wasabi Pills - Princess Mesh Hair Black coffee
Donna Flora - Occasus Ring
Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 1