Birdie Sweets

More cuteness from the Kawaii Fair....more notes below :))

KawaiiFair(2) HS
Beautiful Dirty Rich - Cupcake Addiction Dress
[includes color change hud with 8 color options]
Yulicie - Open Hoodie
[available in 4 colors]
Forever Young - Kawaii Bow w/o shine
[includes color change hud and bow with or without shine]
MishMish - Fat Lil Bird Pet Yellow
[available in 3 colors and includes a perch.  It's animated too...cute!]
MishMish - Lil Fat Birdie Necklace Blue
[available in 3 colors]
Tentacio - Bunny Bag Kawaii Comic
[available in 7 colors/prints. resizable]
Pretty Liar - Wedge Sneaker Soft Hearts
[available in 12 color combinations prints & solids]
PopTart - Princess Wand Beary Cute
[Has holding animation, sparkle particles & you can also shoot the wand by going into mouselook

Sugar Button Boutique - Kawaii Munched Popsicle Blueberry Mix Super *Gift*
annaA -  Female Skin Lisa light & Eyeliner
[really pretty skin...don't think I did it justice on the head shot.  available in 3 skin tones & includes eyeliner & eyebrow shape]

Other credits:
Maitreya - Scrunched PrimSocks Yellow
Magika - Hair Rigged Plenty - Pose - Sweet.Sour 4